Gambino family mobster Anthony Moscatiello guilty on murder charge


Anthony “Big Tony” Moscatiello has been convicted by a Miami jury for the 2001 murder of Miami Subs founder and businessman Konstantinos “Gus” Boulis. Prosecutors proved to the jury that Moscatiello ordered the mob hit on Boulis over a dispute for control of the SunCruz Casinos boat fleet. This brings the case to an end after co-defendant Anthony “Little Tony” Ferrari was convicted back in 2013 and co-defendant James “Pudgy” Fiorillo was allowed to plead guilty to just a conspiracy charge after becoming a government witness.


anthony moscatiello

Anthony Moscatiello


According to prosecutors Moscatiello was a member of the Gambino crime family and had ties to former Gambino boss John Gotti. Authorities believed the hit was carried out by a mob associate named John Gurino who was killed back in 2003. Key evidence included calls made from Ferrari to Moscatiello who was at the time in New York along with testimony from other organized crime figures that Big Tony had approached them about getting rid of Boulis before hit man John Gurino.
Ferrari has already been sentenced to life in prison and the 77 year old Moscatiello now faces a similar outcome.


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Philadelphia mafia capo Michael Lancellotti back in action


Philadelphia mafia captain Michael “Mikey Lance” Lancellotti is back in the mix inside the mob after battling and now seemingly recovering from cancer. Sources believe Lancellotti is now running the day to day operations of the Philly mafia as the buffer between acting boss Steven Mazzone and the families capos. Joey Merlino returned to Philly for first time since getting off parole restrictions and his first stop was a face to face with his old mobster pal Mikey Lance according to sources of Scott Burnstein’s gangsterreport.


Michael Lancellotti

Michael Lancellotti


It was reported that Merlino was back in town to attend a graduation party for the daughter of mob associate Raymond “Ray Wags” Wagner but according to sources was also conducting business. Lance was inducted into the Philly mob by Merlino back in the 90’s and is a trusted member of the Merlino factions inner circle. Out of the three factions currently on the streets the Mazzone/Merlino faction seems to have the most stability with guys like Mikey Lance back in action.

Phil Narducci leads another faction currently on the streets of Philadelphia looking for a piece of the pie along with a third faction led by Joseph “Joey Punge” Pungitore. Both Narducci and Joey Pungitore are Scarfo era mafia soldiers and aren’t exactly fans of Merlino. It seems things are being kept in line on streets due to Mazzone being respected across the board from all factions. Some sources believe a power sharing situation has even been implimented via a ruling panel type of arrangement consisting of the rival faction leaders.

Merlino continues to deny any association with the mafia in Philadelphia anymore and claims he left the life behind and now is simply a business man running his new restaurant down in Boca Raton, Florida. Although many including those in law enforcement still consider him to be the current boss of the mob in Philly.

Lucchese Family mobsters indicted for murder of Michael Meldish


Lucchese crime family mobster Christopher Londonio and mob associate Terrence Caldwell have been indicted on murder charges in the mob hit on Michael Meldish former leader of the infamous NY Purple Gang. Meldish was shot to death back in November 15, 2013 while sitting in his car in front of his home. According to the Bronx District Attorney’s office both men have been linked to the crime by phone records, license plate readers, and DNA evidence.


michael meldish


The Purple Gang led by Michael and his brother Joseph were a feared crew in the 1970’s and 80’s controlling the Harlem and Bronx heroin trade. The group was affiliated with the New York Mafia through the Lucchese, Bonanno, and Genovese families working in part as muscle and freelance killers. They took the name “Purple Gang” from a feared crew who once ruled in Detroit in the prohibition era and had become a powerful force on streets back in the 1970’s.

At one point authorities believed the group had become powerful enough to ignite a mob war by attempting to become the area’s sixth organized crime group. Then in the mid to late 1980’s the crews power began to dwindle as many of its members were convicted in various drug busts. Authorities say Meldish is believed to have carried out at least 10 hits during the 1970’s and 80’s with his brother Joseph believed to have been part of as many as 70 contract killings. Joe Meldish is currently serving a 12 year sentence for his role in a 1999 mafia hit.

Londonio was out on bail for a Bronx weapons charges indictment before being hit with federal gun charges putting him behind bars while the state presented evidence of his alleged involvement in the Meldish hit. Both defendants have plead not guilty to the charges although Londorio’s attorney Robert Blossner withdrew from the case because an indiclosed conflict of interest. Blossner also represents Lucchese family capo Matthew Madonna who sources say is part of a continuing investigation into the Meldish murder.

Philadelphia mafia boss Joey Merlino back in town meets with old crew


Joseph “Skinny Joey” Merlino was back on the streets of Philadelphia according to sources making rounds and meeting with members of his old mob crew over the weekend. Many including the FBI believe that Merlino is still the boss of the Philly mafia running things on streets through his long time friends and street boss Steven Mazzone. After completing a short prison sentence on a parole violation Merlino is no longer under any parole restrictions and is free to travel and meet with whoever he chooses. This recent weekend trip to the City of Brotherly Love is sure to fan the speculation that he is still in control of the Philly mob and was possibly there making sure things were in line.


joseph merlino back in Philadelphia

Joey Merlino


Merlino has been living down in Boca Raton since he was released from prison after being convicted on racketeering charges back in 2001. Merlino has since continued to deny he has any remaining ties to the mob life and has nothing more to do with the mafia in Philadelphia. Mazzone was believed to have taken over as acting boss shortly after former acting boss Joseph Ligambi was indicted in 2011 along with other high ranking members of the administration at that time.

Sources have speculated that now a power sharing situation may have developed with a ruling panel consisting of Steve Mazzone, Phil Narducci, and John Ciancaglini in control with Ligambi acting as a sort of consigliere although partially retired. Narducci is a well respected member of the mob and part of the old Scarfo era crew who have recently resurfaced in Philly after doing long prison terms. This new ruling panel could of been constructed to keep tensions down and things from turning violent between the rival crews now operating on streets.

Whether Mazzone still sits at the head of the hierarchy on the streets today or a ruling panel has been appointed it still leaves many wondering if Merlino is still pulling the strings from his new Florida home. Is Merlino planning to eventually move back to Philadelphia to regain his seat at the head of the mafia in Philly or does he simply remain in Florida and run things from afar. Perhaps Merlino has been true to his word and has left the life for good although knowing Joey’s history that seems like a less likely option. Oh as the world turns inside of today’s Philadelphia mafia.

Top Lucchese family mobsters plead guilty to illegal gambling charges


Lucchese crime family mobsters have plead guilty to running a multi billion dollar illegal gambling enterprise. Six members of the Lucchese family were indicted back in 2010 after an investigation led to the dismantling of the illegal betting ring. The operation took in an estimated $2.2 billion dollars of illegal wagers using a wire room based in Costs Rica and password protected websites.


Ralph V Perna

Ralph Perna

Among those who plead guilty were Ralph V. Perna, Martin Taccetta, John Mangrella, and Matthew Madonna. According to authorities Perna ran the Lucchese family operations in New Jersey along with his two sons who were also indicted and plead guilty. Taccetta is a former leader of the Lucchese family’s New Jersey crew who is currently serving a life sentence for a separate conviction. Mangrella is considered to be a senior member of the New York mafia family and Madonna once served on the families three man ruling panel.


Martin Taccetta

Martin Taccetta

Under terms of the plea agreement prosecutors will recommend a prison term of 8 years for the elder Perna and terms of 10 years for each of his sons Joseph Perna and John Perna. Prosecutors will also recommend prison terms of 8 years each for Mangrella, Madonna, and Taccetta.


Matthew Madonna

Matthew Madonna

Charges are still pending against Joseph DiNapoli another high ranking Lucchese family member and a third Perna son Ralph M. Perna according to court records.