Philly Mafia Underboss Massimino Sentenced to 16 Years


Joseph “Mousie” Massimino the reputed underboss of the Philadelphia mafia has been sentenced to nearly 16 years in prison. U.S. District Judge Eduardo Robreno said he doubted that Massimino could change his ways and had committed himself to a life of crime. Prosecutors were pushing for a 20 year sentence and and didn’t recieve much of a break with the 188 months he recieved and only avoided the maximum term because he was not classified as a career offender by the court. Massimino was one of highest ranking Philly mobsters convicted in the racketeering trial last February that targeted the current generation on the Philadelphia La Cosa Nostra family. Massimino’s lawyer Joseph Santiguida asked the court for less then a six year sentence arguing that his client deserved no more then two fellow mobsters recieved by pleading guilty last fall and avoiding trial on the same racketeering conspiracy charges his client was convicted of.



Joseph Massimino



Massimino was convicted by an anonymous jury of participating in a racketeering conspiracy which essentially agreeing that he was a part of the Philly mob and prosecutors said they wanted a punishment that matched that crime. Frank Labor the Assistant U.S. Attorney noted Massimino’s long criminal history that included 21 arrests and 6 felony convictions and urged the Judge to administer a proper penalty for his life of crime. Mixed verdicts in the racketeering trial last year which saw one reputed Philly mafia capo Joseph “Scoops” Licata acquitted and two other high ranking mafia members including reputed boss Joseph “Uncle Joe” Ligambi awaiting a retrial later this year. Massimino’s conviction is so far the highlight result of the first major Philadelphia mafia trial in a decade and they scored a lengthy sentence.


Massimino went on a 10 minute long rant after he was sentenced where he vilified prosecutors , challenged his conviction, and said he was unfairly labeled a terrorist and a mob leader. He said “It’s a joke , im not the boss of nothing, ya know what i mean”. The judge noted that Massimino had a friendly demeanor and called him well spoken and intelligent but he said the rambling diatribe only reinforced his belief that the mobster had no regrets or remorse for his crimes. Friends and relatives of Massimino muttered “A disgrace” as the sentence was announced and some left in tears.