Mafia prince Michael Persico still wants guilty plea back


Michael Persico son of long time Colombo crime family boss Camine (Junior) Persico has renewed his motion to have his recent guilty plea rescinded. The Colombo family prince just recently lost a motion to have his plea agreement with the feds terminated but now claims more wrong doing by prosecutors and has once again filed a similar motion. The feds stated recently in court papers that they could prove Michael’s involvement in the mafia murder of rival Colombo solider Joseph Scopo during the bloody Colombo family war from 1991-1993. According to Persico and his lawyers this directly violates the plea agreement they entered into with the feds.


michael persico 4

Michael Persico


The statement from prosecutors about the mob slaying was in response to Judge Sandra Townes request for information being introduced at an upcoming pre-sentencing hearing. Prosecutors are supplying the information as reasons for why the judge should not mete out a sentence below the guidelines now in place of 37-46 months. But Persico’s lawyer says its the governments way of looking for a much stiffer sentence then the agreed upon plea deal led them to believe.

The plea agreement according to the defense lawyer prohibited the prosecution from advocating before the court and they have now broken that agreement. As per the plea the government should of declined the opportunity to supply information about additional crimes Persico allegedly committed as it was all included as part of the agreement. Prosecutors also notified the defense that they planned to call turncoat Colombo mobster Anthony (Big Anthony) Russo along with an FBI agent as witnesses during the hearing to back up their claims. This would also be a direct violation of the plea agreement according to Persico’s lawyer.

The plea seems like a sweet deal for the younger Persico even with the government’s attempts to influence the court for the high end mark of the sentencing guidelines. The defense team has filed for another adjournment if the motion is denied to allow time for them to go over the new information just turned over by the feds and prepare a proper rebuttal they deem necessary before sentencing.


Genovese Crime Family: Who currently leads the most powerful New York Mafia family


Genovese crime family is one of the largest and most powerful of the five families of the New York mafia and one of the most secretive. The family has been dubbed the “Ivy League of organized crime” because of its ability to find new ways to make money and maintain its size and power over the years. The mafia family has also benefited greatly from its members maintaining the code of Omerta which has led to only six members in its history turning rat unique in today’s mafia. Named after long time boss Vito Genovese the mob family has long been one of the most interesting to many perhaps because so little information on their current operations and structure if known.

Vincent “The Chin” Gigante one of the most well known mafia bosses ran the family for for years using his “oddfather” act before passing away back in 2005. Since his death there has been very little information about who is the real power with in the Genovese family and who is officially sitting at the head of the table. They have been known in the past to use front bosses and ruling panels to run the family for the absence of the official boss or to insulate him. It has been a topic of discussion over recent years as to who the current boss of the family is along with the rest of its possible structured hierarchy.

It is believed that after the passing of Gigante is 2005 Genovese family capo Daniel Leo was running day to day operations as the families acting boss. He was convicted in 2008 and sent to prison but according to a 2009 report had maintained his status as acting boss although it is unclear if he still holds that current rank today. There have been many theories of late as to who is running the family and if the family even has an official boss anymore or has moved to a long term ruling panel type of leadership phase in an attempt to make it harder on law enforcement. Here are some of the names we see mentioned most often by those in mob circles and even law enforcement as to who may be the 2015 Genovese family boss.


Liborio Bellomo

“Liborio Bellomo” 

Daniel Leo – Promoted to captain under the Gigante regime and the last reported boss/acting boss of the family. He was considered by many to have held that rank during his last prison stretch which ended in 2013 although many others do not agree. With many of its top captains out on the streets while Leo was away there were plenty of candidates for the family to promote in its leadership ranks. Others maintain Leo was most likely a front boss for a more powerful faction with in the family during his time at the top.

Liborio Bellomo – Considered to be a rising star in the mob for years and the likely successor to Chin Gigante before being sent to prison back in 1996. A powerful capo in the family and was believed to have held rank of acting boss in 1990 after Gigante was convicted until his own conviction in 96. He ended up serving 12 years behind bars getting released in 2008 and is currently one of families more powerful players. The 58 year old wiseguy is considered by most to be the most likely choice to be the current boss of the family.

Ernest Muscarella – Another of the Genovese families powerful capos and one time acting street boss back in 2001-2002 before himself being convicted for racketeering. Capo of the families 116th street crew for years many believe he is another likely choice to hold a top leadership position including being the top spot in the family. His name has also been mentioned as part of possible previous and current ruling panels.

Dominick Cirillo – A long time trusted aide to Gigante and a long time captain in the family. Part of the families Manhattan faction and respected across the board he is believed to have held rank of acting boss from 97-98 before stepping down due to health problems. Then in 2003 was believed to have been appointed again to the role of acting boss stepping down in 2006 after a loansharking conviction sent him to prison. He was released in 2008 and some believe he could be the current head of the family as he is still one of their most respected members although at age 86 its unclear as to how active he remains.

Venero Mangano – The last known official under boss of the Genovese family. He is one of the families senior leaders outside of prison after his release back in 2006 after doing a 15 year stretch. Some believe that he is respected enough to be at the head of the family today although he is reported to be in very poor health and at age of 93 many wonder if he is still capable maintaining such a role.

Ruling Panel – Many people in mafia circles and some in law enforcement believe the family is now run by a ruling panel of its top capo’s and members and no longer maintains an official boss or historic mafia leadership structure. The current panel if in place could contains some of the families top members like Leo, Bellomo, Muscarella, among others.


Who do you think is current boss of the Genovese Crime Family ?

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New York mafia soldier Joseph Sclafani catches a break


Joseph Sclafani a soldier in the Gambino crime family caught a break getting his 15 year sentence on drug charges reduced by a year due to changes in sentencing guidelines. Also known as Joe Boy the New York mafia soldier was will now be set for release in 2023 after being sentenced on drug charges. Lawyers for Sclafani asked for his clients sentence to be reduced down to 12.5 years which prosecutors objected prompting Brooklyn Federal Judge John Gleeson decision that one year was sufficient even though Joe Boy may not see it as that big a break.


joseph sclafani

Joseph (Joe Boy) Sclafani


The feds ruined the Gambino family wiseguys plans to marry Mob Wives star Ramona Rizzo with his arrest on drug charges. The 49 year old mobster also requested a furlough so he could say goodbye to his father who was terminally ill but prosecutors objected on questions of the legitimacy of the illness. His father went on to pass away a couple months later and his lawyer also noted that as another reason his client was due a break.


ramona rizzo

Ramona Rizzo


Rizzo said its about time her former fiance catches some kind of break who she says she is still fond of although wedding plans have been called off. She also claims she is still upset over jewelry the feds confiscated when Joseph was arrested that belongs to her and they refuse to return claiming it was purchased from illegal drug profits.


New AMC Docudrama ‘Making of the Mob: New York’ details rise of the American Mafia


The mafia is once again the focus of a new AMC docudrama called ‘Making of the Mob: New York‘ being made by Stephen David’s production company which produced the hit History channel show The Men Who Built America. The new eight part series will detail the history of the original five families of New York which led up to the modern day American Mafia. Blending dramatic scenes with in archival footage and in depth interviews the new docudrama will take viewers back to the beginning in 1905 all the way up until present day.


Making of the Mob


Making of the Mob: New York will trace the roots of many notorious mobsters including Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel and Charles “Lucky” Luciano. The show will span over 50 years of the New York mafia and is scheduled to showcase hour long episodes beginning in the second quarter of this year. The personal stories of what these men really did building the mob in America has never been put together quite like this says Stephen David.

The docudrama will include original footage of interviews with law enforcement, authors, historians, and family members of former mobsters including actors Drea de Matteo and Joe Mantegna, former mob attorney Oscar Goodman, and even the grandson of legendary mobster Meyer Lansky among many others. It will include many larger then life characters and drama that proves to be better then fiction in every way according to Joel Stillerman AMC’s executive vp programming.

The new mafia series will be bolstered by AMC who plans to employ it as a lead in for showings of some of the best mafia movies from the network’s mob flick library. The new 2015 mafia series may prove to be one of the best to date.


Mafia Rats : Which turncoat has done most damage to the mob ?


Over the year the mafia has found itself under more and more pressure from law enforcement and watched its power diminish as more and more made guys got convicted and rackets effected. But the downfall of the mafia today can’t only be blamed on the Justice Department it also has a lot to do with turncoats from with in the mob families themselves. Many of the cases being made against the mob these days are typically strengthened and made because someone has flipped and turned on their fellow mobsters.

There have now been quite a few infamous rats in mob history which even includes such high ranking members as bosses, underbosses, and more. We have seen mobsters turn from every major mafia family across the country including the New York Mafia and the trend seems to be growing. Here are some of the mob rats who have turned on their wiseguys pals and done some real damage helping the feds attempt to dismantle La Cosa Nostra.

Here we have outlined a few mob turncoats from the last several years from various mafia families around the country. Most mob rats have done their share of damage to the mob but some have definitely done a lot more then others and lead to many more convictions and turned over a lot more damaging information. Which of these mafia rats do you think has caused the American Mafia the most by turning and joining team America ?



Joseph Massino – Massino was known to many as one of the last old school bosses on the streets responsible for bringing the Bonanno family to power in the 1990’s after the death of then boss Carmine Galante. When he flipped in 2004 after being convicted of racketeering and murder he became the first sitting boss of a New York Mafia family to turn rat. He would go on to testify twice for the feds against fellow mobsters including acting boss Vincent Basciano. He also supplied the feds with tons of information on the inner working of not only the Bonanno family but the Mafia in general.


joseph massino

“Joseph Massino”


Gregory Scarpa – A powerful capo in the Colombo crime family Scarpa was known to many as “The Grim Reaper” as one of the chief enforcers for Carmine Persico the Colombo family boss. He would become a FBI informer in 1962 after being arrested for armed robbery and the relationship between the two would span approx 30 years. During the bloody Colombo wars of the 1980’s he supplied the feds with information about is organized crime enemies with in his own family. His relationship with the feds was one of the longest in mob history and also one of the most questionable as to the ethics and handling by federal authorities but there is no doubt he helped in the dismantling of the Colombo’s.


Greg Scarpa

“Greg Scarpa”


Philip Leonetti – The then underboss of the Philadelphia mafia under his uncle and then boss Nicodemo “Little Nicky” Scarfo when he decided to turn on him and his mob family. At the time he was the highest ranking member of any mob family to turn rat after being convicted for multiple murders and other mob crimes. He supplied the feds with information that lead to convictions of multiple mobsters including members of Philly mob along with high ranking members from the New York mob. He ended the Scarfo era which many believe was when it all started to go down hill for the Philly mob family and they have yet to recover.


Phil leonetti

“Phil Leonetti”


Sammy Gravano – Perhaps one of the most infamous rats in the history of the American mafia Gravano was the underboss of the poweful Gambino crime family when he flipped. At the time he became the highest ranking member of any New York mafia family to become an informant. He turned back in 1991 and testified in one of the highest profile mob cases in history against mob boss John Gotti leading to his conviction and life sentence. He supplied the feds with information on the working of the Gambino family and all of the other New York mob families and would testify on other occasions on behalf of the feds.


sammy gravano

“Sammy Gravano”


Alphonse D’Arco – The then acting boss of the Lucchese crime family became the first acting or other wise boss of a New York mafia family to turn government witness. He would go on to testify multiple times for the feds leading to indictments of multple mobsters including then acting Colombo family boss Victor “Little Vic” Orena, Genovese family boss Vincent Gigante, Bonanno family consigliere Anothony Spero, and many others. He also supplied information on and testified against Stephen Caracappa and Louis Eppolito the duo known as the “Mafia Cops”. He is credited with almost single handedly destroying the Lucchese crime family which has struggled to rebuild ever since that time.



“Al D’Arco”


Which turncoat has done most damage to the mob ?

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