Joseph Ligambi and Philly mobs retrial postponed


The retrial of reputed Philadelphia mafia acting boss Joseph “Uncle Joe” Ligambi and fellow mobsters George Borgesi and Anthony Staino has been postponed. Judge Eduardo Robreno agreed to move the start of the retrial from April to October after lawyers for the defendants cited some scheduling conflicts during a conference call. Ligambi was acquitted by a jury last month on counts of bookmaking, theft, and loan-sharking but deadlocked on the more serious charge of racketeering conspiracy. Reputed Philly mafia captains Staino and Borgesi are also facing racketeering charges during this retrial.


“Joseph Ligambi”

During last months case reputed Philadelphia crime family underboss Joseph “Mousie” Massimino and two other Philly mobsters were convicted of racketeering. The wiseguys are now scheduled to be sentenced sometime in May. Two other co-defendants are also being added to this retrial , Robert Ranieri and Eric Esposito, who were both awaiting separate trials. Depending on the outcome of the upcoming retrial this could unfold into a major blow against the alleged current leadership of the Philly mob.


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