Lucchese Crime Family New Boss Crea New Target For Feds


For the first time in over twenty-five years, the Lucchese Crime Family in New York has a new boss.

Former boss Vittorio “Vic” Amuso who is serving a life sentence has officially stepped down as boss of the mafia family. Mob sources confirmed that Amuso did not step down on his own but was sent a message from leaders of the Lucchese family that he was being replaced and he was to make no waves over the decision and he has not. So now the Lucchese family has a new boss for the feds to target.


“Steven Crea”

The new Lucchese family boss is Steven “Stevie Wonder” Crea. Since 2002 Crea was recognized as the mafia families “acting boss” with Amuso in prison. It is unclear as to the exact date that Crea became the boss of the crime family but sources confirm that there is no doubt now that Crea has moved from acting to the official boss. Mon sources report that Crea’s base of operations is a club on Coddington Avenue in the Bronx. Crea has recently been seen doing “walk talks” with fellow mobsters in the neighborhood.

Crea is known by many as a ruthless killer and has no issues with using threats and violence to keep order. Now that Crea officially has the big seat you can be sure the feds are lining up to make him one of the new top mob targets. It will be interesting to see how long Crea’s reign as head of the Lucchese family will last.