Bonanno Captain DeFilippo dies in prison


Long time Bonanno crime family captain Patrick DeFilippo has passed away in federal prison at the age of 74 according to Bureau of Prisons reports. He was reported to have suffered from arteriosclerosis and after having congestive heart failure was fitted with a pacemaker. It was also reported back in 2012 that he had once died in a prison hospital but was brought back by medical intervention and since suffered from fainting spells. DeFilippo was convicted back in 2006 of racketeering conspiracy among other charges and was serving a 40 year sentence which has now amounted to a life sentence. DeFilippo was on trial then with former Bonanno family boss Vincent Basciano who he brought into the crime family years before and who at one point wanted to kill while they were both out on streets him according to federal prosecutors.


“Patrick DeFilippo”


DeFilippo has long held ties to the Bonanno family starting with his father who was a close friend of late Joseph Bonanno. According to prosecutors DeFilippo helped run the crime families Bronx based illegal gambling operations for years. Former Bonanno underboss turned rat Sal Vitale testified that DeFilippo was on a list of Bonanno capo’s who had to make ten percent payments from Joker Poker profits up to then mob boss Joseph Massino. DeFilippo also known as “Patty from the Bronx” is yet another of the few remaining old school mobsters left in the New York mafia to have been taken off streets either by feds or death. Funeral and burial information for DeFilippo are not yet known.


Jailed Colombo mobster Gioeli claims dead underboss ordered Dols murder not Cacace


Former Colombo crime family acting boss Thomas “Tommy Shots” Gioeli claims feds are trying to frame fellow mobster Joel “Joe Waverly” Cacace with murder of NYPD cop Ralph Dols. Cacace is currently on trial for ordering Colombo family underlings to kill Dols. Tommy Shots isn’t defending Cacace from the witness stand but instead on his blog that he writes from prison. Gioeli was himself charged in the Dols murder but was found not guilty in a previous trial. He now claims Colombo mobsters Dino Calabro and Joe Competiello killed Dols on orders from former and now deceased Colombo underboss Bill “Wild Bill” Cutolo. Both Calabro and Competiello are mob rats that have testified at the trials of Gioeli and now Cacace.


“Thomas Gioeli”


Gioeli claims that the Dols murder was connected to Cutolo’s illegal businesses he was running with help of some bad cops which included dealing of drugs and steriods. After Dols was killed Gioeli said he began to hear rumors involving Dols these bad cops , Russians, steriods and more leading him to surmise that Dols hit had something to do with Cutolo. Tommy Shots says after his arrest that some cops from NYPD supplied some credible evidence that it was Cutolo who ordered the hit on Dols. Gioeli said by time this evidence was brought forward he had already known it was true and that it was Calabro and Competillo that killed Cutolo.

He claims they killed Cutolo to protect themselves as they believed he may become a government informant and could implicate them in Dols murder. It was believed Cutolo was the target of a major FBI mafia investigation and if he was convicted would turn rat because he had become too rich and soft to do a serious prison term. Gioeli said Calabro was scared that Cutolo would save his own self by handing over him and Competiello as cop killers to feds. Cutolo was just another loose end for Calabro and they killed him on the sneak says Gioeli.


Mafia rats hit the stand to testify against former Colombo consigliere Joel Cacace


Prosecutors are out to prove that Joel “Joe Waverly” Cacace the former consigliere for the Colombo crime family ordered the killing of NYPD cop Ralph Dols. Dols was shot to death outside his home in 1997 by a Colombo family hit squad. Prosecutors claim Cacace ordered Dols death because he had married the mobsters ex-wife Kim Kennaugh which Cacace seens as am embarrassment. Cacace was a ruthless force with in the Colombo family and when he gave an order it was carried out without question said prosecutor Sam Nitze. Nitze said of the mobster who carried out the brutal mob hit that an order from Cacace was one they had no choice but to follow. Nitze said that the defendant may not have pulled the trigger himself but he is to be held responsible since he gave the order.


“Joel Cacace”


The prosecution has lined up an array of former mobsters turned rat to take the stand against Cacace. Among them are Dino Calabro who admitted to his role in the Dols killing and Joseph Competiello who was also involved in the murder. Former Bonanno family underboss now in the witness protection program Salvatore “Good Looking Sal” Vitale also was called to testify about the basic’s of mob activity. Colombo mobsters Dino Saracino and Tommy Gioeli were also charged in the Dols murder but were acquitted last year. Attorney Susan Kellman claims there is no evidence to link her client Cacace to the Dols murder and prosecutors are hoping that he is found guilty solely because he is associated to organized crime. Kellman called the witnesses being called by prosecutors animals , maniacs, and soulless killers looking to save themselves by lying about her client.

Cacace is facing an additional 10 years in prison for his part in the 1987 murder of mafia prosecutor William Aronwald. It is believed that Cacace on order from Carmine Persico helped set up the hit on Aronwald but it was botched and his elderly father was killed instead. Cacace then had fellow mobster Eddie Carnini killed because of the botched slaying and shacked up with Carnini’s widow Kennaugh.


Colombo family capo Teddy Persico Sr back on streets


Theodore “Teddy” Persico Sr a long time Colombo crime family capo and brother of imprisoned for life Colombo boss Carmine “Junior” Persico is back on the streets after serving the last 22 years in prison. He was arrested back in 1993 outside St Patrick’s Cathedral on Palm Sunday at a meeting of Persico faction mobsters. He was a point man for the Persico faction during a bloody Colombo family mafia war against a rival faction led by Victor “Little Vic” Orena that lasted about two years. Teddy Sr was convicted in 1994 for racketeering and murder conspiracy. Prosecutors claimed he was involved in a number of murder plots against the Orena faction but was not implicated in any of the 12 murders that took place during the mafia war from 1991-1993. Teddy Sr spent the last six years of his prison sentence in a prison hospital due to undisclosed ailments before being released and spending two months in a Brooklyn half way house.

A law enforcement source confirmed they would be keeping an eye on Theodore who after doing his time now has more respect then ever. Being the only Persico currently out on the streets he could be called upon to get the Colombo family back on track as he once was part of a Colombo family ruling panel. His son and Colombo family mobster Theodore “Skinny Teddy” Persico recently agreed to a plea deal is slated to be sentenced to 12 years in prison. But others believe that the Persico’s power with in the Colombo family is slowly coming to an end and that Teddy Sr is not looking for any trouble and has been keeping to himself and staying close to home in Valley Stream since he has been back on the streets. Whether Carmine will look for his brother to step in and re-establish control is still unknown but one thing is for sure the Colombo crime family has plenty of leadership openings.


Connecticut based Gambino Family mobsters sentenced


Richard Uva and Victor Amereno both alleged members of the Gambino crime family have been sentenced for their parts in a large scale illegal gambling operation in Connecticut. Uva was said to be the second in command to Dean DePreta the head of the Gambino family operations in Connecticut according to assistant U.S. Attorney Hal Chen. Uva helped supervise a network of bookmakers for a large scale sports bookmaking operation along with illegal card playing clubs in the area. According to the FBI the illegal sports betting operation brought in a total revenue of approximately $1.7 million dollars from mid 2010 to June of 2011. Uva also admitted to being involved in an extortion scheme where he collected tribute payments on behalf of the Gambino family and New York mafia from local independent bookmakers in Connecticut.



There were twenty people in total charged in connection with the illegal bookmaking operation and 18 defendants have pleaded guilty so far and agreed to forfeit almost $1.4 million dollars. Uva was sentenced to 3 years and 10 months in prison with 3 more years of probation following his release and has to forfeit $250,000. Amereno was sentenced to six months in prison and three years of probation and has to forfeit $15,000. Earlier this month ring leader DePreta was sentenced to 71 months in prison.