Feds hope to flip Philly mafia associate Ronald Galati


Ronald Galati has been charged with murder solicitation and insurance fraud and the feds hope the severity of those charges may influence him to flip. Although he is not a made man in the Philadelphia mafia Galati has long had mob ties and was known to welcome mobsters pack from prison with jobs at his garage. He is accused of ordering a failed hit attempt on Andrew Tuono and staging bogus car wreck scene’s to defraud various insurance companies. He was convicted back in the 1990′s for insurance fraud charges but kept quiet and did his time.


ronald galati


According to a grand jury witness against him Galati was quoted as saying “I live my life to cheat insurance companies. My high every day is to cheat insurance companies”. The three hit men he allegedly hired for the Tuono hit Jerome Johnson, Alvin Matthews, and Ronald Walker are believed to now be cooperating with authorities. It would seem that the deck is definitely not stacked in Galati’s favor would be decide to go to trial.


Prosecutors claim he has close ties to high ranking Philly mob members like Joseph Ligambi , Joseph “Skinny Joey” Merlino, and George Borgesi among others. These close friendships definitely make him a target for the feds to turn especially now that he faces such stiff charges with what seems like a solid amount of evidence. Ligambi’s son was also one of the men charged along with Ronald in the 69 count indictment.



Retrial for Philly mobster Anthony Nicodemo wont happen until next year


Anthony Nicodemo a reputed Philadelphia mafia soldier won’t have his retrial on murder charges until some time in 2015 after a new pretrial conference was scheduled for December 1 during a recent status conference. An exact date for the retrial has yet to be decided on but should be set sometime during or after the pretrial conference. Nicodemo is charged with the 2012 murder of Gino DiPietro who was gunned down in broad daylight in South Philly. The original trial ended in a mistrial with multiple jurors being dismissed and rumors and speculation of possible jury tampering. There has yet to be any charges of jury tampering but Assistant District Attorney Brian Zarallo was quoted as saying there is an ongoing investigation into the matter.


“Anthony Nicodemo”


Family members have denied any connection between DiPietro and the Philly mob and authorities have never labeled him a member or associate of the Philadelphia crime family. It is unclear as if the hit had anything to do with mafia business or was something else and prosecutors were not allowed to use any links to organized crime during the first trial because they could not prove it was a mob hit. Nicodemo was not identified as the shooter in the murder by prosecutors but they claim his job was to help the actual shooter who is still at large to escape and to get rid of the weapon.

Nicodemo was taken into custody at his home and the murder weapon used to gun down DiPietro a 357-Magnum was found in his SUV. His lawyers claimed that he was the victim of a car jacking by a masked gunman who stashed the weapon in his vehicle and had no knowledge of the murder. This seems to be a story that is going to be hard to sell to a jury and only time will tell if the defense team continues to use it when the retrial comes around.
With months to go before a retrial would begin it means more time for the feds to try and get Nicodemo to switch sides and cooperate. It is believed that he could fill the feds in on some still unsolved mafia murders which could lead to indictments on some of the top members of the past and current Philadelphia mafia including that of Joe Ligambi and Joey Merlino among others.  So it may be an uneasy rest of the year for some Philly wiseguys.


Philly mafia associate Ron Galati indicted for a third time


Ron Galati has now been indicted for a third time for heading an elaborate insurance fraud scheme through his auto body shop in Philadelphia. Known by some as the Don Corleone of the auto repair business the alleged Philadelphia mafia associate has now hit the trifecta of indictments. The District Attorney Office has already charged Galati on murder for hire charges and the U.S. Attorney’s Office in New Jersey has charged him with attempted murder charges. Prosecutors claim he solicited the services of three hit men to murder a father and son who owned a rival auto body shop that were believed to have been cooperating in an investigation into him and his business practices.


“Ron Galati” 


Prosecutors also claim he solicited the same hit men to kill his daughters boyfriend who was actually shot in Atlantic City but survived. Galati was convicted on a similar fraud case back in 1995 and served 37 months in prison. A cooperating witness said that he liked to boast “I live my life to cheat insurance companies and my high everyday is to cheat insurance companies.” In total 41 people have been charged along with Galati in the insurance fraud case including his son Ron Jr, his wife Vicky, and Steven Ligambi the son of Philadelphia mob boss Joseph “Uncle Joe” Ligambi.

Prosecutors claim that the defendant ran up to five different fraud schemes that he used to generate over a million dollars for him and his family. According to the indictment over a four year period insurance companies issued approx $2.3 million dollars of fraudulent claims filed by the auto body shop he owned. It is also alleged he fraudulently obtained a $1.8 million dollar contract with the Philadelphia Office of Fleet Management to repair the cities cop cars. Mafia snitch Louis “Bent Finger Lou” Monacello linked Galati to members of the Philly mafia including George Borgesi.

Along with the attempted murder and murder conspiracy charges he could be looking at a possible life sentence if convicted on all of the crimes he is charged with.


Mistrial declared in Philly mobster Anthony Nicodemo case


Anthony Nicodemo a reputed soldier in the Philadelphia mafia saw his murder trial come to an abrupt end. He was on trial for the 2012 murder of Gino DiPietro who was shot multiple times in broad daylight on the streets of Philadelphia. Just last week attorney’s for the Philly mobster put forth a defense claiming the defendant was an unwitting getaway driver after he was carjacked by the shooter. Many believed that after seeing the evidence which included the murder weapon found in Nicodemo’s car that it was a long shot for a common sense jury to buy the defenses story. But after having to dismiss two jurors in the case leaving the panel with only 11 members judge Jeffrey Minehart declared a mistrial.


“Anthony Nicodemo”


Last week saw one alternate juror dismissed in the case with another on Tuesday morning for what was called routine reasons. But the third juror which had to be dismissed and caused a mistrial to be declared raised concerns. After the juror dismissals reports of possible jury tampering surfaced and an investigation was immediately opened by authorities. A law enforcement source said its too early to determine whether or not a juror had been approached but confirmed at least one Nicodemo family member was already questioned.

The police source also confirmed that a conversation in the hallway of the courtroom which was overheard did contribute to the concerns that a juror may have been compromised. One of the dismissed jurors was a resident of South Philadelphia resident but it is still unclear as to if he had been the target of the jury tampering. Nicodemo is still being held with out bail and a status conference has been scheduled for June 12 and the District Attorney’s office is expected to retry the case.

Law enforcement sources said that the next panel of jurors in new trial could be sequestered or a possible change of venue could even be considered although it would be an extreme measure. Instead of the two alternate jurors selected in this trial up to six could be added to the next panel to further shield the jury. Jury tampering is not an uncommon occurrence when it comes to mafia trials over the years. Decisions on all of those issues are likely to be made in upcoming weeks as a new trial is setup.


Philly mobster Anthony Nicodemo murder trial hits critical point


Anythony Nicodemo a reputed Philadelphia mafia soldier is on trial for the murder of Gino DiPietro who was shot to death in street in broad daylight. The case against Nicodemo seems some what circumstantial but the evidence obtained by the prosecution is hard to over look. A black Honda Pilot owned by the reputed mobster was seen by witnesses speeding away from the scene of the shooting after a masked gunman was seen jumping into the vehicle. Later a .357 handgun was identified as the murder weapon and found by authorities inside of the same Honda Pilot behind the drivers seat. The vehicle was parked behind the defendants home its engine still warm.


“Anthony Nicodemo”


The D.A.’s Office has conceded that Nicodemo was not the actual shooter and it has been implied that it may have been Dominic Grande an associate of Nicodemo’s. Grande is the son of and nephew of Philly mob members that were jailed back in the 80′s but has not yet been charged in the case. Defense lawyers have claimed that it was indeed their clients vehicle but he was unaware of what was happening and was accosted by an unknown gunman and forced to drive away from the scene. The unknown gunman then jumped out of the vehicle leaving the murder weapon behind.

Problem is that Nicodemo did not report being car jacked to police when he was taken into custody. Authorities after finding the vehicle and weapon went to the front door of the house and found the door ajar called for the defendant to appear which he did a few seconds later. He was taken into custody and told the police he was at home working waiting on his wife and children to get back home never mentioning he was car jacked at gun point according to testimony. Police arresting him also testified that he was sweating profusely and had a pounding heart rate as if he had just ran a marathon.

The prosecution is expected to have their case completed sometime on Monday and the key decision as to if Nicodemo will take the stand in his own defense will have to be made. This could be a key turning point in the trial and it is unknown as to which way the defense team is leaning. Nicodemo is facing life in prison if found guilty and the feds are hoping that it may influence him to cooperate and flip on his fellow mobsters. It is believed he has information about still unsolved mafia murders including that of John “Johnny Gongs” Casasanto which may also involve other high ranking Philly mob members.