Detroit Mobster Zerilli Tells FBI Location Of Jimmy Hoffa’s Body


Jimmy Hoffa disappeared over three decades ago and the search for his remains has been ongoing ever since.

Hoffa would now be 100 years old and the mystery surrounding his disappearance has been one of most publicized cases in FBI history. Now the feds have what they consider to be the best lead they have ever had in the Hoffa case elderly mobster Tony Zerilli. He was once the head of the Detroit Mafia family back in the 70’s before going to prison. Once his prison term ended he took over the number two spot in the Detroit crime family. His high ranking status in the family would have put him in a position of having direct knowledge of what happened to Jimmy Hoffa. Zerilli is now talking to the feds and supplying them with information on Hoffa’s murder and even the location of Hoffa’s body.


” Jimmy Hoff (left) and Tony Zerilli (right) “

Zerilli has supplied the feds with what he says is the location where Hoffa was buried a field along Buell Road in northern Oakland County. He says that the land was once owned by his cousin and fellow Detroit mafia boss Jack Tocco. Zerilli was imprisoned at the time when Hoffa was killed but has given up the name of the person who informed him of what happened to Hoffa when he returned from prison. He says Tony Gicaloni told him about the initial plan of putting Hoffa’s body in a shallow grave in Rogers City near a hunting lodge also owned by Jack Tocco. Plans changed and Zerilli says the fact that they didn’t put the body there made sense to him to avoid any additional chances of exposure so Hoffa was eventually buried in this new location.

The feds say that they are in process of following up on the information supplied by Zerilli and should have no problems getting a search warrant for the location in question. If his information is accurate Zerilli could put an end to a decades long search and one of the most famous cases in FBI history. Some believe this may be a ploy by the aging mobster as a money grab as he admits to being in ill health and broke. But the FBI is taking it seriously and they don’t believe the dig would be a waste of time. It is unknown as to when the FBI will begin to dig at the location due to weather issues.