Mafia operation targeting the Ndrangheta nets over 160 arrests


A massive Mafia operation targeted against the Calabrian Mafia also known as the Ndrangheta leads to over 160 arrests. Over 1000 members of the Carabinieri were involved in raids across the northern regions of Lombardia, Veneto, Emilia Romagna, and Piemonte along with Calabria and Sicily. Franco Roberti the National Anti-Mafia prosecutor called the operation “historic and unprecedented” in the historical fight against the Italian mafia. Among those targeted in the operation was believed to be the powerful Ndrangheta clan of Nicolino Grande Aracri who is currently in prison.


Nicolino Grande Aracri

Nicolino Grande Aracri


The Bologna based operation lead to arrests of six alleged bosses of semi-autonomous clans according to a report from Roberto Alfonso Bologna’s chief prosecutor. Domenico and Ernesto brothers of Grande Aracri were also arrested as part of the mob operation. Those arrested have been accused of various charges including mafia association, illegal possession of firearms, and extortion.



Chicago Mafia 2015 Leaders


The Chicago mafia also known as the Chicago Outfit has been on the decline over the years according to most the mob in the “Windy City” is far from done. A new crop of Chicago mob leaders is now in place going into the new year and it seems like business as usual even if things are not exactly as they once were at the height of their power. Michael “Fat Mike” Sarno has stepped down from his role of acting boss leading to Salvatore “Sally D” DeLaurentis taking over as the families new acting boss according  sources of Scott Burnstein and his Gangster Report site.


Salvatore DeLaurentis

Salvatore DeLaurentis


Seems Sally D earned his promotion while crushing a beef between young Cicero crew members and the old guard of the Chicago mafia last year which could of gotten ugly. The problem seemed to have developed between some younger Sarno loyalists and the older members of The Outfit pecking order. Now with a new acting boss in place the Chicago mob seems to have thing back in order and settled and ready to move forward doing business as usual.


salvatore cataudella

Salvatore Cataudella (right)


Along with DeLaurentis sources also believe that Salvatore “Sammy Cards” Cataudella is the new syndicate underboss and John “Pudgy” Matassa Jr has taken over as acting consigliere of the mob in Chicago for Joseph “Joe the Builder” Andriacchi a mob elder statesman.


John Matassa Jr

John Matassa Jr.


The Montreal Mafia and Michael DeGroote


Here is a follow up to the previous story on Vito Rizzuto the Montreal mafia and its connection to Michael DeGroote and the Dominican Republic casinos. Here is an episode of “The Fifth Estate” on Michael DeGroote one of Canada’s richest men and how he invest into the Dream Venture and Carribean casinos and how long time Montreal mob boss Vito Rizzuto got involved. There are in depth interviews with the Carbone brothers business partners in the Dream corporation and in depth information on the mafia other players and the investigation.


the mob and michael degroote


Here is the full length episode of “The Mob and Michael DeGroote“.


Vito Rizzuto: Montreal Mafia bosses final deal and video footage


Vito Rizzuto was caught by security camera’s as he strolled through a casino in the Dominican Republic on August 14, 2013 just 131 days before he passed away back in Montreal. The long time boss of the Rizzuto Crime family of the Montreal mafia was believed to have been in the Dominican on business and perhaps his last deal before his death. Vito would pass away in the midst of a revenge plot against mob rivals who had earlier attempted to take over the Montreal underworld leading to the ongoing bloody Montreal mafia war.


vito rizzuto in dominican 2013

Vito Rizzuto  Dominican Republic 2013



Authorities believe that Vito and the Rizzuto crime family were attempting to muscle their way into control of the Dominican Republic casino’s through a company named Dream Group. The company has been a target of an ongoing investigation as to its business practices and links to organized crime including the mafia. Michael DeGroote one of Canad’a richest men was a main investor into the company and now finds himself caught up in a bitter conflict.


michael degroote

Michael DeGroote


The Rizzuto family has long held links to the Dominican Republic using it as a transit point for drug shipments to Montreal. Although authorities believe Mr. DeGroote had no previous knowledge of any organized crime links when investing almost $120 Million US dollars into the company others involved had previous links or organized crime according to reports from the investigation. According to the investigative reports Rizzuto was brought in by part owner Andrew Pajak in an attempt to take control from his partners Antonio and Francesco Carbone.


antonio and francesco carbone

Carbone Brothers


Rizzuto had a series of meetings down in the Dominican with Alexander Visser who has a long criminal history and Pajak according to sources quoted in the investigation. It is believed that these meetings were discussions on what would be done with the company and the Carbone brothers. Antonio Carbone says he was then called into a meeting in Toronto with Vito Rizzuto and Pajack and was told by Rizzuto to walk away or else.

But before plans could be carried out any further Vito would pass away from what was believed to be complications of lung cancer. It is believed this was the final deal in the criminal life of Vito Rizzuto and it is unknown as to any involvement the mafia in Montreal and Rizzuto family now has in the casino’s or other interest in the Dominican.



Mafia prince Michael Persico still wants guilty plea back


Michael Persico son of long time Colombo crime family boss Camine (Junior) Persico has renewed his motion to have his recent guilty plea rescinded. The Colombo family prince just recently lost a motion to have his plea agreement with the feds terminated but now claims more wrong doing by prosecutors and has once again filed a similar motion. The feds stated recently in court papers that they could prove Michael’s involvement in the mafia murder of rival Colombo solider Joseph Scopo during the bloody Colombo family war from 1991-1993. According to Persico and his lawyers this directly violates the plea agreement they entered into with the feds.


michael persico 4

Michael Persico


The statement from prosecutors about the mob slaying was in response to Judge Sandra Townes request for information being introduced at an upcoming pre-sentencing hearing. Prosecutors are supplying the information as reasons for why the judge should not mete out a sentence below the guidelines now in place of 37-46 months. But Persico’s lawyer says its the governments way of looking for a much stiffer sentence then the agreed upon plea deal led them to believe.

The plea agreement according to the defense lawyer prohibited the prosecution from advocating before the court and they have now broken that agreement. As per the plea the government should of declined the opportunity to supply information about additional crimes Persico allegedly committed as it was all included as part of the agreement. Prosecutors also notified the defense that they planned to call turncoat Colombo mobster Anthony (Big Anthony) Russo along with an FBI agent as witnesses during the hearing to back up their claims. This would also be a direct violation of the plea agreement according to Persico’s lawyer.

The plea seems like a sweet deal for the younger Persico even with the government’s attempts to influence the court for the high end mark of the sentencing guidelines. The defense team has filed for another adjournment if the motion is denied to allow time for them to go over the new information just turned over by the feds and prepare a proper rebuttal they deem necessary before sentencing.