Reputed Philly mobsters Joseph Ligambi and George Borgesi Not Guilty


Reputed Philadelphia mafia boss Joseph Ligambi and his nephew and fellow mobster George Borgesi were both found not guilty by a federal grand jury.

Ligambi was acquitted on charges of witness tampering and Borgesi not guilty of racketeering conspiracy charges. The jury ended deadlocked on the remaining three counts against Ligambi that was linked to a Philly mob run gambling and loansharking operation. A mistrial on the deadlocked charges was announced by Judge Eduardo Robreno. A jury in the first case against Ligambi last year also deadlocked on the same charges that also resulted in a mistrial. Although Ligambi and Borgesi escaped the charges in the first trial prosecutors declared it a victory against the Philly mafia getting convictions against high ranking members Anthony Staino and Joseph Massimino among others.


“Joseph Ligambi and George Borgesi”


Borgesi was only facing one count of racketeering conspiracy and upon his not guilty verdict was ordered to be released from prison. Prosecutors have not yet made it clear if they will seek yet another trial against alleged mob boss Ligambi. Perhaps a third time would be a charm. This would seem unlikely as it has been reported that the jury had voted 10-2 in favor of acquitting Ligambi on the final three charges. So would seem like a long shot that a third trial would yield a different outcome. Ligambi remains in prison but should likely be granted bail if a third trial is set into motion or simply released if prosecutors decide to hang it up.