Montreal Mobster Raynald Desjardins pleads guilty to murder conspiracy


Raynald Desjardins has plead guilty to conspiracy to murder former mobster Salvatore Montagna during the bloody Montreal mafia war. Desjardins was once a close associate of longtime Montreal Mafia boss Vito Rizzuto until he became part of an alliance which included Montagna that tried to overthrow the Rizzuto crime family while Vito was in prison. A conflict developed with in that rival alliance back in 2011 which lead to Montagna being murdered.


raynald desjardins

Raynald Desjardins


Montagna was the former acting boss of the Bonanno crime family of the New York Mafia who was deported back to Canada where he was born because of criminal activity. The bloody Montreal mafia war begins shortly after his deportation in 2010 with a series of hits against the hierarchy of the Rizzuto Family. A rift developed with in the rival faction and Desjardins barely survives an attempted mob hit in September of 2011 which he believes was engineered by Montagna. The former NY mobster is assassinated in November of 2011 in Vaudry Island, Charlemagne at age of 40.


salvatore montagna

Salvatore Montagna


Raynald is later charged with the murder along with five other defendants who are arrested a week after him in December of 2011 with two more arrest which followed in 2013. Authorities were able to decrypt messages sent via Blackberry by Raynald and other members of the fractured Montreal mob faction linking him to the murder and ongoing plans to attack other clan members loyal to Montagna.

This plea to a lesser charge of conspiracy to murder will help Raynald avoid what was expected to be a long drawn out first degree murder trial. A sentencing hearing has been set for December 21st 2015 where Desjardins is still believed to be facing life in prison. The remaining co-defendants in the case are set to go to trial in January.

Montreal Mafia on cusp of a new power struggle


Montreal mafia has seemingly moved past the bloody war which resulted from an attack by a rival faction on the Rizzuto crime family. The death of former Montreal mob boss Vito Rizzuto has led to a new leadership table headed by Stefano Sollecito atop the crime family ranks. But according to sources this new leadership could be challenged soon and perhaps a new power struggle will develop inside the Montreal mob.


Stefano Sollecito

Stefano Sollecito


Francesco Arcadi a former interim leader in the Rizzuto family and two of his top lieutenants Lorenzo Giordano and Francesco Del Balso plan to regain control once released from prison sources confirm. Back in 2004 Arcadi was named “street boss” of the family after boss Vito Rizzuto was sent to prison in the United States. But the 61 year old mobster was indicted in 2006 during “Operation Colisee” along with both lieutenants.


Francesco Arcadi

Francesco Arcadi during his 2006 arrest in Operation Colisee


According to sources the trio have already sent indications to the new Montreal mafia management that they intend to regain control of the mafia in Montreal. Arcadi is known as having a less then subtle style and doesn’t always have unanimity within the mob , so if he intends to take back control there is likely to be sparks. This trio are set to be released from prison between December of this year and February of next year. Their release could very well trigger a new internal Montreal mafia war.

Murder of Bonanno mobster Salvatore Montagna indication of dwindling New York Mafia influence in Canada


Rizzuto crime family the dominate force of the Montreal mafia over several years now was once considered a branch of the powerful Bonanno crime family of the New York Mafia. The Rizzuto family paid tribute to the Bonnao family in New York for years until the killing of Montreal mobster Gerlando Sciascia in New York ordered by then boss Joseph Massino in 1999. Sciascia held rank of capo in the Bonanno family and was killed because of internal beef with Massino who felt he was challenging his authority and overly supporting Montreal boss Vito Rizzuto. The Rizzuto family viewed the killing of one of their own as betrayal and its believed they broke away from any major connections to the New York mob refusing to pay any more tribute after the incident.


salvatore montagna

Salvatore Montagna


Salvatore “Sal the Ironworker” Montagna the former acting boss of the Bonanno family returned to Montreal from New York back in 2009 on an extradition order. Upon his return he tried to use his standing as an acting boss of a New York mafia family as weight attempting for form an alliance to take over control of the Montreal mafia. But his attempt and murder now shines as an example of how not to do things in Canada and how the mob there now does their own business. Its reported that his stature in NY held no sway with mobsters there and he was isolated for most part through out his stay and often mocked and laughed at behind his back.

Montagna seems to have tried to form an alliance with anti-Rizzuto factions and Ndrangheta clans of the Calabrian Mafia in an attempt to over throw the Sicilian backed Rizzuto’s. But his lack of respect and pull lead to him being murdered on orders of former Rizzuto mobster and partner Raynald Desjardens after he attempted to double cross Desjardens in a failed hit. Sal the Ironworker was born in Montreal but left as a kid for Sicily and then New York and never really had any roots there so was looked at as an outsider from America when he returned. It was also reported that his funeral was attended by family and friends but had no significant mafia presence a direct showing of disrespect in mob circles.

Many still debate as to the influence the Bonanno family still has over the Rizzuto family and the connections of the mafia in New York to the Canadian mob families. The Montagna murder along with other events would seem to strengthen reports that the Rizzuto family no longer has dominate ties to the Bonanno’s and the mafia in New York. The Gambino crime family reportedly has ties to mobsters in Toronto and possibly Montreal currently but also does not play a dominate role in the region.

Even after the death of long time powerful mob leader Vito Rizzuto the Rizzuto family remains the power in the Montreal underworld with new leaders now in place.


Business or Blood: Mafia Boss Vito Rizzuto’s Last War Released


A new book by veteran mafia writers Antonio Nicaso and Peter Edwards called Business or Blood: Mafia Boss Vito Rizzuto’s Last War has been released . The book details the final years of former Montreal mafia boss Vito Rizzuto and the bloody mafia war he waged to avenge the death of his father and son and attempted take over of his mob family. Vito lost not only his father and son but other close relatives and mob lieutenants while he sat in a Colorado prison convicted for his role in a mafia hit.



Business or Blood: Mafia Boss Vito Rizzuto’s Last War is chronicles the events leading to his imprisonment back in 2006 to his shocking death in 2013 its being called the final chapter of the Vito Rizzuto Story. Could possibly be one of the best reads of the 2015 mafia books released so far and offers a seldom seen look into the Montreal mafia and the Rizzuto crime family.


Business or Blood Vito Rizzuto

Vito Rizzuto: Montreal Mafia bosses final deal and video footage


Vito Rizzuto was caught by security camera’s as he strolled through a casino in the Dominican Republic on August 14, 2013 just 131 days before he passed away back in Montreal. The long time boss of the Rizzuto Crime family of the Montreal mafia was believed to have been in the Dominican on business and perhaps his last deal before his death. Vito would pass away in the midst of a revenge plot against mob rivals who had earlier attempted to take over the Montreal underworld leading to the ongoing bloody Montreal mafia war.


vito rizzuto in dominican 2013

Vito Rizzuto  Dominican Republic 2013



Authorities believe that Vito and the Rizzuto crime family were attempting to muscle their way into control of the Dominican Republic casino’s through a company named Dream Group. The company has been a target of an ongoing investigation as to its business practices and links to organized crime including the mafia. Michael DeGroote one of Canad’a richest men was a main investor into the company and now finds himself caught up in a bitter conflict.


michael degroote

Michael DeGroote


The Rizzuto family has long held links to the Dominican Republic using it as a transit point for drug shipments to Montreal. Although authorities believe Mr. DeGroote had no previous knowledge of any organized crime links when investing almost $120 Million US dollars into the company others involved had previous links or organized crime according to reports from the investigation. According to the investigative reports Rizzuto was brought in by part owner Andrew Pajak in an attempt to take control from his partners Antonio and Francesco Carbone.


antonio and francesco carbone

Carbone Brothers


Rizzuto had a series of meetings down in the Dominican with Alexander Visser who has a long criminal history and Pajak according to sources quoted in the investigation. It is believed that these meetings were discussions on what would be done with the company and the Carbone brothers. Antonio Carbone says he was then called into a meeting in Toronto with Vito Rizzuto and Pajack and was told by Rizzuto to walk away or else.

But before plans could be carried out any further Vito would pass away from what was believed to be complications of lung cancer. It is believed this was the final deal in the criminal life of Vito Rizzuto and it is unknown as to any involvement the mafia in Montreal and Rizzuto family now has in the casino’s or other interest in the Dominican.