New England mafia capo Eddie Lato now faces state charges


New England mafia captain Edward “Eddie” Lato currently serving a nine year sentence for federal extortion and conspiracy charges was back in Rhode Island to face a state conspiracy charges. Lato is now being charged by state on conspiracy charges for his role in an alleged illegal gambling ring that was busted back in 2011. The state waited to officially move forward with the case until the federal case was wrapped up.


eddie lato

“Eddie Lato”


Lato was rounded up during a sweeping mafia case two years ago along with several other high ranking Patriarca crime family members including former boss Luigi “Baby Shacks” Manocchio and reputed underboss Anthony DiNunzio. Lato received the stiffest sentence out of all nine defendants in the case getting a nine year sentence which he is serving in a Estill, S.C. prison. His stay back home in Rhode Island will be short lived while he stand trial once again.

The state charges according to a press release and court documents includes 23 defendants including multiple made members and associates of the New England mob. Also arrested in case was Frank “Bobo” Marrapese and Alfred “Chippy” Scivola. Marrapese was just released from prison in 2008 on parole for the 1987 mob murder of Richard “Dickie” Callie. Scivola was just released to home confinement from his conviction in the federal case with Lato.

Police were able to gather information on the illegal gambling ring through wire taps who they claim was being run by Vincent “Vinnie” Tallo. Proceeds from the scheme were then funneled up the ladder to Lato through different intermediaries according to the charges. Lato is do to complete his federal sentence in 2019 but may end up with an extended prison stay if found guilty in this upcoming state case.



Mafia induction ceremony from New England 1989 taped by Feds


New England mafia ceremony was captured on tape by the feds back in 1989 with four new soldiers being inducted into the family. The mafia induction was lead by New England mafia boss Raymond “Junior” Patriarca in Medford. Fingers were pricked , holy cards were burned, and the new mobsters vowed to kill on behalf of the Mafia. In all 20 mobsters attended and it is the first and only of its kind of to recorded by authorities.


raymond patriarca


Inducted that day were Robert “Bobby” DeLuca, Carmen Tortora, Vincent Federico, and Richard Floramo. The recording of this traditional ceremony was undisputed proof that La Cosa Nostra did exists beyond the shadow of a doubt. The majority of the mobsters who attended were indicted on charges of racketeering and the tapes were used by prosecutors to prove their case. The hierarchy of the New England mob at the time went to prison.


Here is both audio of the 1989 New England Mafia induction ceremony along with a transcript.


1989 New England Mafia induction ceremony Audio - Here


1989 New England Mafia induction ceremony transcript – Here


New England mobster Alfred Scivola released from prison


Alfred “Chippy” Scivola who was snared in a wide ranging crackdown on the New England mafia has been released from prison after completing a nearly two year stint. He plead guilty to to conspiracy charges for his role in the shake down of local area strip clubs for protection payments. Convicted along with him in same crack down were other mobsters including former Patriarca family boss Luigi “Baby Shacks” Manocchio sentenced to over five years.


Alfred Scivola

“Alfred Scivola”


The now 87 year old New England mobster is still on home confinement and will finish out the rest of his sentence and be free and clear in January. He was released from the Devens Federal Medical Center and its unknown as to what if any role he still has in the New England mob.



New England Mafia Acting Boss Anthony Spagnolo Indicted


Anthony (Spucky) Spagnolo has been identified by the feds as the acting boss of the New England mafia in an indictment handed down today. He was charged with extorting protection payments from local social clubs and a video poker machine company. According to the feds Spagnolo ordered fellow New England mobster Pryce (Stretch) Quintina to collect monthly payments from the owners of Constitution Vending Co. a video poker machines company.


anthony spagnolo

“Anthony Spagnolo”


Both Spagnolo and Quintina have been arrested on a single count of conspiring to interfere with commerce through extortion. It is not the first time that Spucky has had trouble with the feds having pleaded guilty to extortion, racketeering, and drug charges back in 1990. He refused to admit that he was in the Mafia then but according to the FBI he was in a house back in 1989 in which a Patriarca crime family induction ceremony took place and was recorded.


He was part of 21 alleged members of the Patriarca family or New England La Cosa Nostra family which included the then alleged boss back in 1990.



New England Mafia capo Matthew Guglielmetti released from prison


Matthew “Matty” Guglielmetti a reputed capo in the New England Mafia has been released from prison after completing a ten year sentence for drug trafficking and is currently on home confinement. The now 65 year old wiseguy pleaded guilty to agreeing to protect a shipment of cocaine that was being moved through his Rhode Island turf. Authorities claim that Guglielmetti was a close associate of former New England mob boss Raymond “Junior” Patriarca and held the ranks of capo regime in the crime family before going away. His name was even part of the informant files of both James “Whitey” Bulger and Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi former leaders of the Irish Mafia in Boston. He was considered a very high ranking member of the Mafia in New England and held a significant power with in the family according to law enforcement.


“Matthew Guglielmetti”


Guglielmetti is coming home to a much different New England crime family then the one he knew when he went into prison ten years ago. The 2011 busts and convictions along with other arrests of many high ranking mobsters has really limited the strength and effectiveness of the Patriarca crime family. Assistant Special Agent in charge of Boston office Jeffrey Sallet even went as far as calling New England organized crime “decimated” after the recent round of convictions.

The power base of the New England family or what is left of it is believed to have shifted from Rhode Island to Boston after the latest busts. According to law enforcement and many mob insiders there is not much left of the Rhode Island faction of La Cosa Nostra and its strength had dwindled considerably. As Sallet also was quoted as saying it is not a very friendly atmosphere for the mob to do business anymore in Rhode Island and they have continue to keep the pressure on.

Only time will tell if Guglielmetti has plans to rejoin the mafia in New England but many believe if he should choose to he could be a key player in any chance the crime family has of rebuilding its ranks.