Sicilian mafia boss accused of ordering a hit on his own daughter


Italian authorities have arrested sixteen members and associates in the Bagheria clan of the Sicilian mafia on various charges including mafia association and extortion.

Among those arrested was alleged boss Giuseppe (Pino) Scaduto who wanted his own daughter killed because of her relationship with a senior Italian policeman according to reports. The Cosa Nostra Godfather blamed his 2008 arrest when he was in the midst of trying to reform Cosa Nostra’s governing council known as the “Cupola” on his daughter’s relationship with the policeman. While he was in prison investigators scouring Scaduto’s correspondences discovered references to a gift he wanted to give his daughter.


“Pino Scaduto”


Once he was released last April he ordered his son to kill his sister to re-establish the crime family’s prestige because she had become an informer according to investigators. Scaduto’s son who is already facing a separate murder charge was captured in a conversation intercepted by police refusing his fathers request saying “I don’t want to do it. If you want it done, do it yourself. Why should I deal with the problem? I’m 30.” Investigators claim Scaduto then tried to pass the hit on to another mobster who also turned down his request on the basis that it was a family dispute. Angelino Alfano Italy’s foreign affairs minister said “The mafia define themselves as men of honour. But where is the honour in ordering the killing of your child?”


The Sicilian mob clans extortion scheme allegedly targeted local entrepreneurs in the mineral water and construction businesses.