Genovese crime family soldier Sal Demeo pleads guilty


Alleged Genovese crime family soldier Sal (Sallie) Demeo pleaded guilty to attempted tax evasion.

The 78 year old mobster reportedly raked in a $2 million dollar profit back in 2013-14 from property sales. According to prosecutors he sold his shares in Brooklyn properties that he inherited from his father back in 1991 but failed to report it. He along with other shareholders sold off their various lots for a combined profit of over $18 million dollars. But it seems the Cosa Nostra soldier didn’t want to share his newly found cash with Uncle Sam.


“Sal Demeo”


Proscutors claim he devised a plan to side step the IRS and keep it all to himself. He whacked up the profits into separate checks and had them deposited into accounts that weren’t his according to the NY Daily News report. Approximately $1 million dollars was put into the account of a plumbing business operated by a fellow Genovese crime family mobster according to court documents. Another chunk of the cash was funeled through an unlicensed check cashing business.

Demeo had plead guilty to illegal gambling and loansharking in Brooklyn Supreme Court just a month before being hit with these tax evasion charges. He was sentenced to five year probation but now faces up to two years behind bars per his plea deal when he is sentenced in October. His plea deal also states that he has to pay the government back $367,000 in back taxes. Even the New York Mafia can’t completely avoid giving Uncle Sam a piece of the action now and again.