New England mobster Alfred Scivola released from prison


Alfred “Chippy” Scivola who was snared in a wide ranging crackdown on the New England mafia has been released from prison after completing a nearly two year stint. He plead guilty to to conspiracy charges for his role in the shake down of local area strip clubs for protection payments. Convicted along with him in same crack down were other mobsters including former Patriarca family boss Luigi “Baby Shacks” Manocchio sentenced to over five years.


Alfred Scivola

“Alfred Scivola”


The now 87 year old New England mobster is still on home confinement and will finish out the rest of his sentence and be free and clear in January. He was released from the Devens Federal Medical Center and its unknown as to what if any role he still has in the New England mob.



Gambino family mobster Gennaro Bruno charged with murder


Gennaro Bruno a associate and wanna be made guy in the Gambino crime family has been charged with racketeering including a 2002 mob hit, drug trafficking, and extortion. Bruno over the years became a proven mob associate and was allegedly part of the Gambino family crew once led by mobster Joseph “JoJo” Corrozo a powerful member and one time consigliere of the Gambino family.


gennaro bruno


The 41 year old Bruno began his criminal career as part of New York gangs and then rose in ranks to become a member of the Gambino’s. He is charged with the killing of rival Martin Bosshart in a battle over drug turf. He allegedly lured Bosshart to a location in Queens and shot him behind the head killing him instantly.


He also is alleged to have used his position in the mafia to extort protection payments from the owner of a Queens based waste carting company. If convicted he is facing a long stint in prison and definitely puts a dent in his once bright future in the New York mafia.



Colombo Family rat Joseph Competiello looks to cash in on his cooperation


Joseph (Joey Caves) Competiello a former mob soldier in the Colombo crime family along with the feds are looking for a reduced sentence for his earlier cooperation. The feds are urging for leniency for the former wiseguy who is facing life in prison after admitting to five murders as part of his plea deal agreed to when he flipped. Competiello has now served six years since his arrest and cooperation and Team America is asking for him to be sentenced to time served.


joseph competiello

“Joseph Competiello” 


The cooperation of Competiello was the beginning of the end of the Colombo family according to a source in law enforcement. He came forward to help the feds solve the 1997 mob hit on former NYPD officer Ralph Dols which the feds claim caused a chain reaction of others flipping that resulted in the arrest and convictions of a huge chunk of the families made members.


The case had gone unsolved until Joey Caves came forward and fingered the hit team which included then Colombo capo’s Dino Calabro and Thomas Gioeli. Calabro would then decide to himself turn rat and implicate the former Colombo family acting boss Joel Cacace who wanted the hit done because the cop had married his ex-wife. Solving the Dols case and the eventual fallout definitely was a major hit to what many believed to already be the weakest of the five families of the New York Mafia.


Sources believe it is unlikely that a judge next week sentences Competiello to only time served but with the feds behind him its not impossible and he will def be in line for some kind of reduced verdict.



Joey Merlino headed back to prison for parole violation


Joseph “Skinny Joey” Merlino the former boss of the Philadelphia mafia is headed back to prison after being sentenced to 4 months on a parole violation. Merlino now has 30 days to report to prison to begin serving his sentence. He was sentenced at a parole hearing today in Philadelphia for meeting with fellow mobster John Ciancaglini and other felons down in Florida.


Merlino in front of court room in Philly

“Joey Merlino outside Philly Court House”


Now after he serves this four months he will come out a free man under no more supervised release restrictions. So the feds win another small victory against Skinny Joey and it will be interesting to see what Merlino does once he is released and off restrictions. Will he go back to Boca Raton and live the good life away from the Philly mob or will he return to Philadelphia and get back into the game ?


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Genovese family bust in New Jersey with 11 members and associates charged


Genovese crime family round up today in New Jersey nets 11 members and associates of the New York mafia family according to Attorney General. According to the indictment warrants were issued for first tier racketeering charges including loansharking, gambling, money laundering, drugs and illegal check cashing which generated millions of dollars in illegal profits. Dubbed “Operation Fistful” it was a joint venture between multiple law enforcement agencies from New York and New Jersey.


Members are allegedly part of a New Jersey based crew of the Genovese family being run by Genovese capo Charles “Chuckie” Tuzzo and Vito Alberti a soldier who answered to the Genovese hierarchy back in New York.


new jersey genovese bust


Also charged were various mob associates including Vincent P. Coppola son of imprisoned mob capo Michael Coppola, Robert “Bobby Spags” Spagnola, Abel J. Rodriguez, Flor Miranda, John W. Trainor, Manuel Rodriguez, Jennifer Mann, and Jerry J. Alabanese.