Gambino family installs up front capo panel to insulate leaders as they rebuild ranks


The Gambino crime family has begun using a new wrinkle to help insulate alleged boss Domenico “Italian Dom” Cefalu and underboss Frank Cali according to sources. A up front panel of top family captains has been installed to act as the families “street boss” and handle dealings between other family capos and soldiers. This panel is believed to includes John Gambino, Anthony Gurino, and Joseph “Sonny” Juliano all leading members inside the Gamino family. Cefalu became boss of the Gambino family in 2011 after the family was rocked by 2008 indictments that saw its entire leadership taken down. Many mob insiders and law enforcement sources believe Cefalu being made boss was an important political move made by the family signaling that its Sicilian faction had now taken power.


“Domenico Cefalu”  


Cefalu since taking over the reigns of the family has moved away from the in-your-face leadership tactics of former boss John Gotti and into a more low key old school mafia boss type approach. A law enforcement source said that the family is now serious about preventing the flow of informants that has previously been a big part of their undoing and trying to operate as a secret society. Cefalu continued to shift the family power base to the Sicilian faction when he appointed young up and coming mobster Frank Cali who also has close ties to Gambino Sicilians as the families underboss. They are now looking to rebuild the ranks and power of the Gambino family and many believe they have the respect and smarts needed to do just that and the appointment of this up front panel may prove that to be true.
John Gambino who served on as part of a three capo ruling panel before Cefalu became boss has long been a power with in the Gambino families Sicilian wing. He is a cousin of late Gambino family patriarch Carlo Gambino and uncle to family underboss Cali. Anthony Gurino has also established himself with the families Sicilian faction as a top money maker and a stand up guy unwilling to cooperate with the government. Joseph Juliano is a low key Brooklyn based mobster known for conducting business below the radar a style that the new Gambino leaders indorse. The Gambino family has long been one of the top New York mafia families all which have been hit hard by government indictments in last few years. Now seemingly once again in the hands of capable leaders it will be interesting to see if they can re-establish themselves and rebuild moving them back atop the organized crime ranks.