Chicago Outfit mobster Rudy Fratto back in action


Rudy “The Chin” Fratto did not let his latest bid behind bars derail his mob lifestyle according to area sources. The 70 year old Chicago mobster released last November after doing a year behind bars on charges on construction bid rigging is back in his old neighborhood of Elmwood Park reestablishing himself in the local mafia rackets. Fratto became a made man in the Chicago Outfit back in 1998 during a Father’s Day induction ceremony and was mentored by Chicago mafia boss John “Johnny No Nose” DiFronzo a powerful figure in the mob for the last 25 years.


“Rudy Fratto”


Rudy the Chin is known to law enforcement as being prone to violence and has been identified as a suspect in numerous crimes including murder and attempted murder over the years. But he has found a way to stay out of prison for the most part even under close watch by the feds only having served two stints in prison one being his latest along with a tax evasion term back in early 2000’s.
During his latest big rigging case Fratto was caught on a wire tap saying “I’m the boss of this area around here , no one else”. The judge in the case claimed that the evidence put forth by the prosecution including the wire tap conversations were not enough to link the Rudy’s reputed Chicago mob status to the bid rigging scheme.