Ndrangheta Boss Strangio Arrested In Northern Italy


Italian authorities have arrested the reputed boss of the Nirta-Strangio clan of the Calabrian Mafia or Ndrangheta. Sebastiano Strangio was found in Northern Italy living under a new name using fake paperwork. He is suspected of playing a leading role in the massacre of six Pelle-Votari clan mobsters outside of a pizzeria in Germany back in August of 2007. The Nirta-Strangio clan has been at war with the rival Pelle-Votari clan since the early 1990’s. The bloody turf war between the two Calabrian mafia clans has claimed dozens of lives. Strangio has been on the lam ever since the Duisburg Germany massacre.


“Sebastiano Strangio”

The Ndrangheta crime group is believed to be laundering millions of euros through the German economy where it invest in legit businesses like hotel chains and restaurants. A Ndrangheta deserter at the time of the Duisburg Germany massacre said that “the Germans have to realize that where there is pizza , there’s the Mafia“. According to the book “The Honoured Society” written by Petra Reski the Calabrian Mafia owns over 300 pizzerias across Germany. The Ndrangheta has become the most powerful crime group in Italy eclipsing the Sicilian Mafia mainly due to its control of major drug trades in Europe. They have now also become entrenched in Canada, Australia, and the United States and their power base continues to grow. Reports from Italian research groups claim that the annual drug profits for the Ndrangheta are now the equivalent of 3% of the Italian GDP.


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