New England mafia underboss Carmen DiNunzio back on the streets


Carmen DiNunzio known as “The Cheeseman” the underboss of the New England mafia is back on streets along with members of his mob crew. He was released after doing a five and a half year sentence on racketeering and bribery charges. He was made back in 1997 by then boss Luigi “Baby Shacks” Manocchio moving up the ranks to captain and promoted to under boss back in 2003. A bit of mafia news the mob in New England could certainly use these days.


carmen dinunzio 2

Carmen DiNunzio


DiNunzio is expected rejoin his fellow wiseguys and take back control of the Boston faction of the Patriarca Family. Except for his brother Anthony DiNunzio the former acting boss who won’t be out of prison for another three years the rest of the crew is back in Boston. The crew includes William Angelesco, Gregory Costa, Johnny Scarpelli, and Salvatore Marino along with Anthony and Carmen.

The mafia in New England has been decimated by indictments and cooperating witnesses over last few years and are looking to regain some stability. Crews in Providence the families long time power base have been dismantled for most part and law enforcement sources believe the power in the family now lies in Boston. Its unknown who is currently in control of the family and some believe Carmen may take over as boss in some fashion acting or other wise.

The former acting boss Antonio Spagnolo who took over after the arrest of Anthony DiNunzio in 2009 was recently arrested on extortion charges linked to shake downs on a local video poker machine company. Perhaps the New England mob is once again worth keeping a closer eye on.

Lucchese family mobster Martin Taccetta has life sentence appeal dismissed


Martin Taccetta a former reputed underboss in the Lucchese crime family had his appeal dismissed and will continue to serve out his life sentence. From East Hanover he was reputed to be part of a New Jersey branch of the Lucchese family. The road to prison was an odd one for the mobster beginning with a 1993 racketeering case which included the golf club beating death of businessman Vincent Craparotta. Taccetta would beat the murder rap but was convicted on rest of the charges in the racketeering case and get sentenced to life in prison.


Martin Taccetta in 2010

Martin Taccetta in court 2010


More then a decade passed as Taccetta appealed his sentence claiming he was given bad advice from his lawyer as to the amount of years he was facing if convicted. In December of 2005 he was released from prison when a judge ruled that he was entitled to a new trial. He remained out until 2009 when a New Jersey Supreme Court ruled against him and he was sent back to prison ot serve out the remainder of his previous life sentence.

Now in what seems like a last chance at freedom the now 63 year old wise guy had his latest appeal to the Supreme Court ruling dismissed. Federal judges said that he failed to show that the New Jersey Supreme Court had created any constitutional tension and didn’t violate any established federal law.

Colombo family capo Joseph Carna passes away in prison


Joseph Carna also known as “Junior Lollipops” a capo in the Colombo crime family died of natural causes in prison. The 71 year old mobster was doing a six month sentence for for money laundering. His lawyer said he suffered from various medical problems including a heart condition. Carna was a participant on the attempted mob hit on porn king Joseph Peraino that left him paralyzed and former nun Veronica Zuraw dead struck by a stray bullet.


joseph carna

Joseph Carna (front)


According to the feds former Colombo family boss Thomas “Tommy Shots” Gioeli was also involved in the failed Peraino hit although neither gangsters were even charged. Prosecutors claimed that Gioeli once blabbed to a member of his mafia crew that he was going to hell because of the nun’s murder.

His latest conviction resulted from being busted laundering money for an illegal gambling business he was partners in with other high ranking Colombo mobsters. Arrangements for the long time New York mafia member has not yet been released.

Who is running the Philadelphia Mafia today


Philadelphia mafia has been a hot topic for debate of late as to who is actually currently running the infamous crime family. With multiple factions now on the streets of Philadelphia there are more options then there have been in years for the top spot in the Philly mob. The Philly crime family has always been an interesting and treacherous organization and that remains true today with old and new era mobsters on the streets. Who do you think is a top the Philly mafia hierarchy ?


joey merlino 2

Joseph Merlino


Some believe the most likely candidate for current boss of the Philadelphia mafia is Joseph Merlino. Could he possibly be running the family from down in Florida where he has lived since his release from prison. There are plenty of people who believe he is in control of the mafia in Philly through his long time friend Steven Mazzone who has been mentioned as the current acting boss of the family. Merlino denies any ties to the mob and claims he has retired from the life. He is currently doing a few months for violating his supervised parole so we may know more once he is released and free of any parole stipulations.


Philip Narducci

Philip Narducci


Philip Narducci a Scarfo-era mobster who is said to be well respected and a stone cold killer has also been mentioned in unsubstantiated rumors as to recently taken over top spot. Many believe after his release from prison he felt he was owed for time served and has enough influence on the streets to be boss. There have been other former Scarfo guys recently released who may agree to fall in line behind Narducci and strengthen his position.


steven mazzone 3

Steven Mazzone


Steven Mazzone who many believe is just a front man for his childhood pal Merlino is well respected across the board according to sources. It Merlino has as he claims left the mob life then plenty of people on streets in Philly feel like Mazzone could be a steady force as acting boss on his own. Whether or not he has enough of the family behind him to take over as the official boss of the family is still in question.


joseph ligambi

Joseph Ligambi


Joseph Ligambi is still believed by many people to be the boss of the mob in Philly even though rumors on the streets is that he has semi-retired. Word of late is Uncle Joe has taken more of an advisory role in the family but perhaps its just a way of staying low key while still running things and avoiding more indictments. Ligambi held the reigns for years and kept the family profitable and in line before his recent legal troubles.

Recent reports of a 3 man ruling panel leading the Philadelphia crime family have surfaced and many believe this to be the most likely possibility. The panel is said to be made up of Narducci, Mazzone, and Johnny Chang Ciancaglini. This kind of power sharing structure would seem to keep things from blowing up and having blood shed over control of the family and at least for now satisfy all factions.

With more mobsters from both the Merlino crew and the Scarfo era crew among others still hitting the streets there is definitely a possibility for violence as they fight for a piece of a shrinking pie. The Philly mafia glory days are long gone but they are still a viable criminal organization with money to be made so the top spot still has its benefits. But with less out there then in years past it makes for a much more volatile situation there is no doubt about it.

We may have a much clearer view of the mob landscape in Philly when Merlino gets released in a couple of months and is free of all restrictions. Either way there are very interesting times ahead for the organized crime family there. So who do you think is now in control of things in Philly ? Cast your vote !

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Chicago Mafia has upped loyal mobster Louis Marino to street boss


Louis Marino also known as “Louie Tomatoes” has recently been put in control of Chicago Mafia rackets in the north side suburbs of The Windy City. Marino recently finished up doing 25 years in prison when he was released last October. The 82 year old mobster has been rewarded for his loyalty to the mob with his promotion to “street boss” of the north suburb region. He was appointed to his new leadership position by current Chicago mob acting boss Salvatore “Solly D” DeLaurentis according to mafia news from Scott Burnstein and his Gangster Report.


Louis Marino

Louis (Louie Tomatoes) Marino


According to sources the octogenarian mobster has no intentions of retiring anytime soon but his son Dino Marino a Chicago Outfit button man is allegedly being groomed to eventually take his place. Both Louie Tomatoes and Solly D came up together in the mafia under former Cicero crew capo Ernest Infelise and former bosses Sam Carlisi and Joseph Ferriola.

Both mobsters were known and feared as mob enforcers for the Cicero crew back in the 70’s and 80’s according to reports. When mobster Joseph Amato retired Solly D and Louie took over the Lake and McHenry County loansharking and gambling operations before being pinched in a RICO bust. DeLaurentis held the position of north suburbs street boss before taking over day to day operations for the mafia in Chicago as acting boss sometime in 2013.