Camorra Garbage King Carted Away


Cipriano Chianese is known as a legitimate business man and a respected attorney by many but Italian authorities say he is part of the Neapolitan Mafia or Camorra and was taken into custody. He is the head of the Camorra’s waste rackets and has allegedly extorted waste management quotas while operating Mary Trans a company used to transport waste for businesses and the municipal government in Naples according to law enforcement. Chianese also known as the “garbage king” is said to have put a bounty of over 1 million dollars on head of a prosecutor in Naples that was investigating him. The Camorra has been involved in the illegal dumping of toxic and nuclear waste in and around Naples for decades according to reports and the cancer rates for people in the area continue to skyrocket. Many of Italy’s Mafia families are said to be involved in these illegal dumping scheme’s and it has become a major money maker for them all.


“Cipriano Chianese”


Legambient an Italian environmental group released a report earlier this year that concluded the Mafia families in Italy pocketed over $22 billion dollars from dumping of illegal waste and pollution in 2012. Over 300 Mafia clans are believed to have been involved in committing over 34,000 documented environmental crimes. The area between Naples and Caserta is known as the “Triangle of Death” by locals because of all the waste burning and toxic fumes. Citizens of Naples and surrounding area’s have begun to protest in the streets in an effort to stop this illegal waste dumping.