Bonanno family capo Gerald Chilli gets 18 months for meetings with fellow wiseguys


Gerald “Jerry” Chilli has been sentenced to 18 months in prison for meeting with his fellow wiseguys which was a violation of his supervised release. The Bonanno family captain made a trip to New York last year and during his two week holiday season stay met with various mobsters on multiple occasions according to the feds. Federal Judge Sterling Johnson said these meetings were a serious violation of the post-prison restrictions that Chilli was strapped with and could not be taken lightly. Assistant U.S. attorney Nicole Argentieri pushed for the maximum punishment for the veteran gangster but the judge gave him six months less then the maximum as Chilli contritely promised he would remain in Florida from now on and never return to his old haunts in New York.


“Gerald Chilli”


Chilli’s lawyer argued that his meetings with some of his old mob friends last year were by accident and he just happened to run into them. But this clearly was not the case because as soon as he stepped off the plane he was met by John Lombardo a Bonanno family associate and then later after emerging from the terminal was greeted by Anthony “Fat Anthony” Rabito a powerful Bonanno family capo and one time family ruling panel member as the feds watched. Days later Chilli spent two hours at a Queens diner where he again met with Rabito and several other mobsters including the then Bonanno family acting boss Thomas “Tommy D” DiFiore. Then a day later Chilli once again met with DiFiore and an even larger group of Bonanno mobsters which included many of the families higher ups at Z2 Lounge for several hours. He capped off his wiseguy meet and greet on January 2 when he met with reputed Bonanno family soldier Joseph Sabella at Bella Mama’s Restaurant in Staten Island which is also the work place of family mobster John “Porky” Zancocchio the ex-son-in-law of powerful captain and one time family consigliere Anthony “TG” Graziano.

The 78 year old mobster won’t have to worry about any wiseguy meet and greets this Christmas season. But if there is a silver lining to his latest prison sentence once he is officially released he will no longer have any supervised release restrictions and will be able to attend anykind of get-togethers he wants.


Whitey Bulger Trial Begins


The jury process has now been completed and opening statements are set to begin today in the trial of reputed Winger Hill Gang leader James “Whitey” Bulger. The jury is made up of 18 people and contains 11 men and 7 women from eastern Massachusetts. Bulgers fate will be decided by 12 of these jurors with the remaining 6 being alternates. Prosecutors plan to prove that Bulger was the boss of the Winger Hill Gang and participated in as many as 19 murders from the 1970’s to the 1980’s. The Bulger trial is expected to last several months and end sometime in September. Prosecutors have a mountain of evidence along with testimony from cooperating witnesses which they believe is enough to convict the South Boston mobster.


James “Whitey” Bulger

Bulger’s attorney J.W. Carney argued on Tuesday for a delay in the opening statements during a heated debate. Carney also argued a delay was needed for documents that could prove Massachusetts State Police have shielded John Martorano a Bulger cohort set to testify against him from prosecution for alleged crimes he committed since he was released from prison in 2007. But judge Casper was not impressed with the arguments made by Carney and denied his motion allowing the trial to begin today.



Montreal Mafia targeted in major drug bust


At Least twenty five people were swept up by police in and around Montreal as part of operation argot a drug bust targeting members of the Montreal mafia. According to reports many of people arrested were associates of Raynald Desjardins alleged Montreal mobster and former right hand man of Montreal mob boss Vito Rizzuto. The operation targeted cocaine and marijuana distribution rings that were allegedly headed by Desjardins and operated out of Italian cafes in St. Leonard. Montreal police Sgt. Jean-Bruno Latour said that as of now the arrest were mainly Italian mobsters but there could be other gangs and organizations possibly involved as things unfold.



“Raynald Desjardins (center)”



Desjardins allegedly was also head of a breakaway faction of the Montreal mafia that attempted to take control from Rizzuto crime family boss Vito Rizzuto in a ongoing bloody mob war. He was charged with ordering the 2011 murder of one time Bonanno crime family boss Salvatore “Sal the Ironworker” Montagna and is in jail awaiting trial. Many mob insiders believe Montagna was killed after his alleged alliance with the Desjardins faction fell apart. The Rizzuto clan is part of the Sicilian Mafia and it is believed by some that the Desjardins faction was backed by the Calabrian Mafia also known as the Ndrangheta in an attempt to take control over the lucrative Montreal drug trade.


Local Montreal street gangs are believed to have been enlisted to carry out mob hits on behalf of rival Montreal mafia factions as the bloody Montreal mafia war continues. Four men believed to be associated with the Bo-Gars street gang were arrested last week for the murder of Desjardins associate Gaetan Gosselin. Many believe that these attacks on people close to Desjardins and the rival faction are retaliation from the Rizzuto crime family as Vito Rizzuto regains control of the Montreal underworld.



Detroit Mafia soldier Joseph Ruggirello passes away as mob family quietly motors on


Reputed Detroit Mafia soldier Joseph “Jo Jo” Ruggirello passed away from diabetic related illness at the age of 82. The Ruggirello family has deep family roots tied to the Detroit crime family as his father Antonio “Big Tony” Ruggirello longtime driver and bodyguard of one time Detroit mob boss William “Black Bill” Tocco and brothers Antonino “Tony the Exterminator” Ruggirello Jr current administrator/advisor for the Detroit family, Antonio “Toto” Ruggirello current member, and Luigi “Louie the Bulldog” Ruggirello former capo now deceased. The Ruggirello brothers controlled some non-Italian area’s of Michigan mainly Ann Arbor and Flint on behalf of the Detroit mob and ran multiple mob style rackets. The Detroit Mafia family has been able to stay a very low key organization over the years and avoid deep infiltration by the feds and any major media attention.


“Joseph Ruggirello”


But many wonder how long the mob family also known as the Detroit Partnership can remain a viable family as they have lost valuable members over last couple of years. Ruggirello’s death is one of many over the last couple of years that included Vito “Billy Jack” Giacalone (former capo), Anthony “Fat Tony” Giacalone Jr (former capo), Anthony “Tony T” Tocco (former capo), and Frank “Frankie the Chink” Versaci (former soldier and major earner). But the Detroit family still has a intact administration led by acting boss Jack “Jackie the Kid” Giacalone who has take the reins of the family as former aging boss Jack Tocco is now semi retired. So much like mob families in New England and Philadelphia the Detroit family has taken its hits but continues to operate even if they have shown some decline in power over the years.



Ndrangheta Mafia Clan Boss Pesce Surrenders


The decimation of the Rosarno Clan of the Ndrangheta or Calabrian Mafia by Italian authorities continued with the surrender of acting boss Giuseppe Pesce. After being on the run for the last three years Pesce accompanied by lawyers turned himself in to authorities telling his defense lawyers “Enough, Im tired of running” asking them to take him in. The Rosarno clan is one of the most notorious clans within the wealthy and powerful Ndrangheta crime syndicate rooted in Italy’s Calabrian region. Giuseppe Pesce was sentenced to 16 years in prison for mafia association charges as one of 42 convictions from a maxi-trial held in palmi and now faces trail for more mafia related crimes. Pesce now faces a possible life sentence for his part in running the mafia clan.



“Giuseppe Pesce”

Authorities in Reggio Calabria believe the younger Pesce was given the task of running the Rosarno clan from his older brother Francesco Pesce from prison. Giuseppe was the only male member of the family on the streets at the time so he was in line to take control. The Rosarno clan has been hit hard by a long series of arrests of many of its members including top leaders mostly due to mafia informer Giuseppina Pesce a cousin of Francesco and Giuseppe. The recent arrest of Domenico Sibio an alleged top lieutenant of Pesce’s who was believed to be handling his hiding arrangements and Pesce’s wife Ilenia Bellocco who was believed to be facilitating contact between Pesce and his conspirators were key to smoking out the mob boss according to authorities.