Montreal mobster Giuseppe De Vito found dead in prison cell


Montreal mafia clan leader Giuseppe De Vito also known as “ponytail” was found unconscious in his prison cell at Donnacona Prison before being taken to a local Quebec hospital where his death was later announced. De Vito is believed to have been a close ally of fellow Montreal mobster Raynald Desjardins who led a plot to take over control of the Montreal mafia from the Rizzuto crime family. According to law enforcement sources De Vito played a part in the consortium that tried to wrestle control of the Montreal underworld from long time Montreal mafia boss Vito Rizzuto. Since the release from prison and return of Vito to the streets of Montreal several members of the break away faction have been targeted for death including Vincenzo Scuderi and Joe Di Maulo who were both murdered. In recent months law enforcement sources claim a contract was also placed on the head of De Vito.



“Giuseppe De Vito”



The bloody Montreal mafia war may have calmed down some over the last few months but Vito Rizzuto continues to strike back at his enemies while he re-establishes his control in Montreal according to many reports. Although the cause of death for De Vito has not been identified and sources have stated that the body had no noticeable marks of violence speculation has already begun as to if this is yet another murder and act of revenge ordered by Vito Rizzuto. Some mob insiders believe that Vito is once again the undisputed leader of the Canadian Cosa Nostra and is settling family debts along the way for murders of his son Nick Rizzuto Jr and father Nicolo Rizzuto among other Rizzuto family members. Vito has recently been seen regularly on local golf courses or in restaurants in downtown Montreal leading many to believe he has regained a firm grip on things.


De Vito was in midst of a 15 year sentence for charges of conspiracy to import cocaine into Montreal as part of Project Colisée in 2006. Although arrest warrants were issued for De Vito in 2006 he was not arrested until 2010 when the attacks on the Rizzuto family began. De Vito’s ex-wife has recently been convicted of the murder of the couples two daughters in a terrible ordeal. Although law enforcement is still unable to establish beyond a doubt the cause of death for the two girls and no trace of violence appeared on the bodies.