Montreal Mafia on cusp of a new power struggle


Montreal mafia has seemingly moved past the bloody war which resulted from an attack by a rival faction on the Rizzuto crime family. The death of former Montreal mob boss Vito Rizzuto has led to a new leadership table headed by Stefano Sollecito atop the crime family ranks. But according to sources this new leadership could be challenged soon and perhaps a new power struggle will develop inside the Montreal mob.


Stefano Sollecito

Stefano Sollecito


Francesco Arcadi a former interim leader in the Rizzuto family and two of his top lieutenants Lorenzo Giordano and Francesco Del Balso plan to regain control once released from prison sources confirm. Back in 2004 Arcadi was named “street boss” of the family after boss Vito Rizzuto was sent to prison in the United States. But the 61 year old mobster was indicted in 2006 during “Operation Colisee” along with both lieutenants.


Francesco Arcadi

Francesco Arcadi during his 2006 arrest in Operation Colisee


According to sources the trio have already sent indications to the new Montreal mafia management that they intend to regain control of the mafia in Montreal. Arcadi is known as having a less then subtle style and doesn’t always have unanimity within the mob , so if he intends to take back control there is likely to be sparks. This trio are set to be released from prison between December of this year and February of next year. Their release could very well trigger a new internal Montreal mafia war.

Sicilian Mafia targets two Italian Magistrates


The Sicilian mafia has ordered hits on two top Italian magistrates according to new intelligence reports collected by authorities. The plot against the prosecutors allegedly involves two clans with in the Sicilian mob believed to be located in Palermo and Gela according to the reports. Italian authorities say that each of the mafia clans involved would be tasked to take out the other’s enemy.


Silvana Saguto and Renato Di Natale

Silvana Saguto and Renato Di Natale


Renato Di Natale a prosecutor in Agrigento ended up in the crosshairs of one of the Siclian mafia clans after leading investigation into dismantling the organized crime group. Silvana Saguto from Palermo presided over a court which has ordered crippling seizures of assets against the mob clans in the area. The pair of prosecutors have made life hell for the Italian mafia and now find themselves being targeted by Cosa Nostra.

Israeli Mafia boss Yitzhak Abergil targeted in major underworld bust


Yitzhak Abergil a top Israeli crime family boss was arrested along with dozens of other suspected mobsters in a major organized crime bust. Abergil has been charged with the 2003 assassination attempt on rival Isreal mob boss Zeev Rosenstein which led to death of three bystanders. Rosenstein was targeted in a bomb attack in the city of Tel Aviv but survived the blatant attack.


Yitzhak Abergil

Yitzhak Abergil


Abergil is also facing charges for his role in an international drug ring along with suspected involvement in the disappearance of former Israeli mob figure Micah Ben-Harush. The mobster was already in prison serving the last two years of a 8.5 year sentence on charges from a previous guilty plea. He and the other Isreal mafia figures were in court on Tuesday to attend remand hearings.

He was part of a drug indictment in the United States back in 2008 along with his brother Meir. They were charged with using a San Fernando Valley gang to distribute millions of dollars worth of the drug Ecstasy and paying gang members to commit murder. The pair were extradited back to the US where they served 3 years in a US prison before being shipped back home to serve out the remainder of the sentence.

In total over 50 suspected Israeli mobsters and associates were targeted in whats being called by Israeli authorities as one of the biggest assaults on organized crime to date. Being labeled as “Case 512″ the investigation encompass’s crimes dating back over the last 12 years in a joint effort by Tel Aviv district police and Isreal police’s anti-fraud unit Lahav 433.

New Orleans mafia member Joseph Gagliano gets 2 year sentence


Joseph F. Gagliano a known member of the New Orleans mafia has been sentenced to two years in prison on weapons charges. Believed to be one of few remaining made members of the New Orleans mob he is the son of former New Orleans mafia underboss Frank “Fat Frank” Gagliano. The mafia in New Orleans also known as the Marcello family after its one time powerful boss Carlo Mercello is believed by many including law enforcement to be defunct.


Joseph Gagliano

Joseph Gagliano


Joseph was part of a racketeering case back in the 1990’s along with his father and former New Orleans mob boss Anthony Carollo. Working along with the Gambino crime family in New York they skimmed millions of dollars from a video poker company named Worldwide Gaming. According to the feds that case was the nail in the coffin for the Big Easy based crime family.

Fat Frank passed away in 2006 and Carollo in 2007 and it seems any remaining crime figures from the family including the younger Gagliano fell out of the criminal limelight. Until this latest case involving Joseph and Dominick Gullo who were pulled over for driving a fan that contained what prosecutors claimed were make shift gun ports and were in possession of a sniper rifle. There was a sawed off chair facing a sliding glass window which prosecutors hinted was a setup for some nefarious purpose.

Defense attorney Pat Fanning claimed that the van was being set up by the two men for a new snowball business they were getting into. Prosecutors never offered an exact theory as to what they thought the van was to be used for but they believed the pair had been plotting something much different then snowball sales. The van had stolen plates and neither of the defendants offered up the snowball business theory when pulled over by Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s deputies.

Gagliano having been convicted in two previous racketeering cases ended up being charged with transporting a firearm as a felon and aiding in the possession of an unregistered firearm. Both men plead guilty and Gullo who had no previous criminal record received a five month sentence for possession of an unregistered firearm. The current status of the New Orleans mafia is often disputed as some believe the family remains small but active in some capacity while others point to lack of any formal hierarchy in place or recent known activity as clear indicators the mob family no longer exists.

Luigi Manocchio former New England mafia boss released from prison


Luigi “Baby Shacks” Manocchio the former boss of the New England mafia was released from prison to a half way house as he finishes out his 5 1/2 year prison sentence for shaking down local area strip clubs. He pleaded guilty back in 2012 along with other New England mob members including capo Edward “Eddie” Lato. Manocchio will see his sentence officially end in November and could be moved to home confinement at some point prior to then.


Luigi Manocchio

Luigi Manocchio


Baby Shacks is believed to be officially retired from the mafia in New England after stepping down as boss of the family. The New England mafia 2015 is still very much in a stats of disarray after its hierarchy was dismantled by the latest rounds of federal indictments with help from mob turncoats. What is left of the family is in somewhat of a state of transition as its power base shifts from Providence to Boston.

With some established mobsters beginning to make it back to the streets after long prison sentences perhaps the mob family once again has a shot to stabilize itself and begin to rebuild the ranks. Its doubtful that Manocchio will play any official part in things although perhaps unofficially he can be a source of advice and counsel as family tries to recover.