Mafia News: Current boss of the Gambino crime family Cefalu or Cali


Recent mafia news reports of a new acting boss being appointed by the powerful Gambino crime family of the New York mafia has come with some uncertainty. Reliable mob sources seem to be split on recent reports that Frank Cali has replaced Domenico “Italian Dom” Cefalu as acting boss of the Gambino family. Most agree that “official” boss Peter Gotti holds the rank in name only and is no longer relevant with in the family as he sits in a federal prison in Ohio. The family has been run by a series of acting bosses for serveral years and many now wonder who is calling the shots today.


FBI perp walk members of the Gambino crime family  Domenico Cefalu (c.) out of Federal plaza.   Original Filename: eganchin-44984.jpg

Domenico Cefalu 


The Gambino family was once the largest and most powerful Cosa Nostra family in the country and is seemingly once again on the rise. Gambino family has Sicilian roots and many believe its the current Sicilian faction leadership that is responsible for the rebuilding the revitalization of the organization. Sicilian Dom Cefalu took over as acting boss of the family sometime around 2011 when former acting boss John D’Amico stepped down. He quickly appointed fellow Sicilian Frank Cali as underboss of the Gambino’s and the family has been re-establishing itself ever since.


frank cali

Frank Cali


Frank Cali is believed to have become a made member of the New York mob back in the late 1990’s and has been seen as a rising star in the Gambino family for some time. He has deep mob ties both in the United States and Sicily and is well connected to other well respected and high ranking members of the Gambino family. He has been on the radar of law enforcement for years as he has climbed his way through the ranks of the family. He is known as a top earner and as someone who possess the qualities needed to be become boss of a NY mafia family.

Cefalu known as a tough stand up wiseguy has with out a doubt been a positive force atop the Gambino family leading using old school mafia tactics and traditions. But many believe the aging mobster lacks the charisma and long term vision of Cali. Has the now 68 year old acting boss Cefalu stepped aside so that the family could move into a new era under the leadership of the younger and more energetic Cali ? Who do you think is the current Gambino family boss ?


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Mafia cops cost New York Taxpayers Over 8 Million dollars


NYPD Mafia cops Stephen Caracappa and Louis Eppolito have cost the taxpayers of the Big Apple over 8 Million dollars. New York agreed to settle wrongful deal claims for the killing of five alleged mobsters who were killed by the notorious mafia cops. Both cops are now serving life sentences for their roles in the mob murders ordered by former Lucchese crime family underboss Anthony “Gaspipe” Casso. After turning rat Casso gave up his mafia cops informing authorities they were on his payroll for $4 thousand dollars a month for information and extra cash for murder contracts they carried out.


NYPD Mafia Cops

Louis Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa


Brooklyn federal judge Raymond J. Dearie ruled that there was evidence to suggest the murders would not have occurred if Eppolito was fired after being caught red handed in 1984 passing confidential information over to a mobster. This evidence would of allowed the wrongful death lawsuits filed by the victims survivors against the city to go to trial. Dearie said the failure to discipline an officer for colluding with organized crime figures courts risks that it will happen again and where that might well lead.

The city has agreed to pay large settlements to each of the New York mafia members and associates survivors. The following amounts have been paid to estates of the following $1.5 million each to Gambino family capo Edward Lino and soldier Bartholomew (Bobby) Borriello, $1.85 million to Lucchese family soldier Anthony DiLapi, $1.8 million to Lucchese associate John Heidel, and $1.75 million to informant and former painters union head James Bishop. The era of the NYPD Mafia Cops was a black eye toward local law enforcement and won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

Japan on brink of a Yakuza Mafia war


Japan is on the brink of a mafia war as rival factions have developed with in the Yamaguchi-gumi group of the Yakuza. The Yamaguchi-gumi is the top earning organized crime group in the world pulling in an estimated $80 billion dollars a year. The powerful Japanese mafia family dwarfs other organization and in contrast , all of the mob groups combined in Italy make an estimated $33 billion yearly. The group has been called the Walmart of the mafia in Japan for its ability to ward off opponents and rake in profits.


Shinobu Tsukasa

Shinobu Tsukasa


According to law enforcement sources the organization is on the verge of splitting. Yamaguchi-gumi members have developed divided loyalties to 73 year old mafia boss Shinobu Tsukasa. Tsukasa became became the most powerful mafia boss in Japan back in 2005. He is only the sixth head of the organization in its 100 year history. A breakaway group has formed recently with in the organization to protest what is being seen as preferential treatment toward the Kodo-kai an affiliate he himself founded back in 1984.

Tsukasa has been expanding the power base and influence of the Kodo-kai into Tokyo and rest of eastern Japan. The move has angered the traditional western based member of the Yamaguchi-gumi according to multiple sources. High ranking members of the break away group failed to attend a recent meeting at Yamaguchi-gumi headquarters which is believed to be a sign of coming aggression. According to sources a gathering of senior crime figures with in the rival faction is set to take place next month where the break is expected to be formulated.

The Yakuza has traditionally been less violent then some other mafia groups like the Chinese triads or the Italian mafia. But the last time a break such as this happened with in the Yakuza group in the 80’s it lead to a mob war leaving more then 20 mobsters dead and hundreds arrested. Japanese authorities are bracing themselves for more possible blood shed as tensions rise and the current break in the mafia in Japan happens.

The faltering economy in Japan and added crackdowns by law enforcement have cut into Yakuza profits which many believe is partly responsible for the rift. There is more money to be made today in Tokyo prompting Tsukasa to put more emphasis on the Kodo-kai and moves into eastern Japan angering the traditional power base of the family.

Former Bonanno family boss Vincent Basciano moves out of Supermax


Vincent “Vinny Gorgeous” Basciano the former boss of the Bonanno crime family has been doing time since 2011 in a Colorado Supermax prison but good behavior has him on the move. The 55 year old mobster was convicted of ordering a mafia hit among other charges and was suspected of putting together a hit list which included Brooklyn Federal Judge Nicholas Garaufis. The Supermax facility located in Florence, Colorado is one of the most infamous prisons in the nation.


vincent basciano

Vincent Basciano


Basciano was housed in the notorious “H-Block” section of the prison which featured 23 hour a day confinement to his small cell. According to sources a “step down program” allowed Vinny Gorgeous the chance to transfer to a less restrictive prison for good behavior. Bureau of Prisons website documents state that “Inmates who continue to demonstrate positive institutional adjustment for 12 months are referred for transfer to another facility,”


florence colorado supermax

Florence, Colorado Supermax Prison


Some of the famous names housed at the notorious prison during Basciano’s stay included Ted “Unabomber” Kaczynski, Richard Reid the shoe bomber, and Zacarias Moussaoui known as the 20th 9/11 hijacker. Basciano will be moving to a Florence High Security prison which houses approx 700 inmates and features outdoor fields for soccer and softball and area’s of worship. The former New York mafia boss will now be able to mingle with other inmates and room with a cell mate along with yard time playing sports.

Serving two life sentences Basciano won’t walk out of prison alive so moving to a less restrictive environment is about as good as it gets. The date of his actual transfer has not been made public according to reports.

Mafia control of the New York newspaper rackets shifts families


New York mafia has long maintained a very profitable racket by keeping its hooks in the distribution of New York newspapers in both NY and New Jersey. The mafia newspaper racket has been controlled for the last several years by the Bonanno crime family but times are changing as the beleaguered family losses its grip. Mob sources confirm that powerful Genovese crime family captain Peter “Petey Red” DiChiara has taken control of the mob local newspaper rackets. The Bonanno family continues to lose ground as other families including the Genovese family have once again began to re-establish themselves to an extent as law enforcement focuses more efforts on anti-terrorism.


The premiere U.S. edition of The Times of London, bottom, is photographed with Tuesday editions of The New York Times, Daily News, and New York Post June 6, 2006 in New York. Rupert Murdoch's newspaper launched the U.S. edition as part of a push to make the paper an international brand, entering a competitive New York market at a challenging time in the industry. Murdochs News Corp. also owns the New York Post.   (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)


The 72 year old DiChiara although not all that well known is said to be a powerful member of the Genovese family operating out of his social club in Knickerbocker Village. According to sources he used his connections with members and high ranking officials inside two newspapers worker unions to grab control. Payoffs from the racket come from kickbacks and payoffs from the a bootlegging scheme which has stolen magazines and newspapers delivered by non union workers.

The elder mobster was busted back in 2001 on gambling, extortion, and money laundering charges after mob associate Michael “Cookie” D’Urso turned rat and wore a wire for feds for three years. He and several members of his crew were taken down and Peter Red ended up doing 63 months. When he returned to the streets along with members of his crew his Market Street social club once again became a hotbed of NY mafia activity according to the feds. It was clear the elder wiseguy was back in action on behalf of the Genovese family.

In 2008 Peter Red was being investigated by organized crime detectives along with members of the Newspaper and Mail Deliveries and Mailer Unions for involvement in a check cashing and tax evasion scheme. According to the investigation it involved the use of a shell company to hide illegal payoffs and kickbacks received by the men from the non union drivers bootlegging scheme. To date prosecutors have yet to be able to make a case against DiChiara or any of the Union members for the alleged money laundering and check cashing scams or any form of labor racketeering they investigated.