Chicago Mafia extortion crew busted


Paul Carparelli was arrested along with eight other alleged members of an extortion crew linked the Chicago Mafia also known as the Chicago Outfit. Prosecutors claim that Carparelli is the leader of the Outfit connected extortion racket and has routinely arranged violent attacks on behalf of the mafia in Chicago. The target of a two year long investigation Carparelli was caught on FBI wiretaps setting up beatings for the Chicago Outfit and boasting about his commitment to Chicago organized crime figures including alleged mob boss Salvatore “Solly D” DeLaurentis. Prosecutors say they recovered $175,000 in cash at Carparelli’s home at time of his arrest and laid out other details of the probe in a bid to persuade a judge to keep him locked up until trial which was unsuccessful.


“Paul Carparelli”


Carparelli was caught on witetap talking to an underling saying “Catch the kid outside, beat the s – – – out of him, break his f – – – ing jaw, break his arm, and leave. It’ll take you five minutes. . . . That’s two grand. That’s your Christmas money right there” on one occassion. He was also taped telling a pal to be discreet so that FBI agents would believe that they had destroyed the Cicero crew a known street crew of the Chicago Mafia. He said let them (FBI) think that they have done their job well and then pat themselves on back for a job well done have a beer and high five each other. In 2011 he was also recorded in a phone conversation allegedly boasting that he had been connected with the Outfit all his life and had ambitions to move up in the organized crime world.

Feds claim that just a month ago Carparelli was contacted by a partner of alleged Outfit boss DeLaurentis who allegedly paid him $10,000 to arrange the beating of an unpaying debtor. Carparelli told an underling that was secretly working with the FBI to catch him and give him a good beating and “I think the guys wants his legs broke”. Even with the proof of violent proclivities Carparelli was released from jail under terms allowing him to open a Bloomingdale Pizza business and take care of his son. Judge said he believed that Carparelli was rational enough to understand that while on pretrial release going back to his pre-indictment ways would be reckless. This latest indictment shows that even though the Chicago mafia has been dealt some crippling blows over the last decade they are far from dead.


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