Toronto mafia boss Jimmy DeMaria arrested on parole violation


One of Toronto’s most powerful mafia bosses according to Italian authorities Vincenzo “Jimmy” DeMaria was quietly arrested at his Mississauga home for a parole violation. A convicted killer DeMaria holds a seat on the Camera di Controllo the ruling body for the Calabrian Mafia or Ndrangheta in Canada according to authorities. DeMaria was on lifetime parole for a previous murder conviction and the exact parole condition in which he committed is not yet known. Some believe he may have violated an order which forbid him from associating with member of organized crime or people with criminal records which he has previous done before in 2009. He was sent to a medium security prison in Kingston and his lawyer when questions said they still are not sure why he has been picked up and he says his client by all accounts has been an angel.


“Vincenzo (Jimmy) DeMaria”


Some have speculated that the Toronto mob boss may have helped back a break off faction of the Rizzuto crime family who tried to wrestle control away from mob boss Vito Rizzuto. Italian police identified him as a top GTA leader for the Calabrian mafia and there is a possibility that he was on a hitlist. As Vito Rizzuto has taken back control of the Montreal mafia more bloodshed has followed as he seemingly is settling scores against those who allied against him. It is possible that DeMaria was involved in the Montreal mafia war and perhaps had something to do with murders deaths of Rizzito family members and if so he would likely be a target. Although so far this is simply speculation and theory it is possible he once again was simply caught associating with known underworld figures which he is forbidden from doing.


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