Turncoat Bonanno Capo Barbieri Set Free


Former Bonanno crime family captain turned rat Generoso “Jimmy the General” Barbieri was sentenced to six years in prison. Since he has already served that time behind bars he is now a free man living under a new identity in the witness-protection program. Barbieri was a key witness against former Bonanno family boss Vincent “Vinny Gorgeous” Basciano. He alerted authorities that Basciano was plotting to murder federal prosecutor Greg Andres years ago. This along with other information supplied by Barbieri lead to Basciano being convicted and is now serving multiple life sentences.


“Barbieri (left) and Basciano (right)”

Barbieri admitted to committing multiple crimes including helping murder Russell Mauro a former Bonanno mobster along with extortion , murder conspiracy, racketeering, and illegal gambling. He told federal judge Nicholas Garaufis that he has started a new life and apologized for his decades of illegal activities. Judge Garaufis praised Barbieri’s fortitude and said he demonstrated a lot of courage by stepping forward and working with authorities. Jack Dennehy the Assistant US Attorney lauded Barbieri for his testimony in three separate occasions about various mafia murders.


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