Lucchese family mobster Martin Taccetta has life sentence appeal dismissed


Martin Taccetta a former reputed underboss in the Lucchese crime family had his appeal dismissed and will continue to serve out his life sentence. From East Hanover he was reputed to be part of a New Jersey branch of the Lucchese family. The road to prison was an odd one for the mobster beginning with a 1993 racketeering case which included the golf club beating death of businessman Vincent Craparotta. Taccetta would beat the murder rap but was convicted on rest of the charges in the racketeering case and get sentenced to life in prison.


Martin Taccetta in 2010

Martin Taccetta in court 2010


More then a decade passed as Taccetta appealed his sentence claiming he was given bad advice from his lawyer as to the amount of years he was facing if convicted. In December of 2005 he was released from prison when a judge ruled that he was entitled to a new trial. He remained out until 2009 when a New Jersey Supreme Court ruled against him and he was sent back to prison ot serve out the remainder of his previous life sentence.

Now in what seems like a last chance at freedom the now 63 year old wise guy had his latest appeal to the Supreme Court ruling dismissed. Federal judges said that he failed to show that the New Jersey Supreme Court had created any constitutional tension and didn’t violate any established federal law.

Colombo family capo Joseph Carna passes away in prison


Joseph Carna also known as “Junior Lollipops” a capo in the Colombo crime family died of natural causes in prison. The 71 year old mobster was doing a six month sentence for for money laundering. His lawyer said he suffered from various medical problems including a heart condition. Carna was a participant on the attempted mob hit on porn king Joseph Peraino that left him paralyzed and former nun Veronica Zuraw dead struck by a stray bullet.


joseph carna

Joseph Carna (front)


According to the feds former Colombo family boss Thomas “Tommy Shots” Gioeli was also involved in the failed Peraino hit although neither gangsters were even charged. Prosecutors claimed that Gioeli once blabbed to a member of his mafia crew that he was going to hell because of the nun’s murder.

His latest conviction resulted from being busted laundering money for an illegal gambling business he was partners in with other high ranking Colombo mobsters. Arrangements for the long time New York mafia member has not yet been released.

Murder of Bonanno mobster Salvatore Montagna indication of dwindling New York Mafia influence in Canada


Rizzuto crime family the dominate force of the Montreal mafia over several years now was once considered a branch of the powerful Bonanno crime family of the New York Mafia. The Rizzuto family paid tribute to the Bonnao family in New York for years until the killing of Montreal mobster Gerlando Sciascia in New York ordered by then boss Joseph Massino in 1999. Sciascia held rank of capo in the Bonanno family and was killed because of internal beef with Massino who felt he was challenging his authority and overly supporting Montreal boss Vito Rizzuto. The Rizzuto family viewed the killing of one of their own as betrayal and its believed they broke away from any major connections to the New York mob refusing to pay any more tribute after the incident.


salvatore montagna

Salvatore Montagna


Salvatore “Sal the Ironworker” Montagna the former acting boss of the Bonanno family returned to Montreal from New York back in 2009 on an extradition order. Upon his return he tried to use his standing as an acting boss of a New York mafia family as weight attempting for form an alliance to take over control of the Montreal mafia. But his attempt and murder now shines as an example of how not to do things in Canada and how the mob there now does their own business. Its reported that his stature in NY held no sway with mobsters there and he was isolated for most part through out his stay and often mocked and laughed at behind his back.

Montagna seems to have tried to form an alliance with anti-Rizzuto factions and Ndrangheta clans of the Calabrian Mafia in an attempt to over throw the Sicilian backed Rizzuto’s. But his lack of respect and pull lead to him being murdered on orders of former Rizzuto mobster and partner Raynald Desjardens after he attempted to double cross Desjardens in a failed hit. Sal the Ironworker was born in Montreal but left as a kid for Sicily and then New York and never really had any roots there so was looked at as an outsider from America when he returned. It was also reported that his funeral was attended by family and friends but had no significant mafia presence a direct showing of disrespect in mob circles.

Many still debate as to the influence the Bonanno family still has over the Rizzuto family and the connections of the mafia in New York to the Canadian mob families. The Montagna murder along with other events would seem to strengthen reports that the Rizzuto family no longer has dominate ties to the Bonanno’s and the mafia in New York. The Gambino crime family reportedly has ties to mobsters in Toronto and possibly Montreal currently but also does not play a dominate role in the region.

Even after the death of long time powerful mob leader Vito Rizzuto the Rizzuto family remains the power in the Montreal underworld with new leaders now in place.


New York firm under investigation for employing Bonanno family mobster


Tri-State Employment Services failed to disclose the employment of reputed Bonanno crime family mobster and accused murderer Neil Messina while bringing in millions of dollars in government contracts. Messina served as a division president for the company but was busted for his role in a fatal 1992 home invasion in 2011. The company failed to disclose this information when they filed state vendor responsibility forms in 2012 nor did they include it in a city vendor questionnaire submitted that same year.


mobster Neil Messina

Neil Messina


The Bonanno family mobster was sentenced to 148 years behind bars in 2014. The company which provides consulting services and temporary workers reportedly landed approx $45 million in government contracts dating back to 1996. According to reports Messina was employed as a president in the company from 1997 to 2011. The company currently holds contracts with the city worth $10.3 million and one with state worth $300,000 which could now be effected if these mafia links are proven.

A spokeswoman for state said no money has been paid on current contracts and they will be asking the state Inspector General and law enforcement to review the facts in case. Any outstanding payments on these state and city contracts will be put on hold until the matter can be resolved. Thomas DiNapoli a State Comptroller blamed the Cuomo administration for the mishap saying the governor while in office removed the review of centralized contracts like the ones mentioned back in 2012 which allowed the employment of a mobster to slip by.


Mafia News: Bonanno family Capo Vincent Asaro now facing new charges


Vincent Asaro a reputed capo in the Bonanno crime family has been hit with a superseding indictment containing two additional charges. The mobster is already facing charges for his part in the infamous 1978 Lufthansa heist along with the gangland murder of mob associate Paul Katz. The new charges from the recent indictment have yet to be disclosed but lawyers for Asaro argued for his racketeering trial set for July to be postponed.


Vincent Asaro

Vincent Asaro (center)


The feds are planning to put multiple mafia rats on the stand to testify against Asaro including former Bonanno family boss Joseph Massino and former underboss Salvatore Vitale. Vincent’s son Jerome has already pleaded guilty to digging up Katz’s remains moving the evidence of his murder from a Queen’s house basement previously owned by wiseguy Jimmy Burke or authorized the hit.

Nicole Argentieri the Assistant U.S. Attorney while not disclosing the new charges did mention that the evidence against the mobster is contained on cassette tapes which need to be converted over to modern media. It would seem these charges against the long time New York mafia gangster may have some vintage to them.