Joey Merlino to enjoy holidays and new restaurant before prison stint


Joseph “Skinny Joey” Merlino the former and possibly current Philadelphia mafia boss will have a chance to enjoy the holidays with his family and his brand new restaurant before heading off to prison. He was sentenced to four months in prison for violating the terms of his supervised release by meeting with a fellow mobster and other known criminals down in Florida. He was scheduled to begin his sentence this week but a judge ruled to have the beginning of his term pushed back to after the holidays.


joey merlino 2

“Joseph Merlino”


Prosecutors captured Merlino meeting with Philly mob capo John “Johnny Chang” Ciancaglini down in Boca Raton which was a direct violation of terms of his parole from his 2001 racketeering conviction. But his lawyer claims the meeting was nothing more then a chance and casual encounter and not a planned meeting by his client hence it was not a parole violation. The Third Circuit Court will now have some added time up until January 5 the new date for Merlino to begin his prison term to rule on his appeal.

Joey Merlino is also celebrating the opening of a restaurant down in Boca Raton which carries his name “Merlino’s” in which he is also works as the maitre’d backed by a rich family friend. The recipes he says are from his mother Rita and the restaurant seems to be off to a fabulous start. Skinny Joey is said to be greeting diners with hugs, kisses, hand shakes and of course great tables around the room with his usual flair. When asked if he would share some of the recipes Merlino said “I went to jail for not telling,” he quipped. “I’m not giving up a recipe. I’m not telling.” The menu includes great sounding dishes like veal South Philly ($32), sauteed in brown gravy with sausage, mushrooms, hot and sweet peppers, and garlic and linguine crab gravy ($24) – blue crab, sauteed onions, basil, parsley, and fresh tomato sauce.


Joey Merlino at restaurant

“Joey Merlino out front of Merlino’s Restaurant”


It is believed by many including some in law enforcement that Merlino may still be in control of the Philly Mafia from down in Florida using members of his old crew to handle things on streets back home. The current street boss Steven Mazzone is a long time close associate of Merlino although Joey ever since his release has maintained that he is out of the life and happy down in Florida.


Joey Merlino headed back to prison for parole violation


Joseph “Skinny Joey” Merlino the former boss of the Philadelphia mafia is headed back to prison after being sentenced to 4 months on a parole violation. Merlino now has 30 days to report to prison to begin serving his sentence. He was sentenced at a parole hearing today in Philadelphia for meeting with fellow mobster John Ciancaglini and other felons down in Florida.


Merlino in front of court room in Philly

“Joey Merlino outside Philly Court House”


Now after he serves this four months he will come out a free man under no more supervised release restrictions. So the feds win another small victory against Skinny Joey and it will be interesting to see what Merlino does once he is released and off restrictions. Will he go back to Boca Raton and live the good life away from the Philly mob or will he return to Philadelphia and get back into the game ?


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Is Joey Merlino still the boss of the Philadelphia Mafia ?


Joseph “Skinny Joey” Merlino the former and possibly current boss of the Philadelphia Mafia returned to Philly recently for a probation revocation hearing leaving many wondering what is Joey’s current status when comes to La Cosa Nostra in Philly. Since his release from prison Joey has been seemingly living the good life down in Boca Raton, Florida and when asked has maintained that he has given up on the mob and is out. But many people from law enforcement to mob buffs find it hard to believe that Joey no longer has a hand in things.


skinny joey merlino

“Joey Merlino”


From this recent hearing we know the feds have been keeping a close eye on Merlino since his release and claim he met with fellow Philly mobsters and other criminals in a violation of his probation down in Florida. Many believe this is yet another sign that Joey is still the current boss of the Philly mafia running things through his close associate and current acting boss Steve Mazzone. He took over as acting boss following the indictments of former boss Joseph Ligambi and most of his administration many of which were convicted.


steven mazzone

“Steven Mazzone”


But the John Gotti of Passyunk Avenue says after doing 14 years behind bars and now on other side of 50 says he has no desire to go back. He and his lawyer say he has a fresh start down in Florida and although he misses his family has no plans to return to Philly. It seems like he is on the verge of opening up a restaurant down in Boca with some investors if he beats the parole revocation case back in Philly.


Merlino's Restaurant

“Upcoming Merlino Restaurant in Boca”


A secretly taped conversation the feds have from back in 2010 between Joseph Ligambi , Philly mob capo Joseph “Scoops” Licata, and others in which Joey is possibly mentioned as still being the actual boss of the mafia in Philadelphia is another smoking gun for many. Many believe including some in law enforcement that Ligambi was simply handing day to day operations acting as boss for Merlino while he was away. So what do you think is Joey Merlino still the boss of the Philly mob ?


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Joey Merlino back in Philly in typical Merlino style but for how long


Joseph (Skinny Joey) Merlino the reputed former boss of the Philadelphia mafia was back home in Philly for first time in about a decade to face parole violation charges. Merlino made his way to the federal courthouse in typical Merlino style with his usual swagger. When leaving Merlino did so with an entourage and was questions by reporters about his return to Philly and his role in the Philly mob.


joey merlino back in philly

“Joey Merlino back in Philly” 


Merlino is being charged with violating terms of his supervised release because of an alleged meeting with Philly mob capo John Ciancaglini and other reputed felons down in Florida. But attorneys for the so called John Gotti of Passyunk Avenue argues that it was a chance meeting and the feds missed the deadline to violate their client.


The judge in the case has withheld his ruling for now. Seen outside the courthouse among an array of local reporters was Ciangalini is what can only be called an odd twist since he was not part of the court procedures. Federal prosecutors would not go as far as saying they believed Merlino was still running the Philly mafia but did say they still consider him an active member of the mafia.


He could be facing anywhere from six months to a year behind bars if found guilty. There is still no word as to when the judges decision will be made public. When Merlino’s attorney was asked if Merlino was planning a return to Philly if he beat the charges he said that his client considered himself a Florida citizen but who knows what tomorrow brings.


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Joey Merlino headed back to philly court room but his lawyers tell feds to stop


Joseph “Skinny Joey” Merlino the former boss of the Philadelphia mafia is headed back to a Philly court room for a hearing where the feds want to revoke his probation. But lawyers for Merlino in court filings urged that the prosecutors efforts against their client claiming the feds were out of time. They claim that since Merlino was not issued a summons to appear in court until Sept. 16 that his probation had already ended and he should be a free man.


Joey Merlino in Florida

“Joey Merlino enjoying the life down in Boca Raton, Florida”


According to probation officers Merlino violated the terms of his probation by meeting with fellow Philly mob captain John Ciancaglini and another known felon at a local Cigar bar in Boca Raton. But Skilly Joey’s attorney’s are arguing that their client was not aware that Ciancaglini was even at that location and claim that he was simply greeted by the bar owners as any regular customer is not knowing his criminal past.


A probation revocation hearing is scheduled for Friday in Philadelphia but lawyers for Joey would like to have things halted before that point although it seems unlikely. Ever since Merlino was released after finishing a 14 year sentence federal investigators have seemingly kept a close eye on him. Even going as far as sending down a wired mob turncoat in an attempt to trap Merlino into admitting any new misdoings.


But Skinny Joey did not fall for it and promptly reported the meeting to his probation officers as required. Many believe that Merlino is still the official head of the Philly mafia running the show from Florida using guys he trusts on the streets including current acting boss Steve Mazzone to run things. Although Merlino since his release has maintained that he is done with the mob life.