Mafia News: Bonanno Family boss Thomas DiFiore sentenced to 21 monthe behind bars


Thomas “Tommy D” DiFiore of the Bonanno crime family was sentenced to 21 months in prison today in Brooklyn court on debt collection charges. The 71 year old mobster was the alleged acting boss of the Bonanno family and for a time was the highest ranking member of the family on the streets. Tommy D and his lawyers sited multiple health issues including high blood sugar, lung problems, and kidney swelling among others as reason why he should receive a shorter sentence.


thomas difiore 3

Thomas DiFiore taken into custody in 2014


His defense team petitioned the court to have him sentenced to only the 14 month he has already served since his arrest. Instead U.S. District Judge Allyne Ross sentenced the elder wiseguy to 21 month leaving him 7 months of jail time still to be served. Judge Ross said she considered the health factors when deciding on the sentence but said she agreed with the governments that DiFiore’s criminal conduct was serious.

DiFiore was facing a sentencing guide line of 21-27 months so it seems that once again the “Oldfella” act used by many aging mafia members once again paid off. Over the years this has become a familiar tactic and really is starting to become old mafia news, but hey if it works don’t mess with it.