Camorra Mafia Ruling Boss Arrested In Naples


Naples authorities have arrested Gennaro Trambarulo a high ranking member of the Neapolitan Mafia also known as the Camorra.

Trambarulo is an alleged leader in the so called “mixed group” a sort of commission which oversees the operations of the criminal organization. This ruling commission was made up of heads from the three principle Camorra clans which includes the Mallardo Clan, Casalesi Clan, and Licciardi Clan. It controlled all of the criminal activities of the crime family which includes drug trafficking, extortion, and many other mafias related crimes. The Camorra operates mostly in Naples periphery, Caserta, and Domitio seaside is according to Italian authorities.


This is another blow to the leadership base of the Neapolitan Mafia as authorities continue their efforts to cripple the crime family. Multiple arrest and major asset seizures have picked up over the last couple of years against the major Mafia families in Italy. Many leaders from of the Sicilian Mafia , Neapolitan Mafia, and the Calabrian Mafia are now on the run as they fight to hold on to their respective power bases. But as the mafia has proven through time they take these hits and somehow find a way to reload and rebuild.