Alfonso Caruana loses appeal in 18-year prison sentence

Alfonso Caruana loses appeal in 18-year prison sentence

Alfonso Caruana, known as the “boss of two worlds”, has lost his appeal.  The former Woodbridge Mafia captain will now have to continue serving his 18-year sentence in Italy.

Caruana, 74, has to face a possible 17 more years incarcerated after his 2019 conviction.  He was accused of helping run a multi-billion dollar cocaine trafficking and money laundering route between Italy and North America.  His legal troubles first began in 1998 where Canadian police raided his Goldpark Court home as part of a coordinated police operation ranging from GTA, Montreal, United States, and Mexico.

RCMP Inspector Ben Soave, head of the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit, said, ““If organized crime was the game of hockey, Mr. Caruana would be Wayne Gretzky.”

Caruana claimed to be recovering from bankruptcy while working a $400-per-week GTA carwash job.  His neighbors told police he was frequently seen driving newer-model Mercedes and Cadillacs.

He had no prior record of violence while living at his GTA residence.  After serving eight years in Canadian prison, Caruana was extradited to Italy in 2008 to serve out the remainder of his term.  After being sentenced in absentia, he also faced a separate Italian prison term.