Mafia in Australia


When one hears the word mafia they most often think of the New York mafia in America or the various mob families it Italy but seldom does Australia come to mind. The Calabrian mafia also known as the Ndrangheta one of the worlds most powerful and secretive criminal syndicates has deep roots in Australia. Based out of Calabria in southern Italy they have become one of the countries leading organized crime groups and are quickly becoming a world wide force. They now have roots in multiple countries including Canada and the United States but perhaps their deepest ties outside of their native Italian homeland are in Australia.


mafia in australia


The mafia has flourished in Australia according to law enforcement infiltrating the highest levels of politics and embedding itself into the countries core. The mafia in Australia has a long violent history that has been kept relatively quiet in respect to mafia news from other parts of the world. Australia has long been a haven for Italian migrants and they created what authorities call a “Little Italy” with in the country. This Italian community quickly became a place for the Australian Ndrangheta to make roots and begin to grow carrying on blood ties through generations.



This two part documentary called “The Mafia in Australia” looks into the history of the mafia in Australia and its rise to power. It contains some fabulous interviews and takes a very in depth approach as to how and why the Ndrangheta has chosen Australia as such a trusted operational hub. They dive into the murder and mayhem that has haunted the country for years and remains today despite recent efforts by authorities against the Australian mafia. It’s a really interesting look inside the Australia mob which is still unknown to many worldwide.


Gambino family mobster Richard Martino back on the streets


Richard “Richie From The Bronx” Martino is back on the streets after nine years behind bars for running an illegal internet porn and telephone cramming operation. The consumer fraud scheme was a major money maker for the Gambino crime family running approximately 18 years making an estimated $650 million dollars. Along with his prison sentence Martino was forced to forfeir over $14 million dollars before going to prison back in 2006. According to mob sources the 55 year old mobster is back to mafia business as part of a Gambino family crew now being run by acting capo Andrew “Sonny” Campos.


Richard Martino

Richard Martino


Martino was a rising star in the Gambino family before his prison stint and was once praised by the former Gambino family boss John Gotti. Back in 1990 Gotti was captured on wire tap telling then consigliere Frank Locasio who proposed Richie from the Bronx for membership that “I want guys that done more than killing, I like the Richies,” he said. “They’re young, twenty something, thirty something … beautiful guys …Ten years from now, these young guys we straightened out, they’re gonna be really proud of them.”

Backed early on by then capo Salvatore “Tore” Locascio who along with long time New York mafia associate Zef Mustafa were also a key part of the profitable consumer scam operation. Both are also still part of the mob crew being run now by Campos according to sources. Whether or not the mobster once known as the mob’s king of phone sex will be able to reach the lofty heights he did in the past again is yet to be seen.

Former Gambino family underboss Anthony Megale dead


Anthony “The Genius” Megale the one time underboss of the Gambino crime family passed away from an apparent heart attack. Megale was released from prison back in December after being sentenced to 11 years in prison back in 2006. He was indicted for 38 counts of extortion linked to a tri-state racketeering enterprise that was centered in New York state.


anthony megale

Anthony Megale


The Connecticut mobster made his way through the ranks of the Gambino family becoming a capo in 2001 and eventually the families underboss in 2002 after the arrest of Peter Gotti. The veteran New York mafia figure had a fairly long criminal past as a member of the mob before passing away at age of 62.

Calabrian Mafia targeted in massive illegal gambling bust


Calabrian mafia also known as the Ndrangheta was the target of a massive bust into an international illegal gambling operation. Italian authorities arrested 41 alleged mobsters and associates and seized assets worth an estimated $2.18 billion dollars ($2 billion euros). The Ndrangheta is one of Italy’s strongest mafia families and have long been known as major players on the international drug trade. This bust shows that the mob family is also heavily invested in other traditional mafia businesses.


Ndrangheta gambling bust


The operation led to the seizure of 11 international and 45 national businesses, 82 international and national online gambling websites, 1500 better parlors, and various other pieces of property. Of the 41 people arrested by Anti-Mafia police 28 of them have been sent to prison with 13 others placed on house arrest. The Calabrian mafia has also been targeted of late in busts revealing growing ties to families of the New York Mafia seemingly related to the drug business.

Gambino family mobster turned rat Sammy Gravano looking for early release


Former Gambino crime family underboss turned rat Salvatore “Sammy the Bull” Gravano is seeking a reduction on his 20 year prison sentence which is set to be completed in 2017. Gravano was sentenced to the current 20 year sentence for running a massive ecstasy operation based in Arizona. Sammy the bull made headlines when he turned rat and testified against his fellow mobster and one time Gambino family boss John Gotti. He was rewarded for his cooperation getting a ridiculous deal having to only serve five years on charges which included 19 mafia hits.


sammy gravano

Sammy Gravano


Federal prosecutors this time around are not backing the mob snitch according to court documents. Brooklyn Federal Judge Allyne Ross was reminded that prosecutors have said all along Gravano deserved more then the 20 year senetence he originally recieved and he benefited then from a cap on his sentencing guidelines. Assistant U.S. Attorney said in court documents that Sammy the bull squandered a chance to live a law abiding life and instead only months after his release launched an illegal drug enterprise.

The now 70 year old Gravano is eligible for a sentence reduction under an amendment to the federal sentencing guidelines which was approved last year. Most would agree it would be shocking if he was able to wiggle in a sentence reduction after all he has done previously.