No Waterfront Christmas Tribute for the Genovese Family


The last remaining case from the large New York mafia take down nearly four years ago is set to end with multiple plea deals. Genovese crime family soldier Stephen Depiro along with two former International Longshoremen’s executives have agreed to plea deals for racketeering and extortion conspiracy charges. They were involved in a scheme run by Genovese family to collect “Christmas tribute” payments from hard working longshoremen in excessive of $3 Million dollars dating all way back to early 1980’s. It has been a long running tradition for union controlled thugs to collect these mob Christmas tribute extortion payments from workers bonus checks known as “container royalty fund” checks.


stephen depiro

“Stephen Depiro”


Depiro took over the waterfront shakedown scheme back in 2005 after former Genovese soldier Lawrence Ricci was whacked. Ricci was targeted for death by one time powerful Genovese capo Tino Fiumara who died of cancer back in 2010 who then appointed Depiro in his place. The feds began the current case into the Christmas tribute scheme after mob capo Michael “Mikey Cigars” Coppola was caught on a secret recording with a union member about the scheme and its history.


tino fiumara

“Tino Fiumara”


Prosecutors also had taped conversations recorded back in 1998 between Fiumara and Depiro linking Depiro to the extortion payoffs. Court filings also show that prosecutors had lined up more then 25 longshoremen who had agreed to testify about the payments being made which often were made unwillingly under a threat of violence. The payments which were often up to $2000 per longshoremen were collected by mobbed up union officials and then passed along to Depiro and other Genovese family mobsters.

Santa’s bag of gifts is sure to be a little smaller this year for the Genovese family.



Conrad Ianniello Genovese family capo gets 3 years for extortion


Genovese crime family captain Conrad Ianniello now 71 is headed back to prison for three years after being sentenced on extortion charges. Conrad is the nephew of former Genovese family underboss Matthew “Matty the Horse” Ianniello who passed away back in 2012. He pleaded guilty to shaking down workers at a Long Island Chocolate factory to allow a mob controlled union to move in instead of another legit union.


Conred Ianniello

“Conrad Ianniello”


He was caught saying on a secret wiretap “We are going to do it diplomatically and if that doesn’t work I am going to f— him up.” Ianniello mumbled an apology to his family in court at sentencing prompting Federal Judge Nicolas Garaufis to go into a rant. The Judge told Conrad his behavior disgusted him and he was tired of mobsters coming into his courtroom and apologizing to their families when they need to apologize to this country.

Outside of the court house Ianniello was asked by reporters if he cared to apologize to anyone else and his lawyer responded they had no comment. Although Ianniello in pure wiseguy fashion told a photographer “I am gonna drop you on your head.”



Mafia sweep in America and Italy includs high ranking Gambino mobster


Francesco Palmieri a high ranking member of the Gambino crime family of the New York Mafia was one of eight suspected mobsters rounded up in a transatlantic mob sweep. Authorities in Italy and America on Thursday targeted members of organized crime for suspicions of multiple mafia crimes. Along with Palmieri in New York also arrested of note was Italian mobster Giovanni “Johnny” Grillo picked up at a Milan airport.


Mafia: 8 arresti, anche esponente dei Gambino

Palmieri was allegedly traveling to Italy under a fake name for months demanding payment of a 30 year old credit from an Italian businessman. The debt dating back to the 1980’s is believed to be part of an International drug trafficking network connected to former Bonanno family mobster Cesare Bonventre. Both Palmieri and Bonventre are from same small Sicilian town although Bonventre was killed back in 1984 during a internal power struggle with in the Bonanno family.

Earlier this year authorities busted up a drug ring involving dozens of mobsters on both sides of the Atlantic including members of the Italian mob clan the Ndrangheta and the Gambino family.



Former Colombo family acting boss Thomas Gioeli suing prison for $10M


Thomas “Tommy Shots” Gioeli the one time acting boss of the Colombo crime family is suing the Butner Low Correctional Facility for a slip and fall. Serving a 18 year sentence he often complains about the conditions at the prison over twitter and his personal blog. Now he claims leaky piping is the cause of a nasty slip and fall which left him injured although the extent of his injuries are still unclear. According to the suit “Plaintiff Thomas Gioeli has been rendered sick, sore, lame, maimed and disabled and so remains due to the negligence of defendant,”


Thomas Gioeli

“Thomas Gioeli”


Gioeli was convicted back in 2012 on a range of mob crimes including murder conspiracy including mob rivals in an attempt to gain power with in the New York Mafia family. He was sentenced back in March and suffers from heart problems and diabetes and now a fall on a wet floor could make him an earner once again even though he isn’t on the streets.

His lawyer Martin Schiowitz refused to comment on the pending lawsuit when his office was contacted. The slip and fall happened back in August at the North Carolina penitentiary according to details of the newly filed suit.


Michael Persico ordered to stick to agreed upon plea deal


Michael Persico the son of imprisoned official Colombo crime family boss Carmine “The Snake” Persico has been ordered to stick to his agreed upon plea deal with prosecutors on loan sharking charges. The mob scion wanted to back out of his plea deal after learning prosecutors claimed in a Pre-sentencing report they could prove he was involved in addition significant crimes. They wanted to use this to convince the Probation Department to consider sentencing Persico to the upper end of the range for his single count he plead guilty to.


michael persico 3

“Michael Persico”


Through a preponderance of evidence the government claimed it could prove Persico was involved in other crimes including an involvement in murders of Michael Devine and John Scopo. The Colombo family prince got his panties in a bunch and argued that prosecutors had promised in his plea deal they would not push for a heavy sentence and he wanted permission to back out of his agreement. But Brooklyn federal judge Sandra L. Towned did not agree with the assessment of the deal and ruled against him.

The judge said the agreement did prohibit advocacy by the government and prosecutors before the court but it could not reasonably be interpreted as prohibiting it before the Probation Department prior to the Pre-Sentencing report. So prosecutors were on legal ground when presenting their case to the Probation Department who established the sentencing range in the first instance.

Many were shocked that Persico went to such measures as he agreed to what is seen by many as a sweet plea deal facing only 36 to 47 months behind bars. He is not set to face sentencing early next year in front of judge Townes.