Who is running the Philadelphia Mafia today


Philadelphia mafia has been a hot topic for debate of late as to who is actually currently running the infamous crime family. With multiple factions now on the streets of Philadelphia there are more options then there have been in years for the top spot in the Philly mob. The Philly crime family has always been an interesting and treacherous organization and that remains true today with old and new era mobsters on the streets. Who do you think is a top the Philly mafia hierarchy ?


joey merlino 2

Joseph Merlino


Some believe the most likely candidate for current boss of the Philadelphia mafia is Joseph Merlino. Could he possibly be running the family from down in Florida where he has lived since his release from prison. There are plenty of people who believe he is in control of the mafia in Philly through his long time friend Steven Mazzone who has been mentioned as the current acting boss of the family. Merlino denies any ties to the mob and claims he has retired from the life. He is currently doing a few months for violating his supervised parole so we may know more once he is released and free of any parole stipulations.


Philip Narducci

Philip Narducci


Philip Narducci a Scarfo-era mobster who is said to be well respected and a stone cold killer has also been mentioned in unsubstantiated rumors as to recently taken over top spot. Many believe after his release from prison he felt he was owed for time served and has enough influence on the streets to be boss. There have been other former Scarfo guys recently released who may agree to fall in line behind Narducci and strengthen his position.


steven mazzone 3

Steven Mazzone


Steven Mazzone who many believe is just a front man for his childhood pal Merlino is well respected across the board according to sources. It Merlino has as he claims left the mob life then plenty of people on streets in Philly feel like Mazzone could be a steady force as acting boss on his own. Whether or not he has enough of the family behind him to take over as the official boss of the family is still in question.


joseph ligambi

Joseph Ligambi


Joseph Ligambi is still believed by many people to be the boss of the mob in Philly even though rumors on the streets is that he has semi-retired. Word of late is Uncle Joe has taken more of an advisory role in the family but perhaps its just a way of staying low key while still running things and avoiding more indictments. Ligambi held the reigns for years and kept the family profitable and in line before his recent legal troubles.

Recent reports of a 3 man ruling panel leading the Philadelphia crime family have surfaced and many believe this to be the most likely possibility. The panel is said to be made up of Narducci, Mazzone, and Johnny Chang Ciancaglini. This kind of power sharing structure would seem to keep things from blowing up and having blood shed over control of the family and at least for now satisfy all factions.

With more mobsters from both the Merlino crew and the Scarfo era crew among others still hitting the streets there is definitely a possibility for violence as they fight for a piece of a shrinking pie. The Philly mafia glory days are long gone but they are still a viable criminal organization with money to be made so the top spot still has its benefits. But with less out there then in years past it makes for a much more volatile situation there is no doubt about it.

We may have a much clearer view of the mob landscape in Philly when Merlino gets released in a couple of months and is free of all restrictions. Either way there are very interesting times ahead for the organized crime family there. So who do you think is now in control of things in Philly ? Cast your vote !

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Philly mafia now being run by ruling panel of street bosses


Philadelphia mafia leadership has been in some what of a transition period over the last several months with former acting boss Jospeh Ligambi going into what is being called semi-retirement. Who is the boss of the Philly mafia has been an ongoing debate of late and it seems like a ruling panel may now be in place. According to long time mob reporter George Anastasia considered one of the most reliable sources of Philly mob information a new ruling panel of street bosses is currently running the family. The new street boss panel is believed to be made up of Steve Mazzone, Phil Narducci, and John Ciancaglini.


steven mazzone 3

Steve Mazzone


Ligambi is believed to have taken sort of a consigliere role in the family in part with his semi-retired status. Now the question of whether or not Joey Merlino is still boss of the Philly mob is still considered to be unanswered by many. Some believe this new ruling panel may be a sign that Merlino is indeed out of the picture while other think it may be simply keeping things in order until Merlino finishes his recent prison stretch and gets off any supervised parole restrictions.


Philip Narducci

Phil Narducci


There has been plenty of speculation of late as to the new Philly mob hierarchy with reports of various members being made boss from unknown and or fairly questionable sources. Perhaps this idea of a ruling panel being in place is more of a safe way of saying that its still very unclear as to who the real boss is and that a power vacuum has developed. Maybe its a new road being taken by the mafia in Philadelphia to try and keep the peace and get everyone back to business. It should continue to be a very interesting year of mafia news coming out of Philly.


Mafia News: Philly mobster Anthony Nicodemo set to plead guilty to murder


Anthony Nicodemo a soldier in the Philadelphia mafia has agreed to plead guilty to murder charges according to sources. He is charged in the 2012 gangland style hit on Gino Dipietro. After a mistrial was declared in the original trial with jurors being dismissed and speculation of attempted jury tampering. It was believed that the feds were attempting to get the mobster to flip as its believed he could of supplied them with information on still unsolved Philly mob hits that could possibly involve others like Joey Merlino and Joseph Ligambi.


anthony nicodemo

Anthony Nicodemo


According to sources and reports Nicodemo could be facing up to 25 years in prison by pleading guilty but if convicted could of received a sentence of life in prison with out parole. With his escape seemingly caught on tape and police finding the murder weapon in his SUV just moments after the murder he seemed to be facing an uphill battle in court.

We will update with more information at it becomes available on Nicodemo and if a plea deal has been agreed to and any known parameters. The mafia in Philadelphia seems to be in a transitional stage with many speculating as to who is really in control along with where the power lies now with multiple factions on the streets.


UPDATE: Nicodemo pleaded guilty today in court to third degree murder and weapons charges and was sentenced to the minimum of 25 years as part of his plea agreement and could serve up to 50. His lawyer said he decided to take the plea deal because at trial he was facing a mandatory life sentence if convicted and this way he will hopefully be able to come home to his family.


Philly mafia heavyweight Gaeton Lucibello released from prison Marty Angelina to follow


Philadelphia mafia ranks are once again growing with the release from prison of Gaeton Lucibello a one time capo in the crime family. Highly respected on the streets going all way back to the Stanfa era of the Philly mob. The now 62 year old wiseguy completed his four year prison stretch after being convicted of racketeering back in 2012. With multiple factions now on the streets in Philly from different era’s the landscape of the mafia in Philadelphia keeps getting more and more complex.


gaeton lucibello

Gaeton Lucibello


As Lucibello hits the streets former Philly mafia under boss Marty Angelina is being sent to a half way house setting up his return to the streets as well. Angelina is believed to have been named under boss after the conviction of Joseph Massimino in 2005 by the acting boss Joseph Ligambi. Both Lucibello and Angelina rose in the ranks in the Ligambi regime which has now come to an end as the Philadelphia mob runs through a time of transition. They are likely to both be looking for where they fit into the new mix.


marty angelina

Marty Angelina


Joseph “Skinny Joey” Merlino is still believed by many to be running the crime family from Florida although he is currently doing a four month stretch for a parole violation. His long time right hand man Steven Mazzone who is alleged acting boss and John “Johnny Chang” Ciangalini the acting under boss run day to day operations on the streets. Even though Merlino claims he has given up the mob life many mob insiders along with area’s of law enforcement aren’t buying it.


steven mazzone 2

Steven Mazzone


Many of the Scarfo-era mobsters have also returned to the streets and have begun to carve out a niche for themselves in the underworld landscape. Philip Narducci is believed to have emerged as a force among that faction after serving a couple decades behind bars and is considered to now be a force once again along with the independent 10th and Oregon crew. Brothers Joey and Tony Pungitore have also re-established themselves after doing their own long bids in the can as part of that Scarfo-era bunch.


Philip Narducci

Philip Narducci

Joseph “Chickie” Ciancaglini is also now back on streets and is said to have been named the new official under boss of family with his son Johnny Chang handling day to day duties as acting under boss. Chickie now 80 years old holds the title but may be more of a counselor then anything else with reports of his heath being in question. With multiple factions on the streets in Philly and more mobsters returning to streets it seems the puzzle of who ends up on top is going to be an ever changing one for time being.


joseph chickie ciancaglini

Joseph (Chickie) Ciancaglini

Joseph Merlino heads back to prison


Joseph Merlino is headed back to prison today this time in Miami for a four month stint on charges that he violated his supervised release. He was convicted back in 2001 on charges of racketeering and was under supervised release down in Florida. He was caught by authorities meeting with Philly mobster John “Johnny Chang” Ciancaglini at a cigar bar down in Florida in June in direct violation of his release situation.


joey merlino 3

“Joey Merlino”


Is Joey Merlino still the boss of the Philadelphia mafia ? Well according to Joey he has retired from the life and maintains no more mafia ties but the feds don’t seem so convinced. Seems the feds still believe that Skinny Joey is still tied directly into things in Philly and is running things using his right hand man and childhood friend Steven Mazzone as acting boss.

Melino with his typical flair tweeted “I’ll be in great shape for when I get out on Cinco de Mayo,” referring to his upcoming prison stint. He also found a way to get a plug in for his newly opened restaurant down in Florida tweeting “I can’t wait to go,” he texted. “I need a vacation after working so hard at the best restaurant in Florida, Merlino’s Restaurant.”