Gambino Mobster Franky Boy Cali Say Fuhgeddaboudit To Top Spot


Rumors have been floating around over last couple months that mobster Francesco “Frank Boy” Cali was the choice to become the next boss of the Gambino crime family. He is currently the reputed underboss of the Gambino family and unidentified sources claimed that current boss Domenico Cefalu was ready to step down and allow his young protege to take the reigns. Now web news site DNAinfo New York claims sources have confirmed that Cali declined the offer to take over as Gambino boss one of the cities largest mafia families. According to these sources a secret mob summit was held by the Gambino family on in which Cali informed his mafia associates that he was not interesting in taking over as boss of the family and he was happy staying below the radar and was happy with his current statis and way things were being run.


“Francesco Cali” 


Cali was believed to be supported by other Gambino family leaders to take over as boss because of his low key attitude and his old school ways of doing business. Current boss Cefalu has lead the Gambino family shift away from the flashy headline grabbing ways of former boss Joh Gotti back to a much more low key approach. Many believed Cali would of been a perfect choice to keep the family on track and begin to rebuild its ranks and re-establish its power base. Cali was once known as the Gambino ambassador from New York to Sicily. to the Sicilian Mafia and is believed to still maintain many poweful contacts in both mafia families. Cali is also known to be a big earner for the Gambino family making millions of dollars a year from his involvement in the city’s food industry among other criminal aspects.

Many insiders and law enforcement sources believe the reports from these unidentified sources that Cali has turned down the chance to become boss is nothing more then disinformation being deployed by the Gambino family. Others believe that the original reports that Cali was set to become boss were greatly exaggerated and Cefalu is still currently the Gambino family boss until it can be confirmed otherwise. One skeptical law enforcement office wondered why Cali would turn down a job in which his fellow mob captains wanted and expected him to take , it they thought he would turn it down they wouldn’t of asked in first place.

About The Mafia along with other mafia news sources are somewhat skeptical as well of these latest claims and nothing has been reported from the FBI’s organized crime units or any credible information from wire tape of informants been offered. Latest reports from feds have Cefalu as the current boss of the Gambino family and Cali serving as the crime families underboss. More information from more reliable sources will need to come forward to be able to back up and confirm the claims of Cali’s decision to not take over the family and if the job was recently offered to him by Gambino leaders to begin with.


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