Chicago Mafia lieutenant Paul Carparelli in more hot water


Paul Carparelli a lieutenant in the Chicago Mafia is awaiting trial on federal extortion charges and is now in more hot water.

Carparelli had his bond rescinded following charges of employing intimidation tactics in an attempt to dissuade a witness from testifying in his upcoming trial. According to court documents he spotted an associate of a witness and approached him in a parking lot telling him the witness was a rat and he knows what happens to rats. He will now spend the rest of his upcoming time awaiting trial which is set to begin this summer behind bars.


paul carparelli

Paul Carparelli


Carparelli known as a tough guy in the mob is allegedly part of the infamous Chicago Outfit Cicero crew. The 46 year old mobster and six co-defendants were charged in 2013 with extorting businesses in various states. He was caught on wiretaps making no apologies for being a mobster saying “I’ve been with the Outfit my whole life, I’m not about to change now,” he was caught on an FBI wiretap telling a friend. “This is what I’m made of and this is where I come from and I’m f*****g proud of it.”

He also has links to Chicago mob boss Salvatore “Solly D” DeLaurentis who took the reigns of the family back in 2013 after the imprisonment of Michael “Fat Mike” Sarno. Carparelli is believed to be part of the regime of a Lake County Cicero crew sub crew which is in heart of the DeLaurentis powerbase. He was also caught on wiretap bragging about taking 10 thousand dollars from DeLaurantis to break a debtor’s legs.