Mafia boss Michael Mancuso among Bonanno family mobsters targeted in prison transfer


Recent allegation of unrest within the Bonanno crime family centered around reputed capo John Palazzolo has seemingly led to the prison relocation of other high ranking members.

Palazzolo was caught meeting with fellow New York mafia members which was a violation of his parole restrictions and was sentenced to a year in prison. The feds claimed that meetings between Palazzolo and other Bonanno members were part of an internal beef, which may have led to violence within the crime family. Seems these recent events are responsible for the Bonanno family split up from the prison in Danbury, Connecticut.


Michael Mancuso


Michael Mancuso the reputed boss of the Bonanno family was first to be moved getting shipped from Danbury to a federal prison in Seagoville, Texas near Dallas. The 60 year old Mancuso is not set to be released from prison until 2019. One of the mobsters Palazzolo was caught meeting with was Frank “Frankie Boy” Salerno the nephew of Mancuso, who was allegedly delivering messages from his uncle to Palazzolo. Also relocated was former Bonanno street boss Anthony “Tony Green” Urso, who took over family for a year after then boss Joseph Massino was indicted back in 2003. Urso was moved from Danbury to a prison in Beaumont, Texas.

The Bureau of prison declined to comment on any official reasons for the relocation of the New York mob leaders pointing to privacy issues. But sources confirmed that the deputy chief of the Brooklyn U.S. Attorney’s organized crime unit Nicole Argentieri requested the transfers citing Palazzolo’s case as evidence that the Bonanno family was still being run by Mancuso from nearby Danbury prison.