Mafia rat Carmelo D’Amico pledges to expose Cosa Nostra secrets in Italy


Carmelo D’Amico a former mafia hitman for the Sicilian mafia also known has Cosa Nostra in Italy is pledging to blow the whistle on the mob’s political corruption.

D,Amico has admitted for being part of at least 30 murders on behalf of the mafia before turning on the mob in response to an appeal by the Pope for mobsters to abandon crime. The mobster said that if he is protected he is willing to tell everything he knows about the mafia in Italy.


Carmelo DAmico

Carmelo D’Amico


D’Amico told prosecutor Nino Di Matteo that the names of the people he is ready to give are capable of anything including going inside of prisons. He also said they direct politics and will try to get rid of him much like they have tried to do with the prosecutor. In front of the Palermo Assize court he admitted to being frightened to tell everything because of worries for himself and his families.

Already supplying two names Angelino Alfano and Renato Schifani who Carmelo says were among those who were elected because of deals made with Cosa Nostra. Also claims that Forza Italia was born because Toto Riina and Bernardo Provenzano wanted it to govern Italy, and that Silvio Berlusconi was a pawn of Riina, Provenzano, and Marcello Dell’Utri. And according to him the secret services had a part in the mafia bombings of former anti-mafia magistrates Paolo Borsellino and Giovanni Falcone in the 1990’s.

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