Mob Talk: Joey Merlino Returns To Philadelphia


Philly mobster Skinny Joey Merlino made his return to Philadelphia for first time in over twelve years. Merlino did not return under the best of terms as he was back home for the funeral of his father and one time Philadelphia mafia underboss Salvatore “Chuckie” Merlino who died in federal prison. The funeral was pushed back several days because of Hurricane Sandy which gave Joey more time to catch up with his old Philly mob pals and insiders say mafia business was likely discussed. As expected the current Philly wiseguys showed up to pay their respects including reputed current acting boss Steve Mazzone, captain John Ciangaline , soldier Mike Lancelotti and Anthony Nicademo. Many still believe that Joey Merlino is running the Philadelphia crime family from South Florida but his attorney says different. Watch as Dave Schratwieser looks more into Merlino’s trip back to Philly and his return back to South Florida.



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