The Fasciani Clan is the Mafia, says the Court

The supreme court of Cassation has said that the Fasciani clan is one of Rome’s mafia groups, explaining a November sentence that convicted clan members of mafia crimes.

The court said that in the 1990s, the Fasciani clan activities took them from a street gang to one that uses full mafia methods.

They aren’t the only ones, the Casamonicas and the Spadas have also been charged and convicted with mafia crimes.

Carmine Spada

Carmine Spada

The court also said that although the Roman mafia was different from the mafia of southern Italy, they are just as dangerous.

The Fasciani clan operates as the mafia in Ostia, near Rome. In November, Carmine Fasciani, the clan’s boss was sentenced to over 27 years in jail, his wife, Silvia Franca Bartoli got 12 years 5 months, his daughter, Sabrina got 11 years 4 months and his other daughter Azzurra got 6 years and 10 months.

They were found guilty of a slew of crimes using mafia methods and of having mafia association.

Italy has three main mafias which are the ‘Ndrangheta from Calabria, the Camorra from Naples and Cosa Nostra from Sicily.