Montreal mafia continues Vito Rizzutos revenge with Ducarme Joseph hit ?

Ducarme Joseph was found shot to death on the streets of Montreal hit several times in the upper body. Joseph was the founder of the Montreal street gang called the 67s street gang and was considered by police to be the most influential and powerful street gang leader in the city with a long criminal record. The 46 year old street gang leader was believed by many including authorities to be the get away car driver in the murder of Nick Rizzuto Jr the son of former Montreal mafia boss Vito Rizzuto. Nick was killed back in 2009 near the offices of Antonio Magi who was also believed to be involved in the hit.


ducarme joseph

“Ducarme Joseph”


Vito Rizzuto died in the middle of an array of mob related murders which many believed to be his revenge for the murders of his father Nicolo and son Nick Jr along with the attack on his crime family by a rival faction possibly backed by the Ndrangheta. The latest hit on Joseph may very well be the new leaders of the mafia in Montreal showing their loyalty and finishing the vengeance of their deceased mob boss.


The bloody Montreal mafia war that began with the failed attempt to destroy the Rizzuto crime family while Vito was doing a prison stint in the U.S. has continued to see the body count rise. It is still yet unknown if the hit on Joseph was indeed carried out or authorized by the new mob leaders but the tracks of vengeace are definitely one of the authorities top leads.

Toronto Mafia boss Jimmy DeMaria has parole revoked

Vincenzo “Jimmy” Demaria a reputed Toronto mafia boss had his parole yanked and he has been returned to custody for meeting with known underworld members. Under his parole conditions he was not allowed to associate with any known criminals but police surveillance captured him meeting on multiple occassions with members of a traditional organized crime group.

According to authorities in a 2010 report DeMaria is one of the leading GTA bosses of the Calabrian mafia also known as the Ndrangheta. He has been on parole for the past quarter century after a 1982 murder conviction over an alleged drug debt.



“Vincenzo DeMaria”


Recently he was also considered to be a GTA enemy of the Rizzuto crime family and now diceased Montreal mafia boss Vito Rizzuto. He was arrested in similar parole violations back in 2009 when he was caught associating with known members of the Ndrangheta. With the recent Montreal mafia war dragging on and seemingly finding its way to GTA mob territory it may end up being what keeps him safe.

Mob sources say it is possible that he may been a part of a hit list as members of what remains of the Sicilian based Rizzuto family strike back after the failed take over by a possible Ndrangheta backed faction.

Ndrangheta boss Carmelo Bruzzese no show at deportation hearing in Canada


Carmelo Bruzzese was a no show at a hearing of Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board to determine whether or not the alleged Ndrangheta or Calabrian mafia boss will be shipped back to Italy where he is wanted on charges of mafia association. The mobster refused to leave his cell to attend the hearing because he was unhappy with security measures being taken. The hearing was to be held in a secure room away from witnesses and observers and police security was to be used to transport Bruzzese. His lawyer said they were uncomfortable with the heavy security being used because it was a trick to make the defendant seem like more of a dangerous person and security threat and that neither her or her client would attend under those conditions.


“Carmelo Bruzzese”


Perhaps the security measures being used are very warranted because of the unrest in the criminal underworld in Canada at the moment. The backlash continues from a mafia war between the Rizzuto crime family in Montreal and a break away faction believed to be backed by the Ndrangheta over control of the drug trade. The Montreal mafia war did not end with the death of Vito Rizzuto as many predicted and the violence has continued. It is still unclear if the recent violence is revenge for the attempted take over by the remaining elements of the Rizzuto family or a power struggle between factions looking to fill the leadership void.

According to police Bruzzese was a close associate of Carmine Verducci also an alleged member of the Calabrian mafia as well as an associate of the New York based Gambino crime family. Verducci was gunned down in April in a mob hit in the ongoing mafia war and it is believed other Ndrangheta members could be targets. Italian authorities claim Bruzzese is a high ranking mafia member and has been caught on wiretaps having conversations with top mob leaders in Italy and Canada. This could be the obvious reason for the added security being used by Canadian authorities and perhaps Bruzzese should not be opposed to it so quickly.


Montreal Mafia War hits Ontario mob power base


Carmine Verduci was shot in the head in Woodbridge outside of a cafe often frequented by members of the Ndrangheta or Calabrian Mafia in a violent daytime mob hit. Many mob and law enforcement sources believe the murder to be a significant move by the Montreal Mafia and a symbolic maneuver signaling the bloody Montreal Mafia War is not over. It is believed the hit is a sign that the vandetta of Vito Rizzuto against his enemies which attempted a coup to take over the Montreal mafia and murdered members of his family including his son and father did not end with his death last December. Mafia insiders believe the Verduci hit is another signal of the Sicilian Mafia faction from Montreal striking back at the Calabrian Mafia faction from Ontario which is believed to have backed the attempted take over of the Sicilian Rizzuto Crime Family.


“Carmine Verduci murder scene”


Woodbridge is a city in which Ndrangheta members feels safe as its considered to be their home territory and power base so a hit with in the city such as this could mean on one is safe according to police sources. Mob sources claim Verduci wasn’t a Ndrangheta leader but he was a very significant player with in the Calabrian Mafia and led his own crew. Verduci was believed to be a central link and messenger between Ndrangheta clans in Canada and Italy with high level contacts. He was a central figure who was known to be able to get things done which made him a high profile target for the Montreal mafia attack.

Police sources say a hit such as this right in the heart of the Ontario mob’s strong hold in Canada is like putting it in their faces that accounts are not yet settled. Last July Calabrian mafia assassin Salvatore “Sam” Calautti was found murdered in Woodbridge and police sources believe that hit was also the Montreal mob venturing into the Ontario heart land. With the murder of Verduci being a much more high level target police believe the mafia hits may continue with a pattern of the next targets being of even higher status.

When the war started in Montreal against the Rizzuto family it began with attacks on lower level members slowly moving to the hierarchy of the family. It seems now the same thing may be happening in Ontario according to police sources. Many people in and around the mob including law enforcement wondered what would happen after Vito Rizzuto’s death and the Verduci hit seems to be a clear message that the war is not over yet. A police source said that there are now going to be a lot of nervous people.


Ndrangheta mobster Carmine Verduci gunned down in Canada


Carmine Verduci an alleged member of the Ndrangheta or Calabrian Mafia was found shot to death in a possible mafia hit outside of a cafe near Toronto. Police say he was shot several times outside of Regina Sports Cafe an area that many people claim is often frequented by organized crime figures. Verduci is considered by many mafia insiders to be an important mob figure in the Greater Toronto Area and a member of the Siderno group of the Ndrangheta. It is still unclear as to the motive behind the murder of Verduci but several theories are being investigated by local authorities. Some believe the hit could of been an internal move by the Ndrangheta or possibly another hit in the bloody Montreal mafia war between the Sicilian mafia faction and the Calabrians.


“Carmine Verduci”


Back in 2008 Verduci was noticed by Italian authorities attending a mob meeting of the Ndrangheta in Italy. The presence of a Canadian was of interest to law enforcement and they put him under surveillance including following him and cell phone taps. This lead to a two year probe code named “Operazione Crimini” linking 40 people which were Canadian citizens or residents of Canada. In 2010 Italian prosecutors launched sweeping indictments on several of the 40 people involved and alleged that information from probe unveiled seven dominate mafia families in the Toronto area. It also exposed that each family had a boss which sat on a board of control and the identity of these bosses were made public for first time.

Perhaps that is the reason for his murder now and he finally had to pay for his slip up then. Others believe it could be another mob hit in the mafia war between the Sicilian faction and the Calabrian faction in Canada which began with an assault of the once dominate Rizzuto crime family and long time mafia don Vito Rizzuto. The murder of such a well connected and influential mobster with in the Ndrangheta in Canada could be a sign that the Sicilian faction has reorganized and is sending a message. A police source says he believed his position inside of the Calabrian mafia in Toronto would of made him an attractive target for Silicilan mobsters in Montreal looking to make a stand.

Many people were hoping for and believed there would be peace after the passing of Vito Rizzuto with the Montreal mafia war coming to an end. Now this latest seemingly mafia related hit could make that hope unlikely.