Bonanno family mobster Anthony Santoro makes odd bid for plea deal


Anthony “Skinny” Santoro a reputed soldier in the Bonanno crime family is making a rather curious bid for a better plea deal offer from the feds. In a letter to Judge Melissa Jackson Santoro describes his propensity to talk crazy and even stupidly at times is actually a therapeutic technique he learned and that prosecutors are inaccurately trying to portray him as being violent. He claims this technique actually keeps him from acting out in a negative way and he is simply misunderstood.


anthony santoro

Anthony Santoro


He is locked up on charges of enterprise corruption, illegal gambling, and extortion and is looking at a plea deal of 9 to 18 years behind bars which he deemed as outrageously high. In his letter he implores for the judge to step in and settle things fairly since he doesn’t believe he is guilty of enterprise corruption and is ready to plea to one of the underlying charges. Wiretap evidence tells a different story of these “therapy” sessions that the New York mafia soldier claims to have according to prosecutors.

The 52 year old mobster was recorded on wiretap talking to a mob associate saying “I’m gonna split his ­f–king head with a hatchet,” he fumed to an associate about one foe, according to court papers.“I’ll put two holes in his ­f–king forehead. I’ll double-tap his forehead right now!” Although defense laywer Tim Parlatore that his client simply describes himself as being tough but is all bark and no bite and is really nothing more then a big cream puff.

Santoro was busted along with fellow mobsters including Bonanno family captain Nicky “Cigars” Santora back in 2013. Santora inspired the character played by now deceased Bruno Kirby in the hit mafia movie “Donnie Brasco” back in 1997.

Mafia Prince Nicky Scarfo Jr sentenced to 30 years


Nicodemo Scarfo Jr the son of former Philadelphia mafia boss Little Nicky Scarfo has been sentenced to 30 years on racketeering and conspiracy charges. He was charged last summer with committing bank fraud and other related offenses in relation to the First Plus Financial scam. Along with the lengthy prison sentence Scarfo has also been ordered to pay over $14 million dollar in restitution for money stolen from First Plus Financial. The 50 year old mobster received a stiff sentence because U.S. District Judge Robert Kugler believed it was warranted because this would be Scarfo’s fifth conviction and his second time in the federal prison system.


JSCARFO19 - MAY 18 - Nicky Scarfo Jr. in Morris County courtroom for use in Inquirer edition where it will appear with George Anastasia story. PUBLISHED CAPTION: The mob boss’ son, Nicodemo S. Scarfo, is accused of plotting with his father over the phone. SOURCE CAPTION: JSCARFO19 - MAY 18 - Nicky Scarfo Jr. in Morris County courtroom for use in Inquirer edition where it will appear with George Anastasia story.  PHOTOGRAPHER: ANDY RITCHIE SHOOT DATE: May 18, 2010         Monday, Jul 18, 2011  NATIONAL (A09)  Inquirer

Nicky Scarfo Jr


Nicky Scarfo Jr is an alleged member of the Lucchese crime family of the New York mafia. In the late 1980’s a battle was under way for control of the Philly mafia which led to as assassination attempt on the Nicky Jr. The hit is believed by many mob sources to have been carried out by mobster Joseph Merlino as a message to the elder Scarfo that he no longer had control of the mafia in Philly. After the attempted hit and fearing for his son’s life the elder Scarfo struck a deal to have his son become a member of the Lucchese family.

In an indictment back in 2010 for gambling and racketeering charges Scarfo was identified as a capo in the Lucchese family and was in control of the families New Jersey based operations. He along with 33 reputed mobsters in the Lucchese family were charged with running what authorities labeled as a $2 billion dollar international sports betting operation. His father and former Lucchese family boss Victor Amuso were named as unindicted coconspirators as part of the First Plus Financial case.

Gambino family mobster Richard Martino back on the streets


Richard “Richie From The Bronx” Martino is back on the streets after nine years behind bars for running an illegal internet porn and telephone cramming operation. The consumer fraud scheme was a major money maker for the Gambino crime family running approximately 18 years making an estimated $650 million dollars. Along with his prison sentence Martino was forced to forfeir over $14 million dollars before going to prison back in 2006. According to mob sources the 55 year old mobster is back to mafia business as part of a Gambino family crew now being run by acting capo Andrew “Sonny” Campos.


Richard Martino

Richard Martino


Martino was a rising star in the Gambino family before his prison stint and was once praised by the former Gambino family boss John Gotti. Back in 1990 Gotti was captured on wire tap telling then consigliere Frank Locasio who proposed Richie from the Bronx for membership that “I want guys that done more than killing, I like the Richies,” he said. “They’re young, twenty something, thirty something … beautiful guys …Ten years from now, these young guys we straightened out, they’re gonna be really proud of them.”

Backed early on by then capo Salvatore “Tore” Locascio who along with long time New York mafia associate Zef Mustafa were also a key part of the profitable consumer scam operation. Both are also still part of the mob crew being run now by Campos according to sources. Whether or not the mobster once known as the mob’s king of phone sex will be able to reach the lofty heights he did in the past again is yet to be seen.

Former Gambino family underboss Anthony Megale dead


Anthony “The Genius” Megale the one time underboss of the Gambino crime family passed away from an apparent heart attack. Megale was released from prison back in December after being sentenced to 11 years in prison back in 2006. He was indicted for 38 counts of extortion linked to a tri-state racketeering enterprise that was centered in New York state.


anthony megale

Anthony Megale


The Connecticut mobster made his way through the ranks of the Gambino family becoming a capo in 2001 and eventually the families underboss in 2002 after the arrest of Peter Gotti. The veteran New York mafia figure had a fairly long criminal past as a member of the mob before passing away at age of 62.

Gambino family mobster turned rat Sammy Gravano looking for early release


Former Gambino crime family underboss turned rat Salvatore “Sammy the Bull” Gravano is seeking a reduction on his 20 year prison sentence which is set to be completed in 2017. Gravano was sentenced to the current 20 year sentence for running a massive ecstasy operation based in Arizona. Sammy the bull made headlines when he turned rat and testified against his fellow mobster and one time Gambino family boss John Gotti. He was rewarded for his cooperation getting a ridiculous deal having to only serve five years on charges which included 19 mafia hits.


sammy gravano

Sammy Gravano


Federal prosecutors this time around are not backing the mob snitch according to court documents. Brooklyn Federal Judge Allyne Ross was reminded that prosecutors have said all along Gravano deserved more then the 20 year senetence he originally recieved and he benefited then from a cap on his sentencing guidelines. Assistant U.S. Attorney said in court documents that Sammy the bull squandered a chance to live a law abiding life and instead only months after his release launched an illegal drug enterprise.

The now 70 year old Gravano is eligible for a sentence reduction under an amendment to the federal sentencing guidelines which was approved last year. Most would agree it would be shocking if he was able to wiggle in a sentence reduction after all he has done previously.