Montreal Mafia and new leaders going back into the shadows

  After a Mafia civil war that lasted almost five years and the death of longtime godfather Vito Rizzuto just a little over three months ago things have been quiet in and around Montreal. Since the passing of Vito Rizzuto from complications believed to be from lung cancer sources confirm no one now holds the [...]

Vito Rizzuto former Montreal Mafia boss secret wiretaps show a man of compromise

  Secret wiretap recordings recently heard by the Charbonneau Commission a Quebec corruption inquiry unveiled links between the Rizzuto crime family including its former deceased boss Vito Rizzuto and construction kingpin Tony Magi among others. Some of the conversations involve the transforming of a industrial building at 1000 de la Commune in Montreal into modern [...]

Rizzuto crime family era coming to an end as Montreal Mafia seeks new leader

  The reign of the Rizzuto crime family over the Montreal Mafia may be coming to an end as the Rizzuto’s have seen their ranks severely depleted over last few years. The death of its once all powerful boss Vito Rizzuto may have been the final step in the crime families fall from power. The [...]

Vito Rizzuto laid to rest

  Funeral services are being held today for former Montreal Mafia boss Vito Rizzuto in Little Italy at Notre-Dame-de-la-Defence Church. This historic church is also where funerals were held for Vito’s son Nick Rizzuto Jr and father Nicolo Rizzuto after both were assassinated. Mr Rizzuto passed away due to complications from lung cancer at the [...]

Vito Rizzuto and his rise to power

  The passing of Montreal Mafia boss Vito Rizzuto is thought by many to make the end of an era in the Montreal underworld. Vito was by all accounts an old school mob boss who had build the crime family previously run by his father into an international power. He was known for being a [...]

Vito Rizzuto of Montreal Mafia Dies of Natural Causes at 67

  Montreal Mafia boss and leader of the Rizzuto crime family Vito Rizzuto died from a lung ailment in a Montreal hospital. Vito was released from a U.S. prison last year after serving 10 years for racketeering which included his part in the murders of three Bonanno family captain of the New York Mafia in [...]

Vito Rizzuto continues Montreal Mafia War revenge with latest mob hit

  Roger Valiquette was found shot to death execution style in a parking lot in Laval in what is believed to be the latest hit in the bloody Montreal Mafia war. Valiquette is a long time associate of jailed mobster Raynald Desjardins and was likely murdered on orders from Vito Rizzuto or the Rizzuto crime [...]

Toronto mafia boss Jimmy DeMaria arrested on parole violation

  One of Toronto’s most powerful mafia bosses according to Italian authorities Vincenzo “Jimmy” DeMaria was quietly arrested at his Mississauga home for a parole violation. A convicted killer DeMaria holds a seat on the Camera di Controllo the ruling body for the Calabrian Mafia or Ndrangheta in Canada according to authorities. DeMaria was on [...]

Montreal mobster Moreno Gallo gunned down

  Yet another murder in the ongoing bloody Montreal mafia war as mobster Moreno Gallo is gunned down at an Italian restaurant in Mexican coastal city of Acapulco. Men dressed in black entered the restaurant and shot Gallo multiple times execution style according to Mexican officials. Gallo once considered an Allie of the Rizzuto crime [...]

Ontario mobsters on the run as Vito Rizzuto looks to end mob war

  The chess game for control of the Montreal underworld continues between the Rizzuto crime family and its enemies. It is believed that a co-operative of mobsters from Ontario and Quebec including the Calabrian mafia or Ndrangheta were responsible for the attack on the Rizzuto family trying to oust them from power in Montreal while [...]