Vito Rizzuto: Montreal Mafia bosses final deal and video footage


Vito Rizzuto was caught by security camera’s as he strolled through a casino in the Dominican Republic on August 14, 2013 just 131 days before he passed away back in Montreal. The long time boss of the Rizzuto Crime family of the Montreal mafia was believed to have been in the Dominican on business and perhaps his last deal before his death. Vito would pass away in the midst of a revenge plot against mob rivals who had earlier attempted to take over the Montreal underworld leading to the ongoing bloody Montreal mafia war.


vito rizzuto in dominican 2013

Vito Rizzuto  Dominican Republic 2013



Authorities believe that Vito and the Rizzuto crime family were attempting to muscle their way into control of the Dominican Republic casino’s through a company named Dream Group. The company has been a target of an ongoing investigation as to its business practices and links to organized crime including the mafia. Michael DeGroote one of Canad’a richest men was a main investor into the company and now finds himself caught up in a bitter conflict.


michael degroote

Michael DeGroote


The Rizzuto family has long held links to the Dominican Republic using it as a transit point for drug shipments to Montreal. Although authorities believe Mr. DeGroote had no previous knowledge of any organized crime links when investing almost $120 Million US dollars into the company others involved had previous links or organized crime according to reports from the investigation. According to the investigative reports Rizzuto was brought in by part owner Andrew Pajak in an attempt to take control from his partners Antonio and Francesco Carbone.


antonio and francesco carbone

Carbone Brothers


Rizzuto had a series of meetings down in the Dominican with Alexander Visser who has a long criminal history and Pajak according to sources quoted in the investigation. It is believed that these meetings were discussions on what would be done with the company and the Carbone brothers. Antonio Carbone says he was then called into a meeting in Toronto with Vito Rizzuto and Pajack and was told by Rizzuto to walk away or else.

But before plans could be carried out any further Vito would pass away from what was believed to be complications of lung cancer. It is believed this was the final deal in the criminal life of Vito Rizzuto and it is unknown as to any involvement the mafia in Montreal and Rizzuto family now has in the casino’s or other interest in the Dominican.



Montreal mafia leader Antonio Mucci has firearms charges dropped


Antonio “Tony” Mucci a reputed leader in the Montreal mafia caught a break as the Crown decided not to go to trial on various firearms charges. Mucci and a couple of alleged bodyguards were arrested and charged back in 2010 with multiple firearm related charges. Tony was charged with illegal possession of a sawed-off shotgun , tazer like weapon, and a bear repellent among other totaling 10 in all. At the time the Montreal police were on the offensive against anyone believed to be involved in the ongoing bloody Montreal mafia war.


tony mucci

Tony Mucci


Tony Mucci today is considered a survivor and one of the elder statesman of the Montreal mafia as rival factions saw many members lost. It is believed that he stayed relatively neutral in the still ongoing Montreal mafia war that saw an attack against the powerful Rizzuto crime family resulting in reprisal by long time mob boss Vito Rizzuto upon his release from prison.

The Crown did not give an exact reason for its decision to drop the case against Mucci but it is believed that an investigation into a former Montreal detective Philippe Paul was the cause. Paul was being investigated for leaking of information outside of the police force and challenged by the defense via court motions as to the credibility of information he supplied. Paul was in charge of much of the surveillance and operations into Mucci at the time and it was his sources that supplied the information needed to obtain the search warrants in the case.


Rizzuto family mobster Daniele Ranieri on the lam


Daniele Ranieri has been on the run since he was named as a target in Project Forza on extortion and conspiracy charges and is now believed to have fled the country according to authorities. The mobster is believed to run the GTA operations for the Rizzuto family in Montreal taking over after the murder of Juan Ramon Fernandez also known as Joey Bravo. Both became friends in prison and he was chosen to take the reins of the GTA operations once the post was left vacant.


project forza


The recent Montreal mafia war left the mob ranks in Montreal , GTA, and aboard a bit thin after the assault on the Rizzuto crime family and retaliation by long time now deceased boss Vito Rizzuto upon his release from prison. The instability remains in the Montreal mafia as it struggles to replace the long time Rizzuto family boss and tensions between the Sicilian mafia clan and the Ndrangheta in Canada seemingly continue.

Authorities believe Ranieri to be armed and extremely dangerous and with his long running criminal record has enough contacts to provide him with all needed documents to travel internationally. GTA police would not give any information as to leads or if they suspect that Ranieri is hiding out in any particular country.



Montreal mafia war continues as 2015 begins


The attack and attempted take over of the Montreal mafia by a break away faction believed to have been formed by both Calabrian mobsters known as the Ndrangheta and former Rizzuto crime family members is still being dealt with. The Montreal mafia war that resulted still rages on with the Rizzuto family striking back against its list of enemies since the return of boss Vito Rizzuto in 2012. Even though Vito is now deceased his revenge is still being carried out as the new leaders of the Montreal mafia remain loyal to their former leader. Even with a lull in the murder rate many insiders believe the Montreal mob war will carry over into 2015 with some Sicilian mafia traitors and Ndrangheta opportunists remaining.


vito rizzuto 2

“Vito Rizzuto”


The Calabrian mafia is now considered to be the richest and most powerful of the mob families in Italy but the Sicilians still remain the power of the Canadian mafia families namely the Rizzuto family. Vito died of natural causes but it was clear upon his return from his 10 year prison stretch that he or the Rizzuto family never lost its power. He unleashed a vendetta against those responsible for the attack on his mob family leading to death of his son and father and many other mobsters and reclaimed his stake in the Montreal underworld from all challengers.


There have been mafia hits carried out in many places including Quebec, Mexico, and Sicily showing the reach of the Rizzuto family and its ongoing vendetta has no bounds. Key members of the Calabrian mafia including Carmine Verducci have been targeted along with former Rizzuto family loyalists who turned on the family including Joe Di Maulo, Salvatore Calautti, and Juan Ramon Fernandez have also been hit. Hits on key figures proved that no one was safe from the revenge being carried out by the mob family and things were not settled with the death of Vito.


Who remains on the hit list is anyone’s guess but its seems clear that the tension in the Montreal underworld is not yet settled and more blood is likely to be shed as accounts are settled in the new year.

Montreal mafia member Tonino Callocchia gunned down


Tonino Callocchia a known member of the Mafia in Montreal has been gunned down in Rivière-des-Prairies. After a span of peace which lasted for months mob violence has once again hit the streets of Montreal. Callocchia 53 was shot to death in a restaurant named XO Bistro in Rivière-des-Prairies Monday afternoon. He recently survived a previous attack on his life back in February of 2013 but was not as lucky this time around.


tonino callocchia crime scene

“Tonino Callocchia crime scene”


During the bloody Montreal mafia war he chose to side against the powerful Rizzuto family according to reports. Sources confirm that Callocchia was a high ranking lieutenant in the mafia and has even been part of a management table put into place after the death of long time Montreal godfather Vito Rizzuto in what was seen by many as an attempt to bring back the peace. Seems tensions had risen lately between lieutenants in the local mafia and his name had been mentioned.

The mobster spent much of the 1990’s behind bars for money laundering and various drug charges.