Bonanno Captain DeFilippo dies in prison

  Long time Bonanno crime family captain Patrick DeFilippo has passed away in federal prison at the age of 74 according to Bureau of Prisons reports. He was reported to have suffered from arteriosclerosis and after having congestive heart failure was fitted with a pacemaker. It was also reported back in 2012 that he had [...]

Jailed Colombo mobster Gioeli claims dead underboss ordered Dols murder not Cacace

  Former Colombo crime family acting boss Thomas “Tommy Shots” Gioeli claims feds are trying to frame fellow mobster Joel “Joe Waverly” Cacace with murder of NYPD cop Ralph Dols. Cacace is currently on trial for ordering Colombo family underlings to kill Dols. Tommy Shots isn’t defending Cacace from the witness stand but instead on [...]

Mafia rats hit the stand to testify against former Colombo consigliere Joel Cacace

  Prosecutors are out to prove that Joel “Joe Waverly” Cacace the former consigliere for the Colombo crime family ordered the killing of NYPD cop Ralph Dols. Dols was shot to death outside his home in 1997 by a Colombo family hit squad. Prosecutors claim Cacace ordered Dols death because he had married the mobsters [...]

Colombo family capo Teddy Persico Sr back on streets

  Theodore “Teddy” Persico Sr a long time Colombo crime family capo and brother of imprisoned for life Colombo boss Carmine “Junior” Persico is back on the streets after serving the last 22 years in prison. He was arrested back in 1993 outside St Patrick’s Cathedral on Palm Sunday at a meeting of Persico faction [...]

Connecticut based Gambino Family mobsters sentenced

  Richard Uva and Victor Amereno both alleged members of the Gambino crime family have been sentenced for their parts in a large scale illegal gambling operation in Connecticut. Uva was said to be the second in command to Dean DePreta the head of the Gambino family operations in Connecticut according to assistant U.S. Attorney [...]

Lucchese family gambling bust in New Jersey finally moving forward

  New Jersey is finally turning up the heat on a racketeering case against the Lucchese crime family of the New York mafia. In may of 2010 thirty four members and associates of the Lucchese family were indicted for racketeering with charges of gambling and money laundering topping the list. Among the arrested were Lucchese [...]

Colombo capo turned rat Anthony Russo cashes in for his cooperation

  Anthony Russo a former capo in the Colombo crime family who turned on his fellow mobsters hoped his cooperation would buy his freedom. Wednesday he was rewarded with just that as he was sentenced to time served and released into the witness protection program. He served 53 months in prison before being sentenced Wednesday [...]

Colombo family mobster Scopo beats rap by passing away

  Ralph Scopo Jr a soldier in the Colombo crime family has passed away at the age of 63 from heart and liver failure. Scopo was among those arrested by the feds in the historic take down against the New York Mafia in January of 2011. His trial had been delayed for past two years [...]

Colombo family capo turned rat Russo to be rewarded for his cooperation

  Anthony “Big Anthony” Russo former captain in the Colombo crime family turned rat is hoping to be rewarded for his cooperation. According to Brooklyn federal court documents federal prosecutors are looking to do just that asking for leniency for the former mobster at his upcoming sentencing. Prosecutors say that Russo supplied them with information [...]

Mobster wanted to whack Johnny Carson according to new book

  According to a new Johnny Carson biography the TV icon had a run in with the New York Mafia. Carson in 1970 was having drinks at Jilly’s Saloon Frank Sinatra’s favorite bar in Manhattan when he tried to pick up an attractive young lady. There was only one problem this young lady was not [...]