Montreal Mafia War Continues With Murder Of Joe Di Maulo


The latest murder in the ongoing Montreal Mafia war is Joe Di Maulo a reputed longtime mobster and thought to be an ally to the Rizzuto Crime Family.

DiMaulo’s body was found last night in a parking lot by Blainville police apparently gunned down at his own residence. Saurete du Quebec was called in by the local police for assistance and they confirmed the identity of the body. DiMaulo has been a key figure in the Montreal mafia for over fifty years and was a one-time ally of the Rizzuto’s sources confirm.


“Joe Di Maulo”

Another mobster whacked as the bloody Montreal mafia war continues and the body count mounts. With the recent release from prison of long time Rizzuto family boss and Montreal mafia godfather Vito Rizzuto violence was expected to escalate in the city. While Vito served his prison sentence a war against his mob family began taking the life of his son Nick Jr in 2009 and then his father Nicolo in 2010. Then former Bonanno crime family boss from New York Salvatore “Sal the Ironworker” Montagna was murdered in 2011 as he was believed to have possibly aligned himself with a rival faction responsible for the attack on the Rizzuto family. Rizzuto family loyalists including Raynald Desjardins was charged with the murder of Montagna. Desjardins is the brother-in-law of the latest murder victim DiMaulo.

It is still unclear as to who is exactly responsible for the hits against the Rizzuto family although one popular theory is that Ndrangheta or Calabrian Mafia clans from Ontario and New York are responsible.  Others believe that a faction from within the Rizzuto family itself may have been responsible for the attacks on the family leaders and this hit may be retaliation by Vito Rizzuto. The mob war in Montreal is for control of the massive and lucrative cocaine trade which the Rizzuto family has held a firm grip over for years.