Lucchese family leaders Steven Crea and Matthew Madonna targets of upcoming RICO charges


Federal prosecutors are planning to charge Lucchese crime family leaders Steven (Stevie Wonder) Crea and Matthew (Matty) Madonna with racketeering charges according to a GanglandNews report.

The charges stem from a long-running grade jury probe which included the investigation into the 2013 mafia hit on mob associate and former Purple Gang leader Michael Meldish. According to law enforcement, Crea and Madonna are the top two ranking members and are in control of the New York mafia family while official boss Vittorio Amuso serves a life sentence. Various reports have ranked Crea as the families current acting boss but some law enforcement sources believe he may have been acting as underboss behind Madonna but regardless of official titles its agreed they are in control.


Matthew Madonna


A grand jury will be asked to indict Madonna for ordering the mob rubout of Meldish which was allegedly carried out by mob underlings Christopher Londonio and Terrence Caldwell. Both Londonio and Caldwell were indicted last month previously reported here for their alleged role in the Meldish murder who was killed after he had a falling out with family leaders. It is still unclear as to the exact charges prosecutors plan to hit Crea with. According to the report, both Crea and Madonna were the main targets of the probe which may also include an indictment of Crea’s son Steven (Stevie Junior) Crea Jr. on racketeering charges who authorities claim is also a “made man” in the Cosa Nostra family. Crea Jr has no criminal record but law enforcement sources believe he has been involved in various criminal activities in Westchester County.


Steven Crea


The court filing indicates that federal prosecutors told White Plains Federal Judge Nelson Roman that unnamed high-ranking members of the Lucchese family were involved in the Meldish murder. Prosecutors claimed they have “proof to show that Londonio was commissioned to commit the murder of Meldish by the leadership of the Lucchese Family.” They also explained in a four-page letter to the judge that the Lucchese family “is heavily tied to Westchester County.” The case was filed in White Plains even though Meldish was killed in the city because according to prosecutors a substantial part of the planning and execution occurred in Westchester County. It was noted that several Lucchese family leaders and Londonio were all residents of Westchester.