Philadelphia mafia capo Michael Lancellotti back in action


Philadelphia mafia captain Michael “Mikey Lance” Lancellotti is back in the mix inside the mob after battling and now seemingly recovering from cancer. Sources believe Lancellotti is now running the day to day operations of the Philly mafia as the buffer between acting boss Steven Mazzone and the families capos. Joey Merlino returned to Philly for first time since getting off parole restrictions and his first stop was a face to face with his old mobster pal Mikey Lance according to sources of Scott Burnstein’s gangsterreport.


Michael Lancellotti

Michael Lancellotti


It was reported that Merlino was back in town to attend a graduation party for the daughter of mob associate Raymond “Ray Wags” Wagner but according to sources was also conducting business. Lance was inducted into the Philly mob by Merlino back in the 90’s and is a trusted member of the Merlino factions inner circle. Out of the three factions currently on the streets the Mazzone/Merlino faction seems to have the most stability with guys like Mikey Lance back in action.

Phil Narducci leads another faction currently on the streets of Philadelphia looking for a piece of the pie along with a third faction led by Joseph “Joey Punge” Pungitore. Both Narducci and Joey Pungitore are Scarfo era mafia soldiers and aren’t exactly fans of Merlino. It seems things are being kept in line on streets due to Mazzone being respected across the board from all factions. Some sources believe a power sharing situation has even been implimented via a ruling panel type of arrangement consisting of the rival faction leaders.

Merlino continues to deny any association with the mafia in Philadelphia anymore and claims he left the life behind and now is simply a business man running his new restaurant down in Boca Raton, Florida. Although many including those in law enforcement still consider him to be the current boss of the mob in Philly.

Philadelphia mafia boss Joey Merlino back in town meets with old crew


Joseph “Skinny Joey” Merlino was back on the streets of Philadelphia according to sources making rounds and meeting with members of his old mob crew over the weekend. Many including the FBI believe that Merlino is still the boss of the Philly mafia running things on streets through his long time friends and street boss Steven Mazzone. After completing a short prison sentence on a parole violation Merlino is no longer under any parole restrictions and is free to travel and meet with whoever he chooses. This recent weekend trip to the City of Brotherly Love is sure to fan the speculation that he is still in control of the Philly mob and was possibly there making sure things were in line.


joseph merlino back in Philadelphia

Joey Merlino


Merlino has been living down in Boca Raton since he was released from prison after being convicted on racketeering charges back in 2001. Merlino has since continued to deny he has any remaining ties to the mob life and has nothing more to do with the mafia in Philadelphia. Mazzone was believed to have taken over as acting boss shortly after former acting boss Joseph Ligambi was indicted in 2011 along with other high ranking members of the administration at that time.

Sources have speculated that now a power sharing situation may have developed with a ruling panel consisting of Steve Mazzone, Phil Narducci, and John Ciancaglini in control with Ligambi acting as a sort of consigliere although partially retired. Narducci is a well respected member of the mob and part of the old Scarfo era crew who have recently resurfaced in Philly after doing long prison terms. This new ruling panel could of been constructed to keep tensions down and things from turning violent between the rival crews now operating on streets.

Whether Mazzone still sits at the head of the hierarchy on the streets today or a ruling panel has been appointed it still leaves many wondering if Merlino is still pulling the strings from his new Florida home. Is Merlino planning to eventually move back to Philadelphia to regain his seat at the head of the mafia in Philly or does he simply remain in Florida and run things from afar. Perhaps Merlino has been true to his word and has left the life for good although knowing Joey’s history that seems like a less likely option. Oh as the world turns inside of today’s Philadelphia mafia.

Philadelphia mafia soldier Louis Fazzini back on the streets


Louis “Big Lou” Fazzini a soldier in the Philadelphia mafia is back on the streets after finishing a three year prison stretch on racketeering charges related to illegal bookmaking and loansharking. He was part of the case in 2012 that included then acting boss Joseph Ligambi and other high ranking members of the Philly mafia. The 48 year old mobster was part of the families North Jersey based crew ran by capo Joseph “Scoops” Licata.


Louis Fazzini

Louis Fazzini


Back in 2010 Fazzini was caught by FBI surveillance saying that he was inducted into the Philly mob by Ligambi during a traditional mafia induction ceremony. According to the feds Fazzini is a season player in the mafia in Philadelphia and ran various rackets for Licata on the streets. It was Licata who sponsored Fazzini for membership into the mob family.

Big Lou Fazzini was also part of a sit down between leaders of the Philly mafia and the Gambino crime family back in 2010. The entire meeting was taped by former Gambino mobster turned rat Nicholas “Nicky Skins” Stefanelli who later committed suicide before he could testify. Big Lou now joins recently released alleged Philly mafia boss Josepeh “Skinny Joey” Merlino and soldier Gaeton Lucibello on streets both also recently released.

Next up for release is former Philly mob under boss Marty Angelina who will be released from a half way house in July of this year. The Philadelphia mob continues to see mobster come home and it becomes more and more of an interesting mix as these made guys hit the streets.

Mafia News: Joey Merlino reputed Philly mafia boss is a free man


Joseph “Skinny Joey” Merlino is now out of jail and once again a free man after a ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit went in his favor. Merlino was ordered by a District Court judge to serve 4 months in prison for a parole violation and was set to be released early next month. But his attorney Edwin Jacobs confirms that Skinny Joey Merlino is indeed out and a free man after serving a little over three months. He was believed to have been living in a half way house finishing out the remainder of his sentence when the appeals decision was handed down.


joey merlino 2

Joey Merlino


Merlino was caught meeting with Philly mafia captain John “Johnny Chang” Ciancaglini down in Florida which was deemed a violation of his parole restrictions from his previous racketeering conviction in which he spend 12 years in prison. Skinny Joey depending on who you ask is still considered to be the boss of the Philadelphia mafia. Although according to Joey he has given up the mob life and is now gone legit down in Florida where he has a new restaurant called “Merlino’s” and works as maitre d.


Joey Merlino at restaurant


Whether or not Merlino heads back to Florida for good now that he is free and with out any restrictions at all or perhaps returns to Philly will be a closely watched move. Rumors of a new probe into him and the Philly mob have been swirling although its unclear as to its progress and whether or not it will result in an indictment. For now it appears Merlino will be headed back to work at his Boca Raton eatery under close watch by the feds and others.

Philly mobster Joey Merlino in Miami halfway house awaiting release


Joseph “Skinny Joey” Merlino the reputed boss of the Philadelphia mafia has been moved to a Miami halfway house according to sources to finish up his recent four month prison sentence. Merlino is finishing up a four month sentence for a parole violation and is set to leave federal custody on May 3rd. When Merlino is released in May he will no longer be under any federal restrictions and will be free to associate with anyone and move on as a free man.


joseph merlino

Joseph Merlino


How long Skinny Joey will be out and about is a topic of discussion of late as rumors of a new federal indictment in the works have been circulating. Whether or not he will return to the streets of Philadelphia or stay down in Florida is another big question. Many believe Merlino is still the boss of the Philly mafia although he has denied the allegations and maintains he has stepped away from mafia life.

Joey Merlino still seems to be in the cross hairs of the feds for one reason or another no matter where he decides to reside after his recent release. But perhaps some added light will be shed on the ongoing question as to who leads the Philly mob today once Joey is out with out restrictions.