Colombo family mobster Edward Garofalo Jr setenced to 7 years


Edward “Tall Guy” Garofalo Jr a reputed enforcer for the Colombo crime family has been sentenced to seven years in prison for murder conspiracy, witness tampering, and extortion. The 46 year old mobsters in Brooklyn federal court on Friday looked like a guy who has been in prison for last three years. It is a shock to most that he is the husband of Alicia DiMichele a sexy star in the reality TV series Mob Wives. The 40 year old DiMichele is herself waiting to be sentenced for the embezzlement of union funds from a trucking company owned by the couple and may also find herself in prison. Garofalo was also ordered to receive counseling for gambling upon his release and to avoid contact with organized crime figures which didn’t include his wife.


“Edward Garofalo Jr”


DiMichele just recently made her reality TV debut even though sources say Edward strongly objected to her being on the Mob Wives show especially alongside Karen Gravano the daughter of former mobster Salvatore “Sammy Bull” Gravano. Garofalo’s father Edward Garofalo Sr. was killed by members of a crew from Gambino family led by Sammy Gravano on orders from former Gambino family boss John Gotti. Karen Gravano is no longer a part of the Mob Wives cast so there is no chance of friction between the two. DiMichele has stated that she has links of her own to the Mafia or organized crime. She had no comment on the sentencing of her husband or her upcoming sentencing as she left the court house accompanied by her brother Anthony.


“Alicia DiMichele leaving Court”


“Alicia DiMichele”


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