Top Camorra mafia boss Mario Riccio captured


The alleged head of the Amato-Pagano clan of the Camorra mafia Mario Riccio was captured after being on run since 2011. Also known as “Mariano” Riccio was taken into custody while with his wife and kids in a villa near Naples with out incident. He was listed by Italian Ministry as one of the 100 most dangerous fugitives at large. Before becoming a fugitive he was sentenced to 16 years in prison on charges of drug trafficking and mafia association. Italian authorities believe he was a key player in a turf war between rival Camorra mafia clans in Scampia in 2012 that resulted in a violent power struggle. Italian authorities continue to make key arrests against top Camorra leaders and have captured another key member.


“Mario Riccio”


Riccio is a relative of historic Camorra mafia boss Cesare Pagano who police claim is head of the turbulent northern Naples Scumpia neighborhood. The fight against the Camorra one of Italy’s older mafia organizations has been ramped up in recent years not only targeting fugitive bosses like Riccio but assets of many high ranking members and clans. Millions and millions of dollars are being seized in continuous raids against the mafia in Italy as the country challenges the long held power of these organized crime groups.