Philly mafia soldier Nicodemo charged with first degree murder


Reputed Philadelphia mafia soldier Anthony Nicodemo has been indicted on charges of first-degree murder and conspiracy for the shooting of Gino DiPietro.

A status hearing was held in Common Pleas Court on Monday where the indictment was announced. DiPietro a South Philadelphia drug dealer was suspected of being a government informant. The indictment is also believed to put added pressure on Nicodemo and possibly force him to cooperate with the feds and supply information about fellow wiseguys including currently jailed reputed acting boss Joseph Ligambi.


“Anthony Nicodemo”

Nicodemo has long been a suspect in a previous mafia murder of John “Johnny Gons” Casasanto and may be able to supply information which could land current members of the Philadelphia crime family in hot water. Some sources close to the case believe the conspiracy charge may indicate authorities believe Nicodemo did not act alone in the mob hit. According to these sources authorities believe Nicodemo may have been the driver and not the actual shooter. The murder was called “the dumbest mob hit in Philly history” by one police source.

A legal source close to the case said “he’s buried” when referring to the evidence against Nicodemo and his chances of beating the case. But Nicodemo has apparently said to friends that he would sit forever before he cut a deal and turned informant. Although having a wife and kids at home may eventually lead him to change his mind and trade off his bravado for a chance to some day get back to them.