Bonanno capo Cantarella and kin to get free pass after snitching on Bonannos

  Former Bonanno crime family captain Richard “Shellackhead” Cantarella along with his wife Castelli and son Paul are set to be sentenced on a host of crimes but are likely to get a free pass in return for their cooperation. The trio decided to become turncoats and help the feds to dismantle the Bonanno family [...]

Genovese family soldiers plead guilty to extortion charges

  Three mobsters in the Genovese crime family pleaded guilty to extortion charges in a scheme to try to control part of the New York and New Jersey garbage collection industry. Joseph Sarcinella, Dominick Pietranico, and William Cali were arrested along with alleged mafia members for racketeering and other charges back in January. The mob [...]

Gambino soldier Sclafani sentenced to 15 years

  Joseph Sclafani a reputed soldier in the Gambino crime family has been sentenced to 15 years in prison on drug charges. Sclafani was arrested in 2011 and later pleaded guilty to distributing cocaine he obtained from mob associate Neil Lombardo. Law enforcement officials claimed that Lombardo was running the drug operation by shipping the [...]

Gambino family installs up front capo panel to insulate leaders as they rebuild ranks

  The Gambino crime family has begun using a new wrinkle to help insulate alleged boss Domenico “Italian Dom” Cefalu and underboss Frank Cali according to sources. A up front panel of top family captains has been installed to act as the families “street boss” and handle dealings between other family capos and soldiers. This [...]

Gambino associate and Connecticut gambling ring leader Uva pleads guilty

  Richard Uva agreed to a plea-bargain for his part in a gambling ring linked to the Gambino crime family. Federal prosecutors said that Uva was the “chief operation officer” for the multi-million dollar mafia controlled gambling operation. It included an offshore internet gambling site, street bookies, and high stakes card games run in Stamford [...]

Former Colombo Family street boss Cacace claims crime family is too weak to tamper with jury

  Joel “Joe Waverly” Cacace the former street boss of the Colombo Crime Family is going to trial on charges that he conspired to kill NYPD officer Ralph Dols back in 1987. Cacace is currently in prison on a previous murder conviction until 2020 but faces a lengthy extension if convicted in the Dols case [...]

Bonanno family capo Gerald Chilli gets 18 months for meetings with fellow wiseguys

  Gerald “Jerry” Chilli has been sentenced to 18 months in prison for meeting with his fellow wiseguys which was a violation of his supervised release. The Bonanno family captain made a trip to New York last year and during his two week holiday season stay met with various mobsters on multiple occasions according to [...]

Gambino Mobster Franky Boy Cali Say Fuhgeddaboudit To Top Spot

  Rumors have been floating around over last couple months that mobster Francesco “Frank Boy” Cali was the choice to become the next boss of the Gambino crime family. He is currently the reputed underboss of the Gambino family and unidentified sources claimed that current boss Domenico Cefalu was ready to step down and allow [...]

Bonanno Boss Turned Rat Joseph Massino To Go Free

  Joseph Massino the former boss of the Bonanno crime family and first active boss of a New York mafia family to turn rat is set to be released from prison as a reward for his cooperation. A Brooklyn federal court judge today ruled that Massino’s life sentence would be reduced to time served and [...]

Bonanno Family Crew Run By Nicky Santora Busted

  Prosecutors in Manhattan announced a major indictment against the Bonanno crime family in New York. The indictment on enterprise corruption includes charges against nine members and associates of the Bonanno family including alleged underboss Nicholas “Nicky Mouth” Santora. Along with the mobsters two leaders of the Teamsters Local 917 president Nicholas Bernhard and shop [...]