Bonanno Family Captains Violate Parole With Meeting


Gerard Chili a captain in the Bonanno crime family decided last December to fly north from his home in Florida to New York for the holiday season. But when his plane arrived in New York he was picked up by alleged high ranking Bonanno family member Anthony “Fat Tony” Rabito who was once part of the crime families administration. That was mistake number one by Chili who was on parole from a prison stretch he had recently completed for mafia extortion charges. He was also seen socializing with Bonanno captain Peter Lovaglio as the feds monitored his activities while he was in New York. Lovaglio who is also on probation along with Chili face new legal problems as a result of these meetings.


“Gerard Chili”

Neither mobster is allowed to have any contact what so ever with known members of organized crime as a condition of their parole. Chili was hit with parole violation charges by Brooklyn federal prosecutors and was arrested at his home in Florida and will be brought back to New York for a hearing in Brooklyn federal court. Lovaglio was also charged with violating his parole has already pleaded guilty to this charge and two other parole violation charges and is currently under house arrest as he awaits sentencing. Both mobsters could be looking at prison time for these parole violations according to officials.


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