Bonanno family boss Michael Mancuso one step closer to being back home


Michael Mancuso the alleged boss of the Bonanno crime family has been moved into a Brooklyn halfway house according to recent reports.

Mancuso was sentenced to 15 years behind bar’s back in 2008 after pleading guilty in the murder of Mafia associate Randolph Pizzolo. He ordered the 2004 mob hit on Pizzolo which was carried out by Bonanno family soldier Anthony “Ace” Aiello who also plead guilty and was sent to prison for 30 years. Michael also known as “The Nose” has a projected release date of March 2019 but is already a step closer to being back on the streets.


Michael “The Nose” Mancuso


The once powerful Cosa Nostra family has taken its share of bumps and bruises over the last few years.  It’s current acting boss and official underboss Joseph Cammarano Jr. is himself awaiting trial as previously reported here. Mancuso has remained atop the crime families hierarchy while away although its unclear as to whether or not he has the backing of all the families remaining factions. It will be interesting to see what happens if anything within the New York Mafia families leadership structure once he is back on streets free and clear.

Michael Mancuso was reportedly pegged as the new official boss of the family while behind bars somewhere around 2012-2013. He is the first mobster in the Bonanno family to hold the title of official boss since Joseph Massino turned rat in 2004. His rise to the top of the NY Mafia family happened when the Bonanno’s were in disarray. Massino had flipped and acting boss Vincent Basciano was himself behind bars looking at a life sentence. Who exactly backed Mancuso’s appointment to the top spot is still unclear.

Questions remain as to whether or not he holds full sway over the families operations. Does he have the power and charisma needed to remain the boss of the beleaguered family? It may be a case of really having no one else for the job at least for now. Even though the family isn’t what it once was the top spot still comes with monetary benefits and for mobsters, that’s always the bottom line.  So the situation will definitely be worth keeping an eye on.