Montreal mobster Moreno Gallo gunned down


Yet another murder in the ongoing bloody Montreal mafia war as mobster Moreno Gallo is gunned down at an Italian restaurant in Mexican coastal city of Acapulco. Men dressed in black entered the restaurant and shot Gallo multiple times execution style according to Mexican officials. Gallo once considered an Allie of the Rizzuto crime family had fallen out of favor with the clan following the death of patriarch Nicolo Rizzuto. It is believed that Gallo sided with fellow mobster Joseph Di Maulo who was murdered last November in an attempt to wrestle control of the Montreal underworld from the Rizzuto family. The alliance formed to take down the Rizzuto’s is believed to have also included former Bonanno family boss from New York Salvatore Montagna killed in 2011 and Montreal mobster Raynald Desjardins imprisoned for murder of Montagna. This break away faction from the Rizzuto family was believed to have been backed by the Ndrangheta or Calabrian Mafia. Before the take down of the Rizzuto’s could be completed the alliance of mobsters had an internal feud and turned on each other leading to death of Montagna.


“Moreno Gallo”


Gallo’s murder comes on the third anniversary of the execution style killing of Nicolo Rizzuto and many believe this is no coincidence. Mob experts say the murder of Gallo is likely a message sent from Acapulco all the way back to Montreal by Montreal mafia boss Vito Rizzuto as he continues to strike back at his enemies. Since his return back to Montreal after completion of his prison term in United States Vito Rizzuto seems to have taken back his leading role of the Rizzuto family and the Montreal Mafia. The bloody Montreal mafia war brought about from the failed attempt to overthrow the powerful Rizzuto family has lead to dozens of murders and it doesn’t seem to be over just yet. If Vito Rizzuto is behind this mob hit as well and continues to settle scores against those responsible for the strike against his mob clan and murders of his father and son among other Rizzuto family members no one seems safe and out of his reach.


“Moreno Gallo murder scene”