Mafia linked Loan shark Vincent Zito murdered in Brooklyn


Vincent Zito a 77-year-old loan shark with reported links to the New York Mafia was found assassinated in his Sheepshead Bay home on Friday.

According to police sources, he was shot two times behind the head in an apparent mafia style execution. Zito’s body was found by his grandson after returning home from school. Authorities reported that a pistol was recovered at the scene that may end up being the murder weapon. Police didn’t find any sign of a forced entry leading to the possibility that it was someone Zito knew. There are reportedly security cameras at the home which may offer additional evidence once examined.


“Vincent Zito residence”


Police have said they believe there is a Cosa Nostra connection but it’s unclear as to what NY Mafia family he was affiliated with. His older brother Anthony Zito has previously been linked to the Lucchese crime family. There have been unsubstantiated reports that Vincent may also have ties to the Lucchese family. Anthony was jailed for extortion in 1971 and later identified in a court case as a partner of former Lucchese family boss Vittorio “Little Vic” Amuso. Vincent also had past arrest for loan sharking.

While family members and those close to Vincent Zito remembered him as a kind-hearted old man. A neighbor of Zito’s had a different opinion calling him a snake and a schemer according to the NY Post report. He said that Zito wasn’t a “good guy” in the neighborhood. The investigation into Zito’s death is ongoing and we will update once more information is available.