Camorra Baby Boss Abete Captured


The latest boss of the Di Lauro clan of the Neapolitan Mafia or Camorra has been captured in Naples.

Mariano Abete was the son for former boss Argangelo Abete and was known in the Italian media as “Baby Boss” taking over the family at age twenty one. He took over as head of the mafia family after his fathers arrest and the murder of his uncle. Mariano was now leading the family in a bloody war over drug turf against the Scissionisti clan a rival Camorra faction. The turf war has claimed the lives of dozens of known mobsters from both clans in recent months. Despite his age Italian police say that Mariano was a very powerful and dangerous mobster.


“Mariano Abete Arrest”

Abete was found hiding in a small hidden room in his mothers house in Naples. Police began to break down the wall when his mother intervened begging police not to hurt him and opening the secret doorway to the room. The room was nothing more then a small space hidden between two walls that was accessed by a movable wall operated by remote control. The small space contained only a canister of oxygen , mattress, pillow, and a crucifix.

Archangel Abete sometimes referred to as super boss because he led a splinter factions rebellion against the ruling family of the Neapolitan Mafia. Being the son of the so called super boss made Mariano mafia royalty says Italian police. Mariano is also the newphew of a notorious mafia don murdered in September in an ambush as revenge for the murder of a rival mafioso known was “Wooden Hands”. The mobster got the nickname because he had lost both hands years ago when a home made bomb exploded and now wore prosthetics. The hit on Mariano’s uncle was the latest murder in the bloody turf war.