Bonanno turncoat Gene Borello arrested for threatening ex-girlfriend’s husband

Bonanno turncoat Gene Borello arrested for threatening ex-girlfriend’s husband

Gene Borello, 36, was arrested on Sunday night after threatening the life of his ex-girlfriend’s husband on supervised release.

Borello pleaded guilty to racketeering conspiracy in 2016, where he was given three years of supervised release and credited time served, totaling five years in prison.  He admitted to more than twenty-four crimes that could have put him away for life.

These included arsons, beatings, burglaries, home invasions, and multiple shootings, according to the prosecution.

On January 24th, he had an exchange with his ex-girlfriend after she denied Borello permission to use a picture of her in his upcoming book he was creating.

Assistant US Attorney Lindsay Gerdes recounted the exchange in a Brooklyn federal court at the Monday bail hearing: “He said, ‘The minute you call the cops on me and grow those balls, you watch, I’ll blow your husband’s head right off in the middle of the street.”

“‘Remember what I used to do. I will grab your father right now and beat the dog sh— out of him. Be happy I don’t grab you and your fat, ugly husband by the neck and drag you down the street,'” Gerdes continued.

Borello was also arrested for his association with convicted mafia member John Alite on their YouTube show, “The Johnny and Gene Show.”  He also appeared on several episodes of Alite’s podcast “KONCRETE” — which Gerdes said “effectively glorifies crime and that type of activity committed by the La Cosa Nostra.”

Alite has stated numerous times on their YouTube channel that they in no way intend to glorify the mafia life, but are rather trying to save kids from entering the “life of treachery.”

“I don’t know why you’re doing this to me, Lindsay,” Borrello asked. “I made one mistake with my ex-girlfriend, why are you burying me like this?”

Borello’s mother made a statement: “Gene is a very good-hearted person,” she said. “He’s doing nothing but the right thing. Yes, he did speak a little bit. He does have a mouth, but he is bipolar…he didn’t hurt nobody and he’s not going to hurt nobody.”

The judge was unmoved, and ordered Borello locked up without bail for these new charges.