Bonanno Capo Jerome Asaro pleads guilty


Jerome Asaro a capo in the Bonanno crime family has pleaded guilty to a variety of mafia crimes including the exhumation of a mob hit Paul Katz back in the 1980′s. The hit was allegedly done by his father Vincent Asaro also a capo in the Bonanno family back in 1969 as a favor to fellow mobster Jimmy Burke of the Lucchese family because he suspected Katz was an informant.


jerome asaro

“Jerome Asaro”


Vincent Asaro has been charged with his role in the infamous Lufthansa heist which Burke is believed to have masterminded. He is slated to stand trial on a slew of serious mob crimes including his part in the heist. His son Jerome now faces up to 8 years in prison after his guilty plea. Attorney’s for both father and son have asked the court to allow them to mingle while behind bars at the Metropolitan Detention Center.



Gambino family captain George DeCicco passes away


George (Big George) DeCicco a long time Gambino crime family mobster has passed away at the age of 85. He was a long time lieutenant for former Gambino boss John Gotti and a leading members of the Gambino’s inner circle for years. He was the leaders of the family’s infamous Bensonhurst Crew for years and one of Gotti’s most trusted captains.


George DeCicco

“George DeCicco (second from left) with Family”


He was also the uncle of former Gambino under boss Frank DeCicco who was killed in a 1986 car bombing as retaliation for the unsanctioned murder of Gambino boss Paul Castellano. According to sources including law enforcement Big George was a fearsome Bath Ave presence for decades. His last arrest was back in 2007 for extortion charges.


Joseph Benfante a former defense attorney said his client was a gentleman and even detectives and FBI Agents used to say George always greeted them with respect and was very cordial. But prosecutors at his last trial in 2007 painted a darker portrait of a hard core mobster.



Michael Persico Colombo family mob prince backs out of plea


Michael Persico son of imprisoned Colombo crime family boss Carmine (The Snake) Persico has filed a motion to withdraw his guilty plea on loansharking charges. Persico has swung what many thought was a sweet plea deal granting him immunity from prosecution on more serious crimes including murder facing only 37 to 46 months behind bars. But now the mafia prince claims the government used back door means to breach the agreement in a 38 page filing made by his lawyer this week. He was caught making an usurious loan of $100,000 to a cohort back in 2009 and plead guilty as to terms of the plea agreement back in 2012.


michael persico 2

“Michael Persico”


Court filings claim that prosecutors sent a message to probation officials suggesting that the judge in the case upwardly depart from the recommended 37 to 46 month sentence which his lawyer said would have his client facing the statutory maximum for his crime of five years. Prosecutors also allegedly told probation officials that they had a preponderance of evidence against Perisco that could prove he took part in mafia murders along with a couple of other murder conspiracies. Marc Fernich attorney for Persico said this was exact language that is used to describe a standard of proof judges use to weight evidence in sentencing procedures.


Fernich said that probation officials had heard the message loud and clear because every sentence made by them after the representation of preponderance that the government claims merit upward consideration. But Fernich did leave a way out for his client and the prosecutors short of the plea deal falling apart and that was to have a different judge who had not been tainted by the governments efforts to advocate a greater sentence on Persico be used.


Prosecutors now have until October 13 to make the next move and agree to the withdrawal and ask for a trial date to be set or to oppose the motion completely. Persico could face life in prison at trial where he would be open to murder charges along with other typical mob crimes.


Mafia rat Hector Pagan sentecned to 11 years


Hector Pagan also known as “Junior” a former Bonanno crime family associate turned rat has been sentenced to 11 years in prison for mob crimes including murder. The former ex-husband of “Mob Wives” star Renee Graziano got a reduced sentence in exchange for his cooperation again his former Bonanno family pals. Even though it was Pagan who actually shot the victim his mob associate buddies Richard Riccardi and Luigi Grasso took the brunt of the punishment both getting 30 plus year sentences.


hector pagan

“Hector Pagan”


Pagan also supplied the feds with information about his former father-n-law and Bonanno family captain Anthony Graziano among others mobsters as part of his deal. Family of the victim check cashing cahier James Donovan said that Pagan made a deal purely out of self interest to keep himself out of jail and he hasn’t changed his spots and were repulsed by the governments decision to offer such a deal to a killer.



Colombo mobster Fappiano gets a year in prison


Scott Fappiano a reputed Colombo crime family mobster has been sentenced to a year behind bars for his part in a New York mafia effort to control the carting industry in New York and New Jersey. One of 31 alleged mobsters busted back in January of 2013 for shaking down garbage companies on behalf of the mob. He plead guilty on extortion charges as part of a plea deal and was facing between 15 to 21 months so caught a bit of a break.



“Scott Fappiano”


Fappiano has a long criminal history including being convicted for a rape he was later cleared on after spending almost two decades in prison. After he was cleared and released he still found his way back into trouble busted in 2011 in the biggest mob racketeering crackdown against the mafia in the US. He was let off easily then because his previous false conviction was strongly taken into consideration.


The Colombo family mobster also has families ties to the Gambino crime family. He has three uncles which were all made members of the Gambino family including two who turned rat Michael “Mikey Scars” DiLeonardo¬†and Frank “Frankie Fap” Fappiano. The third uncle was Frank DeCicco the first under boss under mob boss John Gotti.