Bonanno family, Anthony “Skinny” Santoro, denied parole


Reputed Bonanno crime family mobster Anthony “Skinny” Santoro was denied parole according to recent reports.

Santoro was part of a nine man Bonanno family crew busted back in 2013 that also included Vito Badamo, Nicholas Santora, and Ernest Aiello. The quartet was charged with attempted grand larceny and enterprise corruption which included drug trafficking, loansharking, and illegal gambling. After a three-month long state trial ended in a mistrial due to juror dissonance Santoro, Aiello, and Badamo coped to plea deals. Santoro was sentenced to four to eight years behind bars but was credited with the time he had spent behind bars awaiting trial making him eligible for parole this month.


Anthony Santoro


According to prosecutors Santoro was a key member of the New York mafia family and held sway over illegal gambling and drug rackets. A series of wire tap calls captured what prosecutors claimed was Santoro using mafia slang in reference to gambling and drug trafficking activities. He was setting drug prices and was in control of the opening and closing of lucrative illegal gambling accounts according to the state’s case. Both Aiello and Badamo also coped plea deals but the case against alleged Bonanno family capo Nicholas Santora is still pending.


Santoro is not eligible for parole again until December of next year according to the Silive report. He also plead guilty in a federal case to running an illegal gambling business in Connecticut on behalf of the organized crime family that is still pending. He was sentenced to eight months behind bars but was hit with the state charges before he could do that time.