Another Colombo Family Persico set for prison


Another son of legendary mob boss Carmine “The Snake” Persico is set to start a prison sentence for his mob ties. Michael Persico is set to join his father Carmine and his brother Alphonse “Allie Boy” Persico behind bars after his sentencing on February 28th baring any postponements. Michael was believed by many to be the good son of the family steering clear of his dads mafia business. But the feds have had a different opinion insisting Michael has long been involved in Colombo crime family business but was smart enough to not become an actual member of the mafia as his father and brother did. Although Persico and his lawyer claim he is simply a victim of profiling being targeted by feds because of his family name but he is simply an honest businessman.


“Michael Persico”


But the feds claim that there is plenty of evidence that hints to Michael’s involvement in the Colombo family. Legendary Colombo captain John “Sonny” Franzese was once caught on tape by an undercover informant praising the approach to the mob lifestyle used by Michael Persico saying “He don’t have to be a goodfella, he is doing different kind of work”. That along with information from former Colombo mobsters turned rat including alleged capo Carmine Sessa indicated there was also an illegal side to Michael’s legitimate businessman public profile. Sessa said Michael supplied his brother Alphonse with 100 thousand dollars to help the Persico faction in the 1990’s during the deadly Colombo family civil war.
Sessa also says a meeting took place on th eve of the war at the Persico family compound in Saugerties involving high level Colombo family leaders with one of the Colombo hierarchy John Staluppi showing up in a helicopter. Also at this meeting was alleged Capo turned government witness John Pate who claims Michael and Alphonse discussed how to kill the leader of the rival faction Victor “Little Vic” Orena. This information along with other aspects lead to Michael Persico being charged with racketeering and multiple murders included in a sweeping indictment back in 2010. But the young Persico was able to cut a deal with the feds in 2012 just before his trial was set to begin.
The plea deal is a sweet one for Persico as he only had to plead guilty to loan-sharking charges instead of racketeering or murder. Instead of facing life in prison at trial Michael now will be facing a sentence of only 37-46 months. The deal did include a condition that his cousin Theodore Persico an alleged mob capo in Colombo family had to also plead guilty and agree to a plea deal which he did and is now facing a sentence of 12 years. Michael and his lawyer were also able to sweeten the pot some by having an agreement added to a plea deal that feds could not seek future prosecution for any of previous charges including the murders and racketeering. Seems as if both Michael and Theodore both got plea deals they couldn’t refuse.