Gambino Family Mobster Sclafani Cops A Plea To Drug Charges


Gambino crime family soldier Joseph “Joe Boy” Sclafani plead guilty to distribution charges and is now looking at a prison sentence of fourteen to seventeen years.

The forty-Seven-year-old Sclafani has a long criminal history that goes back many years and is now considered to be a career offender under the law. He was wounded during the 1989 mafia hit on Costabile “Gus” Farace a suspect in the murder of a DEA agent. Sclafani was later convicted for helping Farace evade a federal manhunt before he was murdered. He may be credited with two years of time served by judge John Gleeson and eventually get two years of good behavior credit but that still means he will spend the mobster will spend a decade in prison.


Joseph Sclafani

Joe Boy was recently engaged to “Mob Wives” star Ramona Rizzo. She is the granddaughter of the late Benjamin “Lefty Guns” Ruggerio a former member of the Bonanno crime family. Many know Ruggerio from the hit movie “Donnie Brasco” as he mentors undercover FBI agent Joseph Pistone during his infiltration of the mafia family. Ruggerio was portrayed by award winning actor Al Pacino in the film. Rizzo says that even with the recent legal troubles that Sclafani is having she is still planning a 500 guest June wedding , even though his now jailed wiseguy fiance is not expected to attend.