Genovese family mobster Salvatore Larca sentenced to 9.5 years


Salvatore Larca a reputed soldier in the Genovese crime family has been sentenced to nice and a half years in prison for his role in an illegal drug operation. He was part of a massive pot distribution scheme which also involved former reality star Anthony Zoccolillo and three sons of former Bonanno family boss Vincent “Vinny Gorgeous” Basciano. The weed was being imported from California and distributed by the group in the Bronx area of New York. Authorities found over 40,000 pounds in a warehouse owned by Larca and approximately $30,000 of cash at his home when he was busted last year. Basciano’s sons Stephen, Vincent Jr, and Joseph have all pleaded not guilty to narcotics conspiracy and could face up to 40 years in prison if convicted.


“Basciano sons leave court after posting bail”


Larca’s attorney argued in a pre-sentence letter that drug laws have drastically changed over the last several years along with society’s view of the drug saying it has become mainstream. He said he believed that an 84 month sentence would be appropriate for his clients crimes but the feds were seeking a sentence from 126 to 159 months which was at the high end of the sentencing guidelines. The judge admitted that society was having new conversations and second thoughts about weed but the case was more about drug trafficking than about weed itself before sentencing the mobster to 114 months. Larca’s defense attorney said his client was ready fully serve his sentence and was appreciative of the one year reduction from the maximum sentencing guidelines given to him by the court. Another case showing the drug business has become a major money maker for the mafia.