Colombo Family mobster Rizzo gets off easy

  Nicky Rizzo has been sentenced to six months in a medical facility on loan sharking and extortion charges from 2011. Now 86 the aging Colombo family mobster listed an string of medical ailments before he was sentenced including prostate and bladder cancer, anxiety and depression in hopes of getting a lighter sentence. It did [...]

Colombo mobster Guerra gets 14 years on drug charges after avoiding murder rap

  Francis “BF” Guerra a long time associate of the Colombo crime family was sentenced to 14 years in prison on a drug conviction. Authorities claimed he fraudulently obtaining and selling the prescription drug Oxycontin after an investigation back in 2010-2011. Guerra was recently acquitted by a jury of two mob hits but U.S. District [...]

Lucchese mobster Nicky Scarfo awaits trial as wife and cousin plead guilty to FirstPlus Scam

  Nicodemo Scarfo Jr the son of former Philadelphia mafia boss Nicodemo “Little Nicky” Scarfo is headed to trial in October but his wife and cousin are not as they have pleaded guilty for their parts in th FirstPlus Financial scheme. Nicky Jr was part of a scam that attempted to siphon over $12 million [...]

Colombo Family Consigliere Fusco Passes Away

  Richard “Richie Nerves” Fusco the reputed consigliere of the Colombo crime family has passed away at the age of 77. Fusco had just completed serving a four month stint in prison after copping a plea to extortion charges that could of netted him up to two years but got a lighter sentence due mostly [...]

Feds ready to try again to nail Philly mobsters Ligambi and Borgesi

  The feds hope that a different jury in the same case against Philadelphia mobsters will lead to a different result. The retrial of reputed Philadelphia mafia boss Joseph “Uncle Joe” Ligambi and his nephew and fellow mobster George Borgesi is set to begin on October 15 and is expected to last anywhere from six [...]

Mafia assassin caught on camera runs out of bullets during attempted mob hit

  Michele Morelli an alleged mafia hit man for the Sacra Corona Unita was caught on camera seemingly running out of bullets as he attempts to finish off a mob hit. The Sacra Corona Unita or Puglian Mafia is a often lesser known Italian mafia organization as its size and power is not as sizeable [...]

Detroit Mafia quietly moving into new era

  The Detroit mafia also known as the Detroit partnership has always been a very low key La Cosa Nostra family avoiding much of the media attention attached to other families in cities like New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago. With much of its membership and hierarchy having family ties the Detroit mob family has been [...]

Ndrangheta boss Bruzzese captured in Canada faces deportation

  Reputed Ndrangheta or Calabrian mafia leader Carmelo Bruzzese captured in Toronto is now facing deportation back to Italy. Italian authorities raided the home of Bruzzese in Italy locating a sophisticated secret bunker containing water , food, and a air filtration system but the mobster was no where to be found. He had fled to [...]

Genovese family controlled New Jersey based illegal sports betting ring busted

  An illegal sports betting ring in New Jersey allegedly run by the Genovese crime family that took in an alleged $1 million dollars of wager per week has been busted up. FBI and local law enforcement agencies combined on the eight month long investigation dubbed “Operation Strikeout” focusing on what they called traditional organized [...]

Six Sicilian Mafia Bosses To Be Set Free

  An appeals court in Palermo has released six senior Sicilian mafia leaders that were once top deputies for Bernardo Provenzano. All once loyal lieutenants of the infamous Provenzano they were all convicted in the Gotha trial and sentenced to each 10 years in prison. But an appeals court judge decided that a penalty based [...]