Philadelphia mafia soldier Louis Fazzini back on the streets


Louis “Big Lou” Fazzini a soldier in the Philadelphia mafia is back on the streets after finishing a three year prison stretch on racketeering charges related to illegal bookmaking and loansharking. He was part of the case in 2012 that included then acting boss Joseph Ligambi and other high ranking members of the Philly mafia. The 48 year old mobster was part of the families North Jersey based crew ran by capo Joseph “Scoops” Licata.


Louis Fazzini

Louis Fazzini


Back in 2010 Fazzini was caught by FBI surveillance saying that he was inducted into the Philly mob by Ligambi during a traditional mafia induction ceremony. According to the feds Fazzini is a season player in the mafia in Philadelphia and ran various rackets for Licata on the streets. It was Licata who sponsored Fazzini for membership into the mob family.

Big Lou Fazzini was also part of a sit down between leaders of the Philly mafia and the Gambino crime family back in 2010. The entire meeting was taped by former Gambino mobster turned rat Nicholas “Nicky Skins” Stefanelli who later committed suicide before he could testify. Big Lou now joins recently released alleged Philly mafia boss Josepeh “Skinny Joey” Merlino and soldier Gaeton Lucibello on streets both also recently released.

Next up for release is former Philly mob under boss Marty Angelina who will be released from a half way house in July of this year. The Philadelphia mob continues to see mobster come home and it becomes more and more of an interesting mix as these made guys hit the streets.

Mafia News: Joey Merlino reputed Philly mafia boss is a free man


Joseph “Skinny Joey” Merlino is now out of jail and once again a free man after a ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit went in his favor. Merlino was ordered by a District Court judge to serve 4 months in prison for a parole violation and was set to be released early next month. But his attorney Edwin Jacobs confirms that Skinny Joey Merlino is indeed out and a free man after serving a little over three months. He was believed to have been living in a half way house finishing out the remainder of his sentence when the appeals decision was handed down.


joey merlino 2

Joey Merlino


Merlino was caught meeting with Philly mafia captain John “Johnny Chang” Ciancaglini down in Florida which was deemed a violation of his parole restrictions from his previous racketeering conviction in which he spend 12 years in prison. Skinny Joey depending on who you ask is still considered to be the boss of the Philadelphia mafia. Although according to Joey he has given up the mob life and is now gone legit down in Florida where he has a new restaurant called “Merlino’s” and works as maitre d.


Joey Merlino at restaurant


Whether or not Merlino heads back to Florida for good now that he is free and with out any restrictions at all or perhaps returns to Philly will be a closely watched move. Rumors of a new probe into him and the Philly mob have been swirling although its unclear as to its progress and whether or not it will result in an indictment. For now it appears Merlino will be headed back to work at his Boca Raton eatery under close watch by the feds and others.

Philly mobster Joey Merlino in Miami halfway house awaiting release


Joseph “Skinny Joey” Merlino the reputed boss of the Philadelphia mafia has been moved to a Miami halfway house according to sources to finish up his recent four month prison sentence. Merlino is finishing up a four month sentence for a parole violation and is set to leave federal custody on May 3rd. When Merlino is released in May he will no longer be under any federal restrictions and will be free to associate with anyone and move on as a free man.


joseph merlino

Joseph Merlino


How long Skinny Joey will be out and about is a topic of discussion of late as rumors of a new federal indictment in the works have been circulating. Whether or not he will return to the streets of Philadelphia or stay down in Florida is another big question. Many believe Merlino is still the boss of the Philly mafia although he has denied the allegations and maintains he has stepped away from mafia life.

Joey Merlino still seems to be in the cross hairs of the feds for one reason or another no matter where he decides to reside after his recent release. But perhaps some added light will be shed on the ongoing question as to who leads the Philly mob today once Joey is out with out restrictions.

Feds building a new RICO case against Joey Merlino and Philly Mafia ?


Joseph “Skinny Joey” Merlino still considered the boss of the Philadelphia mafia by many including law enforcement is in the final weeks of his four month prison sentence for a parole violation set to be released on May 3rd. He will have not only finished his current sentence but also be off parole restrictions and unhindered by the government , but will he soon be facing more prison time ? According to Scott Burnstein and the Gangster Report the feds are attempting to build a new RICO case against Merlino and other Philly mafia leaders.


joey merlino 3

Joseph Merlino


According to sources the new case being worked on by the feds could target both Merlino and his right hand man and current acting boss Steven Mazzone among others. The latest indictments could include more charges in the mob hit of Gino DiPietro back on 2012 and possibly other murders dating back to the 1990’s. The feds believe the DiPietro hit was carried out by Anthony Nicodemo and Dominic “Baby Dom” Grande. Nicodemo was fingered as the get away driver and has already plead guilty to taking part in the hit although Grande who feds fingered as shooter has yet to be officially charged.


anthony nicodemo

Anthony Nicodemo


The hit was sanctioned at the highest levels of the Philly mob including Joey Merlino according to a source of Burnstein’s. A meeting between Merlino and Nicodemo is believed to have taken place in the weeks leading up to the hit along with a separate meeting between Mazzone, Nicodemo, and Grande confirming the go ahead right before the hit took place. Merlino was back in Philadelphia in November of 2012 for the funeral of his father and former Philly mobster Salvatore “Chuckie” Merlino which was exactly one month before the DiPietro hit.


steven mazzone 2

Steven Mazzone


Merlino visited his old neighborhood for a week leading up to the funeral and sources say it was during this time he met with Nicodemo and approved the hit. Then on December 11 the meeting between Mazzone, Grande, and Nicodemo took place at a undisclosed location putting the plan in motion. The hit ended up taking place on a crowded Philly street in broad daylight and may be one of the most poorly planned and executed mafia hit in history. It is believed that DiPietro was killed because he may have had information about the previous mob murder of John “Johnny Gongs” Casasanto back in 2003 in which both Merlino and Nicodemo have long been considered suspects in.


john casasanto

John Casasanto


It has been rumored that the feds were keeping tabs on Merlino and his activities in Florida where he has lived since he completed his stretch for a racketeering conviction. Whether or not the feds can actually make their new RICO case is definitely not a certainty as they have whiffed on pending cases such as this before, until the charges are handed down it will remain speculation.

Who is running the Philadelphia Mafia today


Philadelphia mafia has been a hot topic for debate of late as to who is actually currently running the infamous crime family. With multiple factions now on the streets of Philadelphia there are more options then there have been in years for the top spot in the Philly mob. The Philly crime family has always been an interesting and treacherous organization and that remains true today with old and new era mobsters on the streets. Who do you think is a top the Philly mafia hierarchy ?


joey merlino 2

Joseph Merlino


Some believe the most likely candidate for current boss of the Philadelphia mafia is Joseph Merlino. Could he possibly be running the family from down in Florida where he has lived since his release from prison. There are plenty of people who believe he is in control of the mafia in Philly through his long time friend Steven Mazzone who has been mentioned as the current acting boss of the family. Merlino denies any ties to the mob and claims he has retired from the life. He is currently doing a few months for violating his supervised parole so we may know more once he is released and free of any parole stipulations.


Philip Narducci

Philip Narducci


Philip Narducci a Scarfo-era mobster who is said to be well respected and a stone cold killer has also been mentioned in unsubstantiated rumors as to recently taken over top spot. Many believe after his release from prison he felt he was owed for time served and has enough influence on the streets to be boss. There have been other former Scarfo guys recently released who may agree to fall in line behind Narducci and strengthen his position.


steven mazzone 3

Steven Mazzone


Steven Mazzone who many believe is just a front man for his childhood pal Merlino is well respected across the board according to sources. It Merlino has as he claims left the mob life then plenty of people on streets in Philly feel like Mazzone could be a steady force as acting boss on his own. Whether or not he has enough of the family behind him to take over as the official boss of the family is still in question.


joseph ligambi

Joseph Ligambi


Joseph Ligambi is still believed by many people to be the boss of the mob in Philly even though rumors on the streets is that he has semi-retired. Word of late is Uncle Joe has taken more of an advisory role in the family but perhaps its just a way of staying low key while still running things and avoiding more indictments. Ligambi held the reigns for years and kept the family profitable and in line before his recent legal troubles.

Recent reports of a 3 man ruling panel leading the Philadelphia crime family have surfaced and many believe this to be the most likely possibility. The panel is said to be made up of Narducci, Mazzone, and Johnny Chang Ciancaglini. This kind of power sharing structure would seem to keep things from blowing up and having blood shed over control of the family and at least for now satisfy all factions.

With more mobsters from both the Merlino crew and the Scarfo era crew among others still hitting the streets there is definitely a possibility for violence as they fight for a piece of a shrinking pie. The Philly mafia glory days are long gone but they are still a viable criminal organization with money to be made so the top spot still has its benefits. But with less out there then in years past it makes for a much more volatile situation there is no doubt about it.

We may have a much clearer view of the mob landscape in Philly when Merlino gets released in a couple of months and is free of all restrictions. Either way there are very interesting times ahead for the organized crime family there. So who do you think is now in control of things in Philly ? Cast your vote !

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