Genovese family soldier Stephen Depiro sentenced in mob Christmastime extortion racket


Stephen Depiro a reputed soldier in the Genovese crime family has been sentenced to 41 months in prison on racketeering charges for his role in a mob Christmas tribute scheme. According to prosecutors Depiro ran the mob business on the New Jersey waterfront for over a decade. New Jersey dockworkers who were part of Local 1235 of the International Longshoremen’s Association were extorted for Christmas payments made to the mafia.


stephen depiro

Stephen Depiro


The feds say the payments to the New York mafia came out of annual bonuses that dockworkers received based on quantity of containers that moved through Port Newark and Port Elizabeth yearly. It shows the widespread influence of organized crime on the New Jersey docks said Assistant U.S. Attorney Anthony Mahajan. He is this long time mafia practice and mob influence at the ports is what forced many to divert their cargo to other parts cause Port Newark to no longer be the thriving hub it once was.

Nunzio LaGrasso a former unions boss and alleged Genovese family associate was sentenced last week to 28 months in prison for his role in the mafia Christmas tribute racket. Genovese family capo Michael Coppola was also convicted for his part in the scheme and back in 2009 and is currently serving a 16 year prison sentence.

Bonanno Family mobster Jack Bonventre gets 21 month sentence


Jack Bonventre a Bonanno family mobster was sentenced to 21 month in prison for charges of collecting loansharking debts. The 46 year old mobster recently turned down a bump up which would of made him the Bonanno crime family consigliere. Prosecutors used recordings of another Bonanno family capo ranting about Bonventre during down the promotion to consigliere as proof showing he had become a major power with in the mob family.


Jack Bonventre 2

Jack Bonventre (outside Federal Plaza in Manhattan in 2014)


He was facing sentencing guidelines of 21 to 27 months and although he gets the lower end of the range he does not get credit for the year he has already spent under house arrest. He claims he walked away from his life in the mafia years ago , although evidence collected seems to contradict those claims.

Mafia News: Bonanno family internal dispute breaks out as it attempts to rebuild


Michael “Mikey Nose” Mancuso the reputed boss of the Bonanno crime family has been trying to stifle a potentially bloody dispute for control of the family developing with in its ranks. Mancuso is running the family while serving what remains of a 15 year sentence in federal prison according to the feds, not slated for release until 2019. It seems a crew of rebellious Bonanno members are at the heart of the dispute which according to court documents is still in a diplomatic stage as Mancuso tries to maintain control.


Michael Mancuso

Michael Mancuso


Mancuso has been dispatching messages through Frank “Frankie Boy” Salerno his nephew and a reputed newly made soldier in the Bonanno family according to court papers. These messages were being routed through alleged street boss John Palazzolo who was hand picked by Mancuso to run things on the streets until his prison release in an attempt to thwart the potential uprising. The NY Organized Crime Intelligence Division tipped off probation officials to the new role Salerno was playing as the Mancuso and Palazzolo go between leading to Palazzolo’s arrest on parole violations.


John Palazzolo


Salerno was seen meeting with Palazzolo and a crew of mobsters at a Bayside Queens eatery just hours after leaving Danbury federal prison where Mancuso is being held. Others attending the restaurant session included Pasquale “Patty Boy” Maiorino and John “Johnny Mulberry” Sciremammano both reputed Bonanno members and part of an organized crime figure list Palazzolo was ordered to avoid having contact with. Prosecutors claim along with meeting these members of the “do not associate” list Palazzolo was also seen meeting with former Bonanno family consigliere Anthony “Fat Anthony” Rabito.

According to mob sources the Bonanno family has made up to a dozen new members in recent months in an attempt to replenish its ranks. Included in this new batch of Bonanno made men was believed to have been Salerno if for nothing else to legitimize his position as Mancuo’s new go-between with members of the family. Whether or not the arrest of Palazzolo who is now being held in the Metropolitan Detention Center has put the brakes on the internal beef with in the Bonanno family is unknown. Although it would be mafia news to have a bloody street war break out inside one of the New York mafia families today, it seems unlikely.

Mafia News: Bonanno Family Street Boss John Palazzolo arrested on fears of mob war


John Palazzolo a reputed street boss of the Bronx based crew in the Bonanno crime family was arrested by the feds for meeting with fellow mobsters a direct violation of his parole. According to the feds Palazzolo was conspiring with others to attempt to take over Bonanno family operations in Queens and possibly the entire family. This type of move could of unleashed a wave of violence between factions with in the Bonanno family and possible lead to a mafia war according to sources.


John Palazzolo


Palazzolo finished up a 10 year prison sentence on charges of attempted murder and was released back in 2012. He was recently caught by surveillance having extended meetings with Anthony Rabito the current Bonanno family consigliere in the parking lot of a Queens diner. He was also caught meeting with mob members with ties to reputed Bonanno boss Michael “Mikey Nose” Mancuso who is currently doing a stretch in prison.

A source familiar with the situation claims that Palazzolo had lost influence under the current leadership and was planning on taking matters into his own hands. Law enforcement sources claimed once they became aware of his plans they had no choice but to take him off the streets. Seems the potential power struggle set to put the New York mafia family on verge of war also included a yet unnamed imprisoned mobster as well.

Federal Judge Nicholas Garaufis ordered the mobster to be held in prison pending a hearing citing the allegations of a conspiracy to take over the Bonanno crime family. The Bonanno family has recently been trying to rebuild its ranks after an array of mob turncoats including the families former boss and underboss lead to dozens of convictions thinning out the ranks. A major war with in one of New York’s five families would be unexpected mafia news to say the least.

Mafia News: Bonanno Family Capo Jerome Asaro gets 7 1/2 years for racketeering


Jerome Asaro a reputed captain in the Bonanno crime family has been sentenced to 7.5 years in prison for his conviction on racketeering. The charges included the digging up and moving of the remains of former mob associate Paul Katz in the 1980’s. Katz was murdered back in 1969 by Jerome’s father and high ranking Bonanno mobster Vincent Asaro because he was suspected of being a rat by James “Jimmy the Gent” Burke.


jerome asaro 2

Jerome Asaro


The body of Katz was buried under the basement of a house in Queens when was killed until the 1980’s when Jerome moved the remains to an unknown location. But in 2013 the feds got tipped off and excavated the basement grave finding some remaining hair and bones in which they used DNA testing and positively identified Paul Katz.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Nicole Argentieri said that Jerome may not have killed Katz himself but he did help his father Vincent to get away with it. She said the mafia is a family business and that Jerome is now a third generation mobster with in the Bonanno family. Vincent Asaro is still awaiting trial for the murder of Katz along with his participation in the infamous Lufthansa Heist.