Italian national accused of planning to launder billions for the mafia

Italian national accused of planning to launder billions for the mafia

Police in Malta are launching an investigation into an Italian National accused of laying the blueprints to launder billions for mafia organizations through local companies.

Roberto Recordare, the owner of Golem Malta Limited and Recordare Holding, is under investigation by the FCID (Financial Crimes Investigation Department), the Times of Malta reports.  Both operate as software companies.

The news comes shortly after Recordare was caught on wiretap, which included him mocking the assassination of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, referencing his connections to Malta.

Reports suggest that Recordare was planning to transfer 36 billion euros for surrounding mafia families as part of a larger scheme totaling 136 billion in laundered euros.

“Hypothetical bank transactions have nothing to do with the mafia and relate to my consulting services for third parties… managed within international contexts,” Recordare said.

Both of his companies had accounts with the Bank of Valletta which last filed in 2017.  The bank closed many accounts over the last 18 months that did not comply with the bank’s structures, even though they stated that they do not reveal the personal information of their clients.

Recordare refused to comment.


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