Sicilian Mafia targets two Italian Magistrates


The Sicilian mafia has ordered hits on two top Italian magistrates according to new intelligence reports collected by authorities.

The plot against the prosecutors allegedly involves two clans with in the Sicilian mob believed to be located in Palermo and Gela according to the reports. Italian authorities say that each of the mafia clans involved would be tasked to take out the other’s enemy.


Silvana Saguto and Renato Di Natale

Silvana Saguto and Renato Di Natale


Renato Di Natale a prosecutor in Agrigento ended up in the crosshairs of one of the Siclian mafia clans after leading investigation into dismantling the organized crime group. Silvana Saguto from Palermo presided over a court which has ordered crippling seizures of assets against the mob clans in the area. The pair of prosecutors have made life hell for the Italian mafia and now find themselves being targeted by Cosa Nostra.