Stephen Basciano son of former Bonanno boss Vinny Basciano gets 42 month sentence


Stephen Basciano the son of former Bonanno crime family mob boss Vincent “Vinny Gorgeous” Basciano is sentenced to 42 months behind bars for his role in a long running marijuana ring. Stephen pleaded with the court for mercy and reduced sentence saying he didn’t want to walk down the same path as his mobster father saying he’d learn from his mistakes. Vinny Gorgeous once the head of the Bonanno family of New York Mafia is now serving two life sentences down in a Colorado Supermax prison.


stephen basciano

“Stephen Basciano”


Federal judge Richard Sullivan decided against a lighter sentence ignoring the defendants pleas considering the seriousness of the crime. He said the large scale marijuana ring was not just a one time shot and went on for years. He urged Basciano to make good on his words that he would learn from his mistakes and walk the straight and narrow upon his release telling him this was no way to live.


Along with Stephen two of his brothers Joseph and Vincent Jr were also arrested as part of the drug ring. Joseph was less involved in the scheme has already been sentenced to six months in prison. Vincent Jr is set to be sentenced sometime later on this year. It is unknown if any of the sons are officially involved or made members of the mob.



Colombo family capo Thomas Petrizzo wants off easy for 9/11 scheme


Thomas Petrizzo a captain in the Colombo crime family charged with shaking down debris haulers at Ground Zero after the 9/11 terrorists attack is facing sentencing and wants off easy. His attorney claims he is a upstanding and hard working citizen who is deeply remorseful for the small part he played in the scheme. He claims his client was only briefly involved in the mafia run kick back scam back in 2009. The defense has asked Brooklyn Federal Judge Sandra Townes to sentence the defendant to probation although the recommend sentence under his guilty plea is from 10-16 months.


Freedom Tower


Prosecutors agreed to reduce the mandatory sentence guidelines down to 8 month for the aging mobster but urged the judge to sentence the long time New York Mafia member accordingly. They noted that he has been a long time member of the Colombo family and has been arrested for violent criminal activity since 1964. They also requested that he be fined $5,000 and be forced to pay back a restitution of a little over $34,000 due to his financial stability.


Letters of support were sent to the court in support of Petrizzo also asked the judge to go easy at sentencing. One even called the mob linked New Jersey contractor “the unsung hero if the building of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center back in 1970″. Sentencing has been pushed back a month to allow the Probation Department to complete a final pre-sentence report on the defendant.



Bonanno family pot ring leader sentenced


John “Big Man” Venizelos has been sentenced to 11 years in prison after pleading guilty to running a mafia linked marijuana trafficking ring. Prosecutors say Venizelos is an associate of the Bonanno crime family and was one of the biggest New York customers of Jimmy “Cosmo” Cournoyer an alleged Canadian drug kingpin. The operation was an alliance between the Bonanno family, Montreal mafia namely the Rizzuto family, and the Hells Angels according to prosecutors.


Jimmy Cournoyer and John Venizeloa

“Jimmy Cournoyer and John Venizelos”


Federal agents busted up the ring back in 2013 seizing more then $150,00 of drug money along with illegal narcotics, guns, and encrypted blackberry devices. Venizelos also got into trouble for attempted witness tampering when he was caught sending encrypted messages from a blackberry to colleagues telling them that Cournoyer was bankrolling a murder fund to whack informants.


Cournoyer also arrested in that 2013 bust is still awaiting sentencing.



Bonanno family trial – prosecutors want anonymous jury


Bonanno crime family members including reputed acting boss Tommy “Tommy D” DiFiore and captain Vincent Asaro are heading to trial and prosecutors are now asking for an anonymous jury. Recent court filings revealed that prosecutors have requested a partially sequestered and anonymous jury for the upcoming trial because of the high ranking nature of the mafia members. They have specifically asked that the names,addresses, and employment info for each juror to not be revealed to the defendants or defense attorneys and that each juror be escorted to and from the court room and during all recesses daily by U.S. Marshalls.


Thomas Di Fiore is escorted by FBI agents from their Manhattan offices in New York

“Tommy DiFiore  (center)”


Along with DiFiore and Asaro on trial are fellow Bonanno family members Jack Bonventre an alleged acting capo, Jerome Asaro an alleged capo, and alleged soldier John Ragano. Prosecutors point to the mafia’s and Bonanno family’s long history of being able to obstruct justice including many cases of jury tampering. They outlined the capacity and willingness of defendants Vincent Asaro and Jerome Asaro to engage in such behavior including committing murder.


The defendants were part of a mafia sweep targeting the New York mafia family back in January of this year and has been touted as having links to the infamous Lufthansa heist from 1978 with Vincent Asaro being charged with crimes related to that heist. The Asaro’s are also racing murder related charges with other defendants including acting boss DiFiore facing other racketeering, extortion, and gambling charges. Both of the Asaro’s are facing possible life sentences if convicted.



Mob Wives Alicia DiMichele avoids prison unlike mobster husband


Alicia DiMichele a former star of the reality TV show “Mob Wives” was able to avoid prison on charges of stealing union funds. She was sentenced to four years of probation with no jail time for her role in the scheme to divert money from a trucking company owned by her mobster husband Edward “Tall Guy” Garofalo Jr. The reputed Colombo crime family soldier is currently serving a seven year prison sentence on murder conspiracy charges. DiMichele was facing up to six months in prison under terms of a plea agreement.


Alicia DiMichele

“Alicia DiMichele leaving court”


Under the terms of the agreement she also agreed to pay restitution to Teamsters Local 282 in amount of $40,000. She said in a statement that she knew her husband and business partner were doing something wrong and she helped but it was not who she was and couldn’t describe how embarrassed she was to be in this situation.


alicia dimichele 2


Her attorney called her a loving mother and said she was effectively a single mother while her husband is a guest of the government. He also said since these allegations date back approx ten years making the case that jail time would of been excessive. The 41 year old Mob Wives diva quit the show in the spring even though she was reportedly making $8,000 per episode. It was anticipated that she would fare better in court then her mobster husband.